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Preparation of koporsky tea

The well-known koporsky tea – drink which was done by our ancestors. It is two hundred years more ancient Indian and Chinese. This curative Russian tea in large numbers was shipped outward. will explain to readers, such name, to what advantage and as it is possible to prepare it from where went.

What is "koporsky tea"?

Koporsky tea is made of a herb of a willow-herb narrow-leaved, nicknamed in the people Ivan tea, with observance of special technologies. These not simply dried up raw materials. Before carrying out drying plant leaves surely ferment (create conditions for natural fermentation within 24-48 hours). And, temperature at which the fermentation is carried out, and its duration influence taste, aroma and color of future product. Tea can be made not only black, but also yellow, green.

As it is known from history, Alexander Nevsky in the 12th century managed with the army to fight fortress off Teutonic knights and to destroy it. Soon on this place there was a village of Koporye (near the Gulf of Finland, nowadays Leningrad region). A lot of willow-herb – the whole thickets grew in those places. Residents of this village were engaged in collecting, drying of raw materials and preparation of the Russian tea. Europe very much liked such tea, to especially English aristocrats. The income of Russia from export of this tea exceeded profit on sale of gold, bellows and hemp. But at the beginning of the seventeenth century to Europe began to bring the Chinese tea, and then and Indian. In the twentieth century import to Europe of the Russian tea very much decreased as rumors were spread that producers add to it white clay. In so dishonest way tried to press from the market of the strong contender. And Asian teas strongly fell in price at this time. But this tea now can be got nevertheless and to prepare it independently not difficult.

Taste at tea pleasant, slightly terpkovaty. Aroma flower and grassy, very fragrant. In Ivan tea contain: bioflavonida, tannins, pectinaceous substances, slime, vegetable fibers, proteins, vitamins, microcells (copper, pine forest, iron, calcium, nickel, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese). It does not contain caffeine, oxalic, uric and purinovy acids. Accustoming to this drink does not arise. The structure is unique – therefore at koporsky tea many curative properties are revealed.

Advantage of koporsky tea.

There is an old belief that Ivan tea not only a body clears, but also mind clears up, the spirit strengthens.

Therapists noticed that at the regular use of a koporka the resilience of a human body to various bacterial and viral infections affecting airways increases. Work of kidneys, a liver is normalized, blood is cleared.

Stomatologists came to a conclusion that this tea is capable to prevent caries, to remove an inflammation in a mouth. To men Ivan tea will strengthen a potentiality. There are data that the willow-herb narrow-leaved increases fertility. It is necessary to mention some more useful qualities of koporsky tea:

  • strengthens vessels;
  • normalizes arterial pressure, relieves of a headache;
  • good adsorbent - exempts from toxins and slags;
  • rubtsut ulcers in a digestive tract (a stomach and a 12-perstny gut);
  • improves work of digestive bodies and kidneys;
  • calms, accepted in the evening promotes fast falling asleep;
  • alkalizes blood that promotes restoration of forces after long diseases, at exhaustion;
  • warns good-quality and malignancies.

We collect raw materials for a koporka

Many know these plants, they should be noticed. The high, stately, strong stalks with the extended, lantsetny leaves which are coming to the end with rose-red or lilac whisks.

To go behind leaves and flowers Ivan tea it is necessary on forest hillocks and edges during its blossoming (usually it is June-July). It is necessary to do it in the morning when dewdrops dry. If there are hot days, postpone collecting until evening, differently gentle leaves in a basket "will burn down". Preparation of raw materials is carried out far from roads, plants have to be without dust and pollution. Pay attention that on leaves, especially on the lower party, there were no insects and their eggs. Understand that these small insects can worsen taste of tea. Fragrant, beautiful florets too will be useful. Simply cut off them and connect in bunches.

We ferment and dry

It is known not less than six ways (methods) of a fermentation. will tell about the simplest. We pour out our raw materials from a basket, we display it for a podvyalivaniye in a shady place on a cloth or a linen canvas. Carefully we knead leaves clean hands, we roll them in palms as if we form long "sausages". Then densely we fill them a 3-liter jar. We cover it with a damp napkin. We leave at the room temperature in a dark locker for 36 hours. We take out the sfermentirovanny weight received thus from banks and we loosen. The smell has to be not grassy, but fruit and flower. The crushed leaves should be dried up at a temperature of 95-100 degrees. It is better to do it in the electric dryer or an oven, having spread out a thin layer on baking sheets, zastelyonny parchment paper. And earlier everything was done in the Russian furnaces. If there is a desire, create a flat tile (round or as a leaf of a baking sheet). During drying it is necessary to look in an oven, to mix raw materials (or to overturn a tile). Color has to be light brown or nearly black. On drying about two hours can leave. Bunches with flowers can be suspended simply for drying in a shadow. Or to crush and a thin layer to spread out to fabrics or paper (not newspaper). And it is possible to use an oven, but temperature to expose no more than 50 degrees.

It is necessary to store such tea in the glass or plastic jars which are densely closed. And tiled tea needs to be turned densely in standard sheets. A suitable place for your stocks – a dark case. In a month koporsky tea can be made, over time aroma and tastes at good tea only improve. It is possible to add to it also fragrant florets.

How to prepare tea?

If tea is made incorrectly, it worsens its taste, useful properties, does not allow to take pleasure in delightful aroma.

Take a pure teapot (glass or porcelain) and rinse it with boiled water. It is best of all to use water spring or thawed. At qualitative tea leaves the smell pleasant, reminds pear and fruit compote. If tea leaves exude any rotten smell, tasty tea it will not turn out. On liter of boiled water of tea leaves about 2 tablespoons are necessary. If you wish to prepare only one glass of drink, take 2 tea spoons of tea leaves. Insisting proceeds not less than 20 minutes. Color gradually turns out saturated and bright. Spill tea on beautiful cups, thus do not dilute with boiled water. It is desirable to drink tea without additives or with honey, jam, dates, dried apricots, a fig. These tea leaves can be filled in once again with boiled water, but not liter any more, and 0,7 liters. Such tasty tea will surely restore forces after long day of work. As natural additives fragrances at a zavarivaniye it is possible to add leaves of mint, a melissa, dogrose flowers, fruits of raspberry, wild strawberry, a thyme grass.

Judges of koporsky tea assure that if it is prepared correctly, the turned-out drink surpasses any grades of tea. Moreover and advantage for health the huge!

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