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Advantage of potato juice

Probably, is not present in the world of people who would not love potato at all. The unique product from which it is possible to prepare tens dishes, and each of them will be in own way tasty and useful. But, cooking potatoes very few people think of extracting from it juice, and after all it can become excellent many diseases medicine.


Besides all of known starch, potatoes contain big percent of cellulose, fats and proteins. Not for nothing it is called "the second bread" - at a root crop there are vitamins of group B, E, PP, C, carotene, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and other minerals, useful to an organism. Of course, the advantage of potatoes will depend directly on the earth in which it grew, and character of fertilizers. And though today practical on each product it is possible to see an inscription "WITHOUT GMO", it does not mean at all that it will bring you 100% benefit.

Potato juice

Whether you at least once in life tried freshly squeezed potato juice? Mirsovetov it is ready to argue that most of people does not even reflect on its advantage and especially – pleasant taste. And meanwhile freshly squeezed potato "nectar" is capable to work real miracles!

The matter is that all substances containing in composition of juice, to be exact, their unique combination, it is impossible to synthesize in the artificial way. Here both natural digestible sugar, and the organic compounds improving a vermicular movement, and the substances which are slowing down aging, the most powerful antioxidants … It is possible to list infinitely, but we will consider the main useful properties of freshly squeezed potato juice.

Potato juice makes the following impact on an organism:

Potato juice is equally effective, both for internal, and for external application. Why juice is much more useful than the prepared potatoes (even if on couple)? In the course of heat treatment useful digestible sugar about which it was mentioned above, turns into starch. Abuse of starch leads to strong loading of a digestive tract. Too more its quantity difficult is digested and disturbs normal digestion. Therefore you should not "lean" on potato every day.

How to make potato juice

It is possible to eat also crude potatoes but very few people from us will go to such because taste at it, frankly speaking, not really pleasant. Though is also such to whom it even is pleasant therefore anyway it is worth trying.

If the prospect of a syroyedstvo does not seduce you, accustom themselves to extract potato juice. It is possible to drink it only in a freshly squeezed look. There are enough literally 10-15 minutes that it darkened and deteriorated.

If you have an electric juice extractor, then the issue of receiving juice is resolved by itself. If the destiny was not so favorable and did not equip your kitchen with delights of technical progress, prepare hash browns. It is actually possible to rub simply tubers on a large grater and to wring out juice by means of the gauze put in some layers. But who we are such "to squander" gifts of the nature and to throw out potato pulp – better to take an opportunity and to please house with tasty hash browns with a smetanka.

The most tasty and useful juice turns out from grades of potatoes of red or pink color. They contain the maximum quantity vitamin and minerals.

But it is not recommended to drink potato juice all the year round. Optimum time – from July to February. In other months potatoes "grow old", and in it there is a substance solanin. It is natural toxin which can cause serious poisoning. At heat treatment it, as well as the majority of useful substances, is destroyed so can quietly cook potatoes in any kind.

Treatment by potato juice

So, you already learned to extract potato juice, time came now to put it into practice. When cook hash browns, for example, let's liquid flow down and do not pour out it, and drink. Why to get rid of a natural immunostimulator? The same, by the way, concerns any other vegetable juice (beet, carrots etc.).

Apply a segment of crude potatoes to a cut or long healing wound, and it will be tightened much quicker.

By means of mix from potato and carrot juice it is possible to cure quicker gastrointestinal tract diseases (an ulcer, gastritis, a lock, colitis, bleedings). Literally in couple of days of reception heartburn and an eructation vanishes, the meteorizm stops. Mix juice of potato, carrot in an equal proportion and accept on 50 ml before food as a prophylactic.

To lower pressure, to get rid of locks and chronic headaches, few times in day drink on 150 ml of juice. Hypertensive persons in general should include potato juice in the daily diet to forget about feeling sick.

If you got sick with quinsy or pharyngitis, suffer from an inflammation of gums, 3-4 times a day rinse a mouth (throat). For each session it is necessary to prepare freshly squeezed juice!

To cope with stresses, a nervous breakdown, sleeplessness it is possible if for half an hour before each meal to take mix from juice of potato, carrots and a celery in a proportion 2:2:1 respectively. To accept on a half of a glass within a week, or will not pass the disturbing symptoms yet.

For treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus take 200 ml of freshly squeezed juice, add 1 teaspoon of honey and drink for half an hour till a breakfast on an empty stomach. The course of treatment has to last not less than two weeks, then it is necessary to make week of a break and if necessary to repeat. It is also possible to do syringings by juice, but before it it is obligatory to consult to the treating gynecologist.

Quickly to cope with intoxication and it is possible to come round, having eaten crude potato of the average sizes. Simply clear it of a peel and give pogryzt to "patient". Cellulose will quickly absorb in itself alcoholic toxins, and vitamins C minerals will clear an organism and will clear the head. If intoxication very strong, can stoshnit the person after such meal that will do it only good.

Application in cosmetology

Practically all plants are capable to present to the person beauty and longevity, and potatoes are not an exception. Our grandmothers know its miracle impact on skin long ago. By means of juice it is possible to get rid of spots, eels, freckles, to make a face light and pure, without black points and red spots.

To forget about acne rash, squeeze out 100 ml of juice, add a teaspoon of honey and put on a face a wadded tampon. Take such masochka of minutes 15-20 and wash away warm water. To repeat procedure every day within two weeks. The result will be swept up already through some sessions – skin will become cleaner, is lighter and is silkier.

If you do not like abundance of freckles in the face, a neck or hands, mix 100 ml of freshly squeezed juice with fat sour cream and apply on problem areas. "Solar potseluychik" will start vanishing after the third application of a mask.

To relieve pain from a solar burn and to promote the fastest healing of skin, impregnate a gauze or x / fabric with potato juice and apply to a sore point. Fix fabric or lie down quietly 40-60 minutes. After the specified term the bandage should be replaced. To continue treatment to an absolute recovery.


Potato juice is contraindicated sick gastritis with the lowered acidity. Also it is not recommended to be used at heavy forms of diabetes, obesity and individual intolerance.

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