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Preparation for childbirth

The desire to have the child, to care of it, to feed, press to itself such native small little body – that can be finer in this world! However pregnancy is a not only big pleasure, but also huge test.
Подготовка к родам The desire to have the child, to care of it, to feed, press to itself such native small little body – that can be finer in this world!
I sometimes feel sincerely sorry for our beloveds just because it is not let to them know all this fully.
However pregnancy is a not only big pleasure, but also huge test. And not only from the physiological point of view, but also from the point of view of psychology. If before pregnancy the woman could direct the body, having added some kilograms, quietly could dump them for some days, now the increase in weight will be watched by the obstetrician-gynecologist. If earlier you could control bad mood and easily get rid of it, now such melancholy and fear with which simply you do not know can suddenly gush over you that to do and how to escape from their embraces.
And in general, suggests to think how to make so that all these nine months of happiness were really happy?

About fears during pregnancy

Более опытные и уже имеющие детишек скажут, что совсем не боялись, когда шли рожать, не верьте им The fear of childbirth was present at female subconsciousness always. If to you your, more skilled and already having kids, girlfriends tell that were not afraid at all when went to give birth – do not trust them. Were afraid! Still as were afraid! From the very first days, after you learned that in your body one more, small and native life arose, together with pleasure the fear settles in your creation. It concerns literally everything and it is not always easy to get rid of it.
I rather long time worked as the midwife in maternity hospital and if you only knew, how many fears I have heard plenty! When I carried the little son, I was afraid of two things: to die at the time of delivery and that something has to happen to the child at the time of delivery. But these two fears visit literally each pregnant woman. And they are natural. Because the fear for relatives and fear of death should not be perceived as something wrong, it will be peculiar to people always. If it does not pass into a disease state.
And here from women in labor I have heard plenty such that hair bristled! Never I will forget as one very young pervorodyashchy woman, the girl simply, the child, holding me by a hand, cried and spoke: "I specially did not do ultrasonography not to know who at me will be born – the boy, or the girl. The husband of the boy wants, and suddenly the girl will be born? He will stop loving me and the child will not accept". Big works it was worth calming future mummy and to convince her that not very well who will be born – a patsanchik, or the maiden, all the same it will be the beloved child, desired. By the way, then, having met future father, I very much surprised him, having told about fears of his wife. He, at the very beginning of pregnancy, for fun told that it is good to give birth to the successor! And then already girl. And since then, all nine months, unfortunate carried this fear in the heart. Running forward, I want to tell that she just gave birth to the boy. And all were happy though, I am sure for all hundred percent that if it was the girl, the happiness would be absolutely not smaller. But the female mentality is ready any detail, any accident to increase to such sizes what did not dream the fly dreaming to turn into an elephant.

Value of support of close people during pregnancy

Чем больше женщина во время беременности чувствует поддержки – тем легче ей с радостью воспринимать изменения в своей внешности и психике But the worst, however, that can be is an unwanted pregnancy. Here where roofs are higher than fears! If the woman before pregnancy was successful in business, had good work, fear to lag behind, the fear to lose the reached heights is sometimes simply intolerable and causes even neurosis which simply exhausts future mummy, without letting know pleasure and delight of that occurs in her body. In this case support and understanding of close people is so necessary. Who the loved one for the woman expecting the child during her this vital period? Of course husband! In many respects depends on future father, whether it is comfortable now to his little son, or the daughter, whether future mother of his child is not really uneasy. After all, the more woman during this period feels supports – the easier for her with pleasure to perceive changes in the appearance and mentality.
Not for nothing in old times said that desire of the pregnant woman – the law for all. That future mother would not want, all started executing. Never I will forget as I was told by one woman who gave birth at us already to the fifth child that she during pregnancy saved money on purchases of products in the market. Once it approached the shop assistant, say, of apples, and, having heard the price, to offer a half of the desirable sum, to it at once conceded. It is impossible to refuse to the pregnant woman! She laughed and said that is very a pity, in shops it is not necessary to bargain. And she the decent sum would save that during five pregnancies.

Fear of appearance of the child

Как только вы возьмете на руки свое дитя, инстинкт подскажет, что и как делать At many women arises as it is strange, fear of the child. Especially, if it is the young woman and first labor. "What with it to do? How to look after? How not to do much harm the actions?" Strangely enough, but in this case thoughts ordinarier very much help. For example about what carriage to buy future child, or what bed that and beautifully and it is not really unprofitable … Not for nothing in the past, even in a century before last, the women waiting for babies sewed them given. Shirts, raspashonochka, hats, socks, all this occupied both hands, and thoughts, did not allow to think about bad and terrible. Now, because of very widespread prejudice, it is considered that yet not been born child cannot buy anything in advance. Well and good! Let's not buy! But to dream, or to get beautiful bloknotik and to write down in it that it is necessary to buy after your family becomes already one more, it is possible! And even it is necessary!
One, already given rise, the woman told me what exactly and did during pregnancy. Wrote down in an elegant, color notebook beautiful handwriting everything that it is necessary to get after the child is born. It, laughing, said that every month its pregnancies, brought all new and new records in this notebook, and she was afraid that it simply will not be enough until when it is brought to maternity hospital. Then the husband, on its assignment, having taken this notebook, rushed about, nearly five days in a row, absolutely everything did not get yet! Up to wadded tamponchik to clear the newborn's ears. Then happy daddy even complained that it even had no time to celebrate a significant event with friends. So much all was written down in this notebook!
So be not afraid! As soon as you prevail on hands the child, an instinct, this strongest, not won feeling, will prompt as how to do. And in maternity hospital health workers are always ready to show how it is correct to swaddle and bathe your baby as to look after him. And in the first week, after an extract from maternity hospital, to you the patronage nurse who will examine the newborn will surely come and will give to you advice on care of it.

Fear of feeling of pain at the time of delivery

Ходите на подготавливающие к родам курсы Fear of pain. Whether it is necessary to speak about it? I think that is necessary. Because as the woman would like to have the child how she was positively adjusted on childbirth, subconsciously she will be afraid all the same of pain. All of us have a different threshold of sensitivity. One can suffer long enough even from the most severe pain, others faint even then when do them inoculations, or take on the analysis blood from a finger. Here it is very important to adjust itself psychologically. Also it is very desirable to resemble the preliminary, preparing for childbirth courses where pregnant women are taught methods of removal of pain during fights as it is correct to learn to breathe in the course of patrimonial activity.

By the way, I on myself was convinced as far as these courses help. There are special exercises which can really remove a pain attack. And they are very simple, the main thing - not to panic and remember them when their application is necessary.

Well and, perhaps, the last … If you feel that is not able to cope with the experiences and fears during pregnancy, do not hesitate and be not afraid to address to the good psychologist. Believe that consultation at the good expert can completely change your life literally! By the way, and it I was influenced. Being the pregnant woman, I very much was afraid to walk the streets with the brisk movement of cars. I could not force to cross the road and waited sometimes for 10-15 minutes while the horizon was not pure, and only then crossed the road. Well could not get rid in any way of this fear to get under car wheels! And only consultation of the good psychologist completely relieved me of this persuasive feeling which very weighed some months in a row.

Finally, I want to tell that pregnancy is not a disease state, but the responsible and happiest period of your life. And if you understand it and will accept from the very first days pregnancies – that better for you and your kid!
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