Pregnancy - the last months before childbirth
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Pregnancy - the last months before childbirth

The term of pregnancy passed in 30 weeks. Remained absolutely a little bit. It seems that only recently you on pleasures reported to relatives about the pregnancy. And here already and time of childbirth comes nearer. On the one hand, very quickly passed time, on the other hand – you passed a huge way.
Беременность - последние месяцы перед родами Pregnancy term passed in 30 weeks long ago. Remained absolutely a little bit. It seems that only recently you on pleasures reported to relatives about the pregnancy. And here already and time of childbirth comes nearer. On the one hand, the last seven months of pregnancy very quickly flew by, on the other hand – you passed a huge way. You got to like the new look, the new figure, your stomach was rounded, gait became "duck", but such darling! During this period of pregnancy bones of a small pelvis are softened, it occurs in order that the fruit head with the smallest efforts could pass through a basin ring.
By 36th week of pregnancy the uterus reaches the highest point of standing – rises under the breast, it rather big also presses on a bladder. For this reason you so often visit a toilet. From a breast in a small amount colostrum now starts being emitted, preparing a breast for the fast birth of the child.

Food of the pregnant woman in recent months

питание на восьмом-девятом месяце беременности должно быть усилено за счет овощей, фруктов, рыбы и мяса In recent months before childbirth the pregnant woman, more than ever, needs good nutrition. The menu has to be saturated all vitamins and mineral substances. It does not mean at all that you have to open the refrigerator everyone half an hour. In the last trimester of pregnancy it is necessary to watch the weight with the doubled attention. Do not allow an overeating, listen to a doctor's advice "not to fatten the kid". After all excess weight can make childbirth very heavy. Therefore food on the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy has to be strengthened at the expense of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, but not at the expense of chocolates and cakes.

Development of a fruit in recent months pregnancies

In recent months the pre-natal life the child is occupied with preparation for childbirth. It is already almost completely created, can regulate temperature of the body, hears the sounds and voices reaching it "from the outside", distinguishes light and darkness. The movements of a fruit amplify by eighth month of pregnancy. Sometimes, kicking, he can even not allow to you to sleep. At the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy the child is already less active. But it only because to it is already close in "lodge", simply there is no place to be developed.
В этот период беременности сердцебиение плода легко прослушивается, достаточно прислониться ухом к животу Now he starts distinguishing a voice of mother and father so can already talk "to a tummy", it will be simpler to come into contact after its birth.
Already practically we will not distinguish appearance of the baby from appearance of the newborn. Its growth already comes nearer to 50 cm, and sometimes already and outgrows these limits. Weight now reached three or more kilograms, on fingers of feet and hands there was small marigold. Generally, the kid diligently prepares for arrival to the world.
Mother can estimate at this period of pregnancy itself a condition of the child, it is worth listening how the baby moves. Now the fruit has the day regimen, the mode of rest and activity. But, if the child suddenly became too active, or on the contrary, you ceased to hear and feel him, it can testify that to a fruit, perhaps, became sharp not to be enough oxygen, or it can be a signal of premature birth.
Heartbeat of a fruit during this period of pregnancy can listen not only the doctor by means of special adaptations, but also the child's father if he leans an ear against the pregnant woman's stomach. Heart at a fruit fights twice uchashchenny, than at the adult and can reach 120-140 beats per minute.
Now it is necessary to rely completely on own feelings and to be guided by the state, it is not necessary to give in to fears, it is necessary to believe that everything will be good. But it does not mean that you have to forget about visits of the doctor. In recent months pregnancy need to make control ultrasonography.

Hypostases and sleeplessness at the end of pregnancy

Сейчас могут усилиться боли в спине, так как выросшая матка давит на малый таз беременной женщины At the end of pregnancy sleeplessness can suddenly appear suddenly. At one it happens because activity of the child increases at night. At others – fears and experiences concerning the forthcoming childbirth do not allow to have a rest quietly. It is not necessary to be reconciled with sleeplessness. It is necessary to find a way out of the created situation. Not to drink strong tea before going to bed, to drink tincture from grasses with the easy calming action. It is before going to bed better not to gorge on and take a heat bath, to use various technology of relaxation.
You should not worry too if you had hypostases. This fate comprehends practically all pregnant women. If you have no late toxicosis, and you hand over everything what are put, analyses, everything is normal. Puffiness can be reduced, having refused footwear on heels, it is necessary to sleep on a rigid surface, not to wear the dragging-away stockings and socks with an elastic band. Raise feet more often up, having a rest in horizontal situation. Use natural diuretics – berries and grass collecting. Now can amplify and a back pains as the grown uterus presses increases by a small pelvis and weight of the pregnant woman. Special massage of a sacrum and special exercises for removal of pains in a waist can help in this case.

Fears of childbirth

Один из страхов в конце беременности - о расположении ребенка в матке What unpleasant feelings can excite you now? There can be a heartburn, it is explained by shift of some internal that creates difficulties for work of a stomach and a pancreas. It is possible to help itself, having drunk a little warm milk, or adoption of the reclining provision after meal. Only do not use soda and others, it similar, medicines.
On the eighth month of pregnancy you can feel the complicated breath, in particular, if it fall on the hot period of year. It is necessary to master special diafragmalny breath and more often to happen in the fresh air. Do not eat at once much, it is better to eat more often and small portions.
The question of the child's arrangement in a uterus can be fear at the end of pregnancy! If buttock or cross prelying is established, you, undoubtedly, the question will excite, whether the child before childbirth will manage to turn over. Most of children are located in a uterus head prelying, but some babies can lie in the most various way. But everything can change literally one week prior to childbirth.
You will feel soon, what it became much easier to breathe. It is the first sign that childbirth close! There is it, as a rule, on the 37th week of pregnancy. The child falls, the head becomes in a bone of a small pelvis. But, if you did not have it for the 37th weeks, do not worry, sometimes the child falls before the childbirth, and sometimes – already in the course of childbirth.

Signs of the coming nearer childbirth

Постоянные схватки на последних месяцах беременности - признак приближающихся родов Last months pregnancies can appear small spasms which experts call false contractions. They last not for long, no more than two minutes and quickly pass. This normal phenomenon, so an organism prepares for an important event and warns you about the coming nearer childbirth. But, if spasms become constants, some tens minutes will repeat with frequency, and, especially, to be followed by pain, it is necessary to address to the doctor urgently. It can be the beginning childbirth. It is not necessary to suffer till that time when fights start repeating each two minutes, it can mean that you already are in process of childbirth. And it is not desirable to give birth without the assistance of the qualified midwife at all that supporters of carrying out house childbirth did not speak.
You wait for this event. You can be understood. After all nine months of pregnancy were not only pleasure for you. You, naturally, were tired and test impatience. But some percent of all women give birth in that time which is ordered them by the doctor, or is calculated by them. Plus or minus two-five days quite admissible borders. But, even if term in 40 weeks remained behind, and childbirth everything does not come in any way, even in this case there are no reasons for a panic and disorders. After all the doctor watches your state and controls any, most little changes. Have training for childbirth better, study massage which will help to cope with pain during passing of the child on patrimonial ways, prepare a breast for breastfeeding. And be afraid of nothing!

Soon, very soon you will forget about all problems and complications which accompanied you during pregnancy. All fears, pains and experiences will remain far behind as soon as on a stomach to you put a small, native little body of your just born child! Successful childbirth to you, lovely women!
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