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Treatment of a rheumatic polimialgiya

There are such diseases which to distinguish much more difficultly, than then to treat. Physicians carry to that also a rheumatic polimialgiya. At this illness of the person the pains of rheumatic character arising at once in various muscles start tormenting. In what insidiousness of this illness how it can be distinguished and cured?

General information about a disease

It is noticed that to a rheumatic polimialgiy thicket women, which age suffer more than 50 years. Believe that at an illness the organism directs autoimmune character, that is immune reaction against own fabrics and bodies. Groups of muscles of a humeral belt, a neck, buttocks, hips, a backbone are surprised. The reasons causing this pathology still are completely not studied. Supervision of doctors show that approximately at 70% of patients the rheumatic polimialgiya developed owing to the postponed strong shock, a stress (loss of relatives, dismissal about works, divorce). Still the illness can develop as one of complications of other rheumatic pathologies. Sometimes the illness happens against infections or oncology. Some patients get sick after strong overcooling.

How the rheumatic polimialgiya is shown?

Everything begins with temperature increase to 39 degrees. The person feels pain around shoulders, a neck, hips. And, pain and extreme weakness in muscles can be so strong that it is impossible to get up, lift one of hands up, to brush the hair, rise from a chair … The person is compelled to limit himself in the movements. One more feature of this disease – symmetry of pain. Foot pain usually below knees does not fall, there is no it and below elbow bends. The inflammation at a rheumatic polimialgiya does not reach feet and brushes. Pain appears even then when simply touch the person. On a body there is neither redness, nor hypostases, other changes. But hardening of muscles (so-called "набухшесть") can be felt. Some think that them simply blew, and others – that excessively loaded themselves with any physical activity. The person starts accepting the preparations having febrifugal effect. But stem of thermometer persistently stops on high rates. Changes and in gait are noticeable – it becomes tripping when the person forcedly takes frequent short steps. Self-treatment does not yield positive results, the patient is compelled to address to the therapist. But also this expert not always manages to make quickly and truly the diagnosis, some doctors too mistakenly connect such condition of the patient with overcooling, old age, "bunch" of chronic diseases, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis. Actually for a rheumatic polimialgiya inflammatory damage of muscles is characteristic, and here joints in this case are practically not involved in process.

About diagnostics

In some cases the correct diagnosis manages to be made only some weeks later. To help to understand, than the person is sick, the corresponding laboratory researches help. For example, indicators of SOE can exceed 50-70 units. There are also other biochemical indicators of blood which indicate inflammatory process and damage of muscular structures, at a rheumatic polimialgiya they "read off scale".

Much quicker the diagnosis manages to be made to rheumatologists, based on symptomatology and the long-term experience.

Recommendations about treatment

Today so far there is only one way allowing to return the patient "to a system", to relieve of pain and weakness is an appointment to it a course of hormonal corticosteroids. All other options of treatment or only pass a stage of researches and experimental application, or good results do not yield at all. These corticosteroids (Prednisolonum, Metipred) the person should accept until pains, fever disappear, the habitual volume of movements will not be restored. Usually already through three or four days at the patient improve health. But at once it is impossible to give up treatment, differently soon the rheumatic polimialgiya will let know about itself unpleasant signs again. The disease can only be cured completely in case strictly and patiently to observe and follow all instructions of the competent doctor. Approximately in 30 days the doctor allows to reduce gradually a dose of the medicine taken inside, cancellation is made only in five-six months. Mirsovetov warns the readers that these hormonal means, unfortunately, have undesirable (collateral) effects: osteoporosis, increase of blood and intraocular pressure, hypostases, slow healing of wounds.

You should not be afraid that the rheumatic polimialgiya can be transferred from one family member to another, such cases was not recorded.

At first muscles still will remain in the weakened state, but gradually become invalid by it it is possible to return. To accelerate restoration. Having recovered from the sharp period, try to do easy exercises for strengthening of muscular tissue.

  1. Such exercise will help to strengthen muscles of feet: leaning on a chair back, gradually rise on "socks". Repeat such raising of 15 times.
  2. Groups of muscles of a humeral belt well help to restore roundabouts in shoulder joints. At first involve one shoulder, after it – the second. At first 5 times make the movement one shoulder, then five more times – another then make exercise two shoulders at once. At first carry out the movement clockwise, then – to the opposite side.
  3. It is useful to pass then to exercises for brushes: their strengthening