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We choose a portable DVD player

It is necessary to understand at once that the portable DVD player is several times more expensive than stationary "colleagues". If it does not frighten you, and you want to become the owner of so exotic goods – this article will help you to choose that is necessary for you. I will tell you about characteristics on which it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of concrete model of the device.
What represents portable DVD – a player and how to choose it?
Outside for a long time the XXI century and us does not surprise portability of the new devices entering the market nearly an every day any more. The sizes and energy consumption decreased almost to impossible indicators. Now such devices play a role of fashionable accessories and emphasize your image.
It is necessary to understand at once that the portable DVD player is several times more expensive than stationary "colleagues". If it does not frighten you, and you want to become the owner of so exotic goods – this article will help you to choose that is necessary for you. I will tell you about characteristics on which it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of concrete model of the device.


Портативный dvd-плеер One of the main parameters of a portable DVD player is the size and resolution of the LCD screen.
The more the screen, the viewing of video is more comfortable, but same leads and to increase in the sizes of a player, and also to reduction of operating time of the device from the battery. 7-8 inch screens quite the successful fellow for viewing of movies and photos, for those who has not enough of it, exist and 9, 10 and 12 inch.
Quality of the image directly depends on permission of a matrix, the it is more, the image on the screen is more accurate. For example, for 8 inch screens preferable permission 800*480, but happens less that will obviously lead to deterioration of the image.
Control of number of gradation gray is important that will allow to adjust contrast of the image under you. Brightness of the display allows to use the device even at a sunlight. Though completely any portable DVD player cannot cope with this task to this day.
The viewing angle on a vertical and a horizontal is also important (for example if you watch the movie or a photo together).
    Council from! Going to shop, take with yourself a disk with the movie of high quality, so you will be able to estimate and compare quality of screens on the models interesting you which parameters not always are in prices and catalogs. Estimate both granularity of the screen, and visibility.


Большинство портативных DVD-плееров оснащены встроенными динамиками The majority of portable DVD players are equipped with the built-in loudspeakers. They, certainly will not be able to depict the volume picture occurring on the screen.
    Council from! Upon purchase it is important to estimate not only quality of a sound, but its maximum loudness. On portable players even at the average level of surrounding noise (for example, in the train) loudness happens insufficiently.
For this reason many use earphones. Complete earphones do not differ in good indicators on quality of a sound, but for viewing of movies more than it is enough. If you consider yourself as the music lover, most likely, it is necessary to get something more essential. It is useful to know that some portable players have two exits for earphones – in certain cases it can be useful.
If to connect such player, for example, to house acoustics, quality of sounding, naturally, will not be compared to top stationary devices. And though sounding almost at all models is perfectly balanced on frequency, at the edges of ranges there are distortions. And rock music remains only to fans of fighters hopes for more or less qualitative bass. Only those portable DVD players that is more expensive, surely feel and as musical players.
Do not forget that the player can be connected not only to house system, but also to the automobile speaker system if the radio tape recorder has corresponding entrances (or in the presence of the FM transmitter in a player about what we will tell slightly below).

The supported formats

Положительной опцией портативных dvd-плееров является чтение форматов – Mpeg4/DIVX, т.к. фильмы в этом формате сейчас очень распространены In the standard each modern DVD model of a player supports such formats as: DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/JPEG (a MP3 – musical files; JPEG – a popular format of the image); a positive option is, reading formats – Mpeg4/DIVX since movies are now very widespread in this format.
    Council from! If you take with yourself a disk for check of work of a player, can arrange one more small test. Practically all portable players equally well work with a DVD format, but here when viewing the movies which are written down in the Mpeg4/DIVX formats rewind can not work. It is inconvenient in case you did not appear to watch time the movie to the end or there was no battery charge – it is necessary to look from the very beginning next time.


All portable DVD players are intended both for "mobile", and for stationary use therefore are completed network (and often automobile) with the adapter. If to speak about device operating time from the accumulator then divergences in model ranges the big – the minimum operating time of the device about 3 hours, and maximum can reach yes 15-18 hours. It of course is a little, but after all will help you to pass away free time (on an example on the way for work).

