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Pregnancy after an abortion

According to medical statistics, a half of all pregnancies comes to an end with an abortion. Besides most often the woman does not even guess the new situation. Any abortions come during the period of several days from conception and about several weeks. After that the organism needs to help to cope with a situation.

Abortion reasons

The reasons at an abortion can be a little:

  1. Each embryo passes, so-called, "natural selection", that is if it is put at the genetic level with shortcomings, its nature eliminates in the first days of life.
  2. Venereal diseases which cause the strongest inflammations in an organism. When the woman becomes pregnant, these diseases become aggravated and dissolve a mucous stopper of a uterus owing to what there is an inflammation an endometriya which contains fetal egg. Venereal diseases are dangerous not only an abortion, and and that after them the woman can not always become pregnant.
  3. The woman can have an abortion after abortion, genital operations, at deformation of a uterus, solderings. The uterus bend can sometimes become the reason of an abortion, in this case the fruit cannot develop as is conceived by the nature and comes to light. It becomes frequent the abortion reason a weak neck of a uterus which is not capable to hold in itself fetal egg.
  4. One of the major roles during pregnancy is played by hormones. They are developed in a thyroid gland and adrenal glands. Any imbalance from their party provokes an abortion. And it can occur on any term.
  5. Can provoke an abortion also chronic diseases, for example, of a problem with cardiovascular system, a metabolism if there is an excess or insufficient weight.

Planning of new pregnancy

The organism of women, in fact, is ready to pregnancy as to a physiological state in two weeks after an abortion, that is at once from the following ovulation. But only doctors and Mirsovetov recommend not to hurry. Before new pregnancy it is necessary to find the reason of an abortion and to fix a problem. It will reduce risk of repetition of pre-natal death of a fruit. If the abortion happened about six weeks of pregnancy, it means that the fruit was sick at the genetic level if after six weeks – it is probable, the problem was covered in an infection or a virus.

To start planning new pregnancy it is necessary from restoration of a physical and emotional state and if physically the woman is restored in some days, here sincere restoration can last much more long. Besides you should not forget about experiences of the partner, psychotherapists recommend to plan pregnancy only when both want it.

As a rule, doctors advise not to plan pregnancy the first half a year after interruption. But as practice shows, such break is not always justified and many women who became pregnant earlier, successfully took out the child. If the abortion happened repeatedly, it is impossible to become pregnant before full elimination of the reason of interruption, only the attending physician can help with it. If the woman had a molar pregnancy, that is such deviation at which not the fruit but only a placenta, it is necessary to complete a full course of inspection because formation of benign tumors is possible develops and it is necessary to become pregnant in this case not earlier, than in half a year.

Analyses after an abortion

That the situation with an abortion did not repeat, it is necessary to make a number of analyses and inspections. Besides to both partners. First of all the woman hands over blood on research of a hormonal background and urine on ketosteroida. This inspection will let know, what concentration at the planning woman in an organism of sexual hormones. Their surplus can be noticed and with the naked eye, such women have an excessive pilosis of hands and feet, there are "short moustaches" on a face, and in the bottom of a stomach there are dark hairs.

Further surely analyze work of adrenal glands and a thyroid gland, only if there is no failure in their work, it is possible to plan the following pregnancy. It is possible to Vyvit deviations by means of ultrasonography and blood tests. Also by means of ultrasonic research look at anomalies of a structure of a uterus and appendages, whether there are no new growths.

Both parents are without fail investigated on existence of venereal diseases if those reveal, so long treatment to an absolute recovery is necessary.

Sometimes happens so that the abortion occurred, and the test for pregnancy continues to show two strips. If so it happened, surely address to the gynecologist because the test can show positive result if fetal covers were not completely removed from a uterus. If in time not to move away them, inflammatory process can begin.

How successfully to become pregnant

To fix all the problems and diseases the doctor and when he gives a green light will help, it is necessary to prepare itself for new pregnancy correctly.

  1. Be not nervous. Simply exclude whenever possible from the environment all irritants. It is best of all to replace in general a situation, to go together with the husband to travel, on rest. The state of mind of the woman directly interacts with her physical state. If nevertheless it is not possible to protect completely himself from stresses, accustom themselves to drink tea with mint or a melissa, it calms nerves.
  2. Is not present to smoking, alcohol and other addictions if you have them. Besides to refuse all harmful it is necessary for both future mother, and the father. Nicotine worsens quality of sperm, because of it the woman can not become pregnant long time, and the fruit to develop with deviations.
  3. Exclude drugs. Or reduce them to a possible minimum. If you accept any medicines constantly, consult to the attending physician as they will affect pregnancy and a condition of a fruit. If it is possible, it is necessary to replace them with vegetable analogs, dietary additives or at all to do without them.
  4. Food only the correct. Forget for a while, and better and forever about fast food and any other junk food. You have to feed on healthy, full-fledged house food now. If you differ in leanness, will have to include in the diet more protein and fat, but not simply any, and valuable, for example, cod-liver oil or from flax seeds. These two components, proteins and fats, influence in an organism development of hormones. If you on the contrary, suffer from excess weight, and hormones thus in norm, you need to use as much as possible vegetables and fruit, in your diet they have to make more than a half of all food, besides the most part of vegetables and fruit to you it will be necessary to use in the raw. And the rest is desirable in boiled or stewed.
  5. Reception of vitamins and folic acid. It is necessary to distinguish vitamin E from vitamins. He on an equal basis with folic acid is responsible for development of a fruit without deviations on the first, most dangerous weeks of his life.
  6. And the main thing – the correct spirit without which it is difficult to successful pregnancy to come. Believe in the forces and that the child will appear soon, and your desire will come true.
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