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Treatment of a potnitsa at newborns

Potnitsa – quite widespread phenomenon at children's age. It is connected by that the children's organism quickly overheats, therefore – the child sweats more. At infantile age sweat glands of the kid do not cope with loading therefore on skin often there are rashes. Does not bring strong concern to the kid of potniyets, but it is necessary to treat her nevertheless.

Young parents are often frightened when doctors call a potnichka "thermal deprive" - actually anything terrible is not present. Strong release of sweat which evaporates not so intensively as at adults, leads to that a time is hammered. As a result – emergence of small rash or reddenings.

Why so occurs

Before starting treatment of a potnitsa at newborns, it is necessary to understand the reason. Let's present mother's womb: in cozy small "lodge" the kid stayed 9 months. Its organism adapted by this Wednesday, and after the birth it should get used to other situation. While the organism adapts, it is not capable to cope with many tasks yet. It concerns also work of sweat glands. If to the child hot, glands work more intensively that the organism did not overheat. When something interferes with normal office of sweat (the kid heat was dressed, hardly swaddled, greased skin with cream) – all this prevents an organism to get rid of excess liquid.

Not always the potnichka appears owing to the wrong leaving. When the baby is ill and it has a high temperature - he intensively sweats, on skin also there is a potnichka.

Besides, the centers of a potnitsa can appear and in such places to which air access is limited. These are folds standing, a neck, elbow bends, an upper back, a breast and places behind ears. If in time to begin treatment, it is possible to get rid of such manifestation very quickly.

Types of a potnitsa at newborns

Potnitsa at newborns shares on such types:

  1. The red. It resembles allergic reaction of skin superficially – the small tortoiseshell. Heat-spots are located odinochno, round each element the skin inflamed. Single rashes do not merge. The red potnitsa brings to the child discomfort because of a strong itch.
  2. In the form of crystals. On skin there are small vials of transparent liquid inside. Elements are located very closely to each other. This type of rashes does not bring to the child discomfort and usually passes in some days.
  3. Exists also the third type of a potnitsa – combined when the situation becomes complicated and the infection joins. So, at a "white" potnichka instead of transparent liquid in bubbles liquid of white color accumulates, and at "yellow" - similar to purulent allocations. In this case it is necessary to show the child to the pediatrician urgently.

About symptoms reminds readers that at newborns of potniyets appears because of the strengthened release of sweat. Most often it occurs because mothers incorrectly dress the child. On the street hot, and the kid lies in a carriage in warm clothes moreover and wrapped up in a blanket. If the red potnichka is found in the child, it is shown in the form of rash of the small sizes (from 1 to 4 mm) mainly on a lap and elbows in bend places. Such potnitsa is treated much more long – about 2 weeks. If to look after the child correctly and in time to take measures, can pass potniyets much quicker.

Symptoms of a disease are not shown only in the form of rashes and reddenings. The child who had a potnichka, is capricious more, sleeps badly, constantly turns and cannot calm down. If you noticed similar symptoms, it is necessary to undress the kid and attentively to examine skin – if rash is found, it is necessary to work immediately.

Potnitsa at newborns. Treatment

Treatment of a potnitsa consists in the main rule – hygiene observance as at emergence though the slightest signs of inflammations on skin – it becomes unprotected from penetration of a fungus and bacteria. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of a potnitsa as soon as possible.

As it will strange sound, but the first treatment for this skin disease – feeding of the child breast milk. When mother feeds the kid with the milk, but not from a small bottle, the potnichka will start passing quicker. Maternal milk contains all useful substances necessary for protection of a children's organism against bacteria.

Besides observance of this important rule, it is necessary to eliminate the reason of development of an illness. As rashes developed as a result of strong sweating, it is necessary to do everything possible that the child did not sweat any more. For the period of treatment it is necessary to refuse cream "under pampers" – these means close a time and skin does not breathe. Better for treatment to replace cream with children's powder. When the potnichka appeared on a face, it is necessary to process very carefully struck places that talc did not get to eyes, a nose and a mouth. Take a little means and apply on palms, distribute powder and apply on skin.

Bathing the child, it is possible to add broth of a camomile or a train to water. It is possible to take herbs separately or to mix in equal parts. Take 6 tablespoons of dry raw materials, fill in with 1 liter of boiled water, insist about 40 minutes. Now it is possible to filter and add warm broth to water. It is necessary to prepare new grass infusion every day just before bathing.

Well broth of branches of blackcurrant helps to cope with a potnitsa at newborns. They can be cut from a bush at all seasons of the year. Also also the simple means checked decades – weak margantsovy solution will help. Only it is necessary to remember that margantsovy water will dry skin.

When there is no time to look for herbs and to prepare branches, it is possible to use ordinary potato starch. Part 1 tablespoon of starch in water liter. After bathing melt away the kid this solution, it forms a thin protective film on skin of the kid which will absorb excess moisture.

After water procedures do not hurry to dress the baby, wait a little, let skin will breathe. Process the struck places children's powder and wait 3-5 more minutes. In special cases the doctor can appoint to grease rashes with zinc and salicylic ointment. Independently it is impossible to process a potnichka this preparation.

Now you know how to fight against a potnichka and will be able to cope with the illness, but it will be better if instead of treatment to observe prevention.

About prevention

If you already faced a potnitsa at newborns and know how to fight against her, hardly you want that your kid had rashes. Therefore it is necessary to observe prevention.

Often the potnitsa appears in the summer during a strong heat. It is impossible to protect the baby from a heat, and here to fight against excessive moisture quite on forces to each mummy:

  1. Temperature in the room where there is a kid, should not exceed +20 °C.
  2. Choose bed linen for the baby only from natural materials.
  3. It is better to replace the Sinteponovy blanket with a cotton plaid.
  4. The kid has to have clothes only from natural materials. The synthetic clothes do not allow skin to breathe normally.
  5. Watch weather and dress the child respectively. Instead of a thick jacket it is better to put on two thin jackets and if becomes hot – that can be removed one.
  6. It is not necessary to wrap up the kid of the house, also as well as being going to the street.
  7. If often to bathe the child, the potnichka will not appear. It is necessary to wash the baby every day, in the winter – 1 time in 3 days in the summer.

When the help of the doctor is necessary

In some cases, when the potnitsa does not pass for 3 days, the child becomes whimsical, spots increase, and liquid in bubbles not transparent, it is necessary to show the kid to the doctor urgently.

Parents need to remember that even if yours remains had a potnitsa, and you know how it looks, all the same it can be mixed with other skin rashes (urticaria, an allergy, a viral disease, chicken pox). Also the ordinary potnitsa can become the reason of development of ekssudativny diathesis. Therefore if you doubt, address to the doctor, he will make the correct diagnosis and will appoint treatment.

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