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How to cope with PMS

The premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a problem which every second woman faces. The syndrome totals about 150 symptoms, starts being shown in 2 weeks prior to periods. - women's and men's magazineКак справиться с ПМС The premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a problem which every second woman faces. The syndrome totals about 150 symptoms, starts being shown in 2 weeks prior to periods. All symptoms can be divided into some main groups:

  • uneasiness, irritability, sleeplessness;
  • increase in appetite, draft to sweet, headaches, weakness;
  • depression, forgetfulness, carelessness;
  • the hyper - moistening with moisture deduction, increase in body weight, consolidation of mammary glands.
The exact reasons of emergence of PMS are not known, it is considered that it has communication with violation of balance between two female hormones an estrogen and a progesterone. It is known also that the hormone a progesterone cannot successfully contact cellular receptors at the low level of glucose in blood. Therefore, one of options of decrease in effect of PMS on a female organism is a food.
The regular use of carbohydrates (difficult carbohydrates) provides normal coupling of a hormone of a progesterone with cellular receptors. In one research of the woman with PMS ate the products containing a large amount of carbohydrates in the form of whole-grain bread, rice and other cereals, dried fruits, fruit, the effect of decrease in PMS was observed at 50% of respondents, 20% felt some improvement, 19% completely got rid of a symptom.
Pay attention also to other changes in food which need to be undertaken for decrease in PMS:
Inclusion in the diet of nuts, sunflower seeds and sea fish of fat grades as fatty acids an omega-3 promote improvement of hormonal balance.
Decrease in the use of salt as it favors to moisture deduction.
Refusal of alcohol and caffeine to reduce irritability and depressiveness.

Vitamin and mineral complexes against PMS

Various vitamin and mineral complexes promote decrease in effects of PMS, but, unfortunately, their efficiency is also not high, and it is necessary to accept them a cycle in three months.
Vitamin and mineral complexes have to include the following vitamins and minerals:
Magnesium. It is necessary for stabilization of level of sugar in blood. Magnesium reduces symptoms of irritability, uneasiness, fatigue, headaches, reduces puffiness. The mineral also works as a muscular relaksant. Interacting with B6 vitamin it helps, to reduce negative effects from surplus of a hormone of an estrogen; interacting with zinc, regulates formation process by sexual hormones of some genes.
B6 vitamin. Except the above-mentioned influences decrease in irritability and other emotional symptoms, and also weaknesses and dizzinesses.
Vitamin D and calcium reduce headaches, puffiness, positively influence emotional level.

In more detail about reception of this or that preparation it is best of all to consult with the doctor. In the conclusion, it should be noted that in case of especially sharp manifestation of PMS it is necessary to address to the doctor.
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