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Garnet juice at pregnancy

Pregnancy – the responsible period in the woman's life during which she has to watch with special care the diet. These months the organism of future mother needs a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, to receive which it is possible, for example, from freshly squeezed juice. The real well of useful elements is considered garnet juice the speech about which will go in this article.

Composition of garnet juice

Many agree in opinion that pomegranate is a good dietary product. First, it contains a minimum of calories – only 55 Kcal on 100 g of freshly squeezed juice. Secondly, this fruit incorporates the mass of the substances necessary for an organism for maintenance of health. It is rich with useful carbohydrates, fatty and organic acids, carotene, tannin, polyphenols. It also contains a quantity of proteins and fats, but also, it is a lot of vitamins and microcells. The high content of potassium does pomegranate so useful to those who is subject to diseases of cardiovascular system.

Influence of garnet juice on the pregnant woman's organism

Influence of this fruit on health of the person rather extensively. Mirsovetov found out in detail, than this fruit is useful to future mothers:

  1. Pomegranate contains a large number of antioxidants which bring the collected toxins out of an organism.
  2. As the use of the majority of drugs is contraindicated to pregnant women, garnet juice becomes the real savior in case of sudden cold. It helps to reduce temperature during an illness, increases immunity, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.
  3. Presence of this product at a daily diet adjusts work of cardiovascular system, increases activity and improves mood.
  4. Pomegranate contains a large amount of iron, and as it is known, many pregnant women often suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Freshly squeezed garnet juice fills shortage of this element in blood, increasing hemoglobin level.
  5. During toxicosis this product is also irreplaceable. It promotes adjustment of work of a digestive tract, stimulates appetite, gives to an organism a set of necessary vitamins.
  6. Garnet juice, thanks to diuretic action, effectively fights against puffinesses – a widespread problem of pregnant women, especially on deadlines for incubation of the child.
  7. Among other things, this fruit renders zhelchegonny and analgesic effect on an organism.

Contraindications to the use of juice from pomegranate

Despite enormous advantage, there are certain restrictions in application of this product by women in situation. It is possible to refer to such contraindications:

  • tendency to allergies or individual intolerance of this fruit and products from it;
  • some diseases of food system: pancreatitis, ulcer colitis and so forth;
  • existence of hemorrhoids;
  • firm chair, frequent locks;
  • the increased acidity of a stomach, tendency to heartburn.

How to drink garnet juice

As juice of pomegranate is rich with a set of acids and other substances, at its use it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  1. The acids containing in a product quite aggressively influence a mouth and mucous a digestive tract therefore it is not recommended to drink garnet juice in pure form. It is best of all to dilute it with clear boiled water or to combine with juice of carrots, beet, sweet apples, and also dogrose broth. The proportion has to be approximately following: on 1 part of garnet juice it is necessary to add 1-2 parts of other drink chosen by you. For bigger advantage it is possible to add a small portion of natural honey to structure.
  2. To save enamel of teeth, better to use a product through a straw. In case the tubule could not be taken, after drink it is possible to rinse a mouth usual clear water. Watch that temperatures of liquids were approximately identical – so you will avoid risk of emergence of microcracks on enamel of teeth.
  3. As it was already told, acidity of juice considerably influences a stomach therefore if you intend to use it regularly, for a start consult to the gastroenterologist.
  4. Pregnant women, especially on late terms, are very subject to developing of heartburn. It occurs because constantly growing kid borrows more and more a place in a womb, pressing himself an internal, including a stomach. Considering this feature, it is necessary to drink garnet juice at pregnancy carefully, watching the subsequent feelings.
  5. You should not drink a big portion of drink for once. It is better to use freshly squeezed juice in the small portions, differently it is possible to provoke at itself heartburn or emergence of allergic reaction.
  6. Remember that the maximum benefit to an organism is brought by only that juice which was drunk no more, than in 20-30 minutes after an extraction. If drink stays too long, concentration in it valuable substances will gradually decrease and will come to naught.
  7. One more rule: for achievement of the necessary therapeutic effect juice needs to be used regularly or courses till some months, doing small breaks. About necessary dosages and duration of reception to know all at the doctor better.

Purchased garnet juice

Undoubtedly, the most useful product what you prepared own hands is considered. But if you have no time or opportunity presses juice independently, it can be got. Thus it is necessary to consider some moments:

  1. The pasteurized garnet juice it is simple drink for a thirst satisfying. It does not bring any benefit, it is possible to drink it only just for the hell of it.
  2. It is best of all to buy a freshly squeezed product which will be made at you, or to get juice in glass bottles.
  3. Before purchase surely pay attention to structure, there should not be nothing, except pomegranate. Sugar, dyes, preservatives, juice or mashed potatoes of other fruit say that this product is artificial.
  4. Do not forget to check an expiration date or date of production.
  5. Remember that the qualitative goods cannot cost not much. The price of juice from pomegranate of a direct extraction will be quite considerable.
  6. It is best of all to store a product in the refrigerator during short time. After opening of capacity it is better to take drink in the next few 2 days.

Make juice independently

Simply to wring out garnet juice, our article will give to you some advice in this respect:

  1. For production of 1 liter of juice you will need to get about 3 kilograms of fruits. Attentively examine their peel before purchase: on it there should not be dark stains and damages, and the top of fruit has to be dried up and without greens. Very often sellers make an incision pomegranate a little to check its ripeness.
  2. Before an extraction remove a peel and all partitions from a fruit, having left only juicy red grains. Put a gauze in some layers, pour out on it grains, curtail similarity of a sack and press hands in suitable capacity until liquid does not cease to be emitted.
  3. The vessel for juice has to be from not oxidized material: the ceramic, glass or enameled bowl will approach.
  4. It is better to drink freshly squeezed juice right after preparation or to hide on storage in the refrigerator, having densely closed capacity a cover.
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