Inputs and outputs

In modern equipment the set of sockets is used.
В современной технике используется множество разъёмовSound sockets. The most widespread now – coaxial RCA (in life "tulip"). If you want to connect a player to the TV, for transfer of a stereosignal you need pair of such sockets (they are designated by L/R, as a rule, red and white). For connection to active 5.1 acoustics you need three RCA sockets: the first for frontal columns (FR/FL), the second for backs (SR/SL) and the third for a subwoofer and the center (CNT/SW). Will be suitable for digital transmission of an audiosignal, coaxial connection (S/PDIF usually has orange color, seldom black) and connection by an optical cable (TosLink), they are used for transfer from the DVD player of a digital stream of the multichannel sound which is written down in Dolby Digital or DTS (i.e. that you could connect a player to house system, for example, to a receiver).
Always there is a socket for mini-jack earphones (3,5 mm) as it was already told, in their some models can be two.
Video sockets. For connection of a portable DVD player to the TV composite RCA is used, it equipped all TVs (the socket has yellow marking). S-Video is suitable for a signal transmission, divided into brightness and chromaticity that allows to transfer better video signal.
Well and, of course, to all of us familiar USB will allow to connect sets of external devices, for example, the USB store. And the slot under memory cards will give you the chance to look through just finished shooting photos.
    Council from! If you get a portable DVD player for the car, such option as FM трансмитер will be very useful. It will give the chance to connect a player to the automobile radio tape recorder which is adjusted on a certain frequency (connection without wires).


Особенностью пультов ДУ у всех подобных плееров являются небольшие размеры, и, как следствие, все кнопки на них маленькие и расположены очень плотно – привыкнуть к ним бывает не легко Almost all models allow to do without panels since are equipped with multipurpose keys and joysticks, with their help it is possible to get quickly access to often used functions and to come into the menu of settings. As a rule, somewhere on the way you will use the command keys located on the case. In such cases illumination of buttons of management that does management comfortable at any lighting is very useful.
If to use a portable DVD player of the house, having connected to the TV, here without panel to you, at least, it will be inconvenient. Feature of DU panels at all similar players are the small sizes, and, as a result, all buttons on them small and are located very densely – to get used to them happens not easily.


Каждый DVD-плеер имеет свои характерные конструкционные черты. Очень удобной является возможность не только изменять угол наклона монитора, но и вращать его или перемещать его по корпусу. Each DVD player has the characteristic constructional features. Opportunity is very convenient not only to change a monitor tilt angle, but also to rotate it or to move it on the case.
Also there are more non-standard designs, for example, in the form of "slider" or in general executed in the integral case.
Material of the case is not of great importance at a choice, we will especially not stop on it. Let's note only that the metal case looks stylishly, but such player weighs more. In hands the rubberized case lies more conveniently, and the plastic case differs in ease, but also fragility.

Complete set

В стандартную комплектацию почти всех портативных DVD-плееров входит: сетевой и автомобильный адаптеры, аудио/видео- кабель, наушники, аккумулятор, пульт ДУ и сумка для переноски Is included in the standard package of almost all portable DVD players: network and automobile adapters, audio / a video cable, earphones, the accumulator, the DU panel and a bag for carrying. In certain cases in a set such convenient things as a bag for accessories and a bag for fastening on a head restraint are delivered. There are also more unusual accessories, for example, the game joystick and a disk with games.

Additional options

Treat additional options built in by FM/TV tuner that will allow you to watch television programs and to listen to radio in any place. One more pleasant trifle which can please compulsive gamblers: some latest models of portable DVD players are delivered with game joysticks and have the built-in games that will not allow you to miss on the way.

Prices and final choice

Выбираем портативный dvd-плеер The dispersion of the prices of portable DVD players is rather great, beginning from 3,5-4 thousand rubles and up to 15 thousand.
That you finally could decide on a choice, you first of all need to be defined as well as where you are going to use it. It is necessary, after all depending on it more or less important will be these or those parameters. It is obvious that quality of the image and a sound always win first place in the list of criteria. But at equal multimedia qualities and identical cost of two different portable players, involuntarily you pay attention and to other parameters.
If you plan to take it with yourself in holiday then time of autonomous work and compactness has to be on one of the first places at a choice. For certain, it will be interesting to much thus and existence of the slot under memory cards.
If you want to use it for viewing of video in the car on the way to work and home, here already these criteria will be not so important. At automobile option of use such option as the FM transmitter that gives the chance of a sound transmission on automobile acoustics by means of the radio receiver on the radio tape recorder looks more interesting.
Чтобы вы окончательно смогли определиться с выбором, вам в первую очередь нужно определиться, как и где вы собираетесь его использовать When using a portable player not only somewhere on the way or on vacation, but also houses as stationary there will be essential a possibility of a conclusion of a sound to system 5.1 (even if the system is not present now, perhaps purchase that is planned). Though it is a little such persons interested, but nevertheless there is a certain group of people whom such functionality will very strongly interest.
As you can see there is a lot of features at a choice that since the first moment a little to get confused, what model nevertheless for you is better. But with arrival of understanding of that you really wish to receive, getting a portable DVD player (for this purpose at least it is necessary to overshadow all less important and not necessary functions), the choice will become more obvious. only once again will remind that production of the brand which recommended the name positive responses of already present users has to be considered, of course, first of all, but not as the only option.
You always have a choice!
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