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Prevention of the TV

You bought the TV long ago, it perfectly works for you and you completely arranges. But the TV, as well as any other equipment, need prevention as dust can interfere with good contact, and also "short-circuit" the scheme of the TV. In this article will tell you as it is correct to clean the TV from dust.
You bought the TV long ago, it perfectly works for you and you completely arranges. But the TV, as well as any other equipment, need prevention as dust can interfere with good contact, and also "short-circuit" the scheme of the TV. In this article will tell you as it is correct to clean the TV from dust, without having damaged thus any elements.

How and when to do prevention

It is desirable to do prevention of the TV at least once in 3 years. That the reason – dust which is in any house, and can completely not get rid of it. Therefore any household appliances will become dusty sooner or later. You, of course, can ask for the help in prevention of the TV in the specialized service center which will render you such service for some sum.
But not everyone will give the TV to the service center on prevention, at least for economy of own means. And not such it is difficult process, and a lot of time does not demand from you. Only, despite the seeming simplicity, not all are familiar with that as well as that it is better to do.
To get rid of the dust which accumulated in the TV it is better on the street, including the vacuum cleaner on "having blown". But if there is no opportunity, it is possible and indoors, having respectively turned on the vacuum cleaner on absorption. In order to avoid mechanical damages we use a brush which can be bought in any construction shop. Pile of a brush has to be soft and not get out. So, we will begin.

We disassemble the TV

Изначально считаем и смотрим, на сколько болтов крепится задняя крышка телевизора. Откручиваем и кладем болты в коробку, чтобы случайно не потерять ни один из них.
Initially we consider and we look, on how many bolts the back cover of the TV fastens. We turn off and put bolts in a box incidentally not to lose any of them. After that accurately we pull on ourselves back a cover of the TV and we remove it.
Для того чтобы разрядить умножитель анодного напряжения необходимо замкнуть провод питания анода на землю блока разверток раза 3-4
The important remark from After switching off let's the TV stand hour two: during this time all capacities, except for the multiplier of anode tension will manage to be discharged. It is desirable to discharge it before to begin cleaning. For this purpose it is necessary to close a wire of power supply of the anode on the earth of the block of development of time 3-4. On other not to discharge capacity. But if you did not face it, it is better to leave everything as it is, but to be very accurate. If all of you decided to discharge a kinescope, I advise you to address to special books for radio fans where this process is in detail described.

Cleaning of the TV

Берем кисточку (кисточка должна быть с деревянной ручкой, во избежание удара напряжением), включаем пылесос и начинаем сметать мусор с плат телевизора.  Затем таким же образом чистим провода.
Now we will break to the cleaning. Once again to secure itself, when cleaning it is better to use rubber gloves. We take a brush (the brush has to be with the wooden handle, in order to avoid blow tension), we turn on the vacuum cleaner and we start sweeping away garbage from TV payments. Then in the same way we clean wires. Attentively look at a kinescope, on it the graphite dusting is put, having looked narrowly it it is possible to distinguish from dust. Cleaning of a graphite dusting can damage your kinescope therefore it is desirable to do cleaning of a kinescope extremely accurately or in general to refuse it. Now we clean off dust from sides and top of the case. To use moisture, and also any auxiliary subjects for cleaning (except a brush and the vacuum cleaner) does not recommend, differently you can damage payments or "will achieve" short circuit. Further it is necessary to clean a back cover, here anything difficult, simply we delete dust by means of a brush and the vacuum cleaner.
When all this is made, we will more attentively consider details.
Когда всё это сделано, более внимательно рассмотрим детали. 
На пайке не должно быть окислений, потемнений, или разъединенных токоведущих дорожек.
On the soldering there should not be oxidations, darkenings, or disconnected current carrying paths. It is better to eliminate such malfunctions at once, than then to look for the breakage reason. If on the soldering you found cracks, it is desirable them propayat. The soldering iron has to be with a thin sting and with power about 40 W.
ATTENTION! The pro-soldering of details means experience of soldering. If you did not face it, you should ask for the help in the service center. Not to a propaivayta of a detail if you did not discharge the multiplier of anode tension.
Профилактика телевизора
It is necessary to check, whether there are no the blown-up condensers, they can strongly influence operation of your TV. And also to check all winding of wires though its damage is improbable (unless in case of inaccurate dismantling and cleaning of the TV the vacuum cleaner).

Prevention of the TV on it can be considered complete, it is possible to start its assembly. Process, in principle, the return to dismantling. The only thing, on what it is worth paying attention at assembly are wires. In case after cleaning they hang steel, it is desirable to pull together them with a coupler accurately. Let's close on latches if there are those, a back cover and we will twirl it bolts. And the last: check, whether wires between two parts of the case of the TV are clamped somewhere.
Now the TV is again ready to work and entertain you and your family.
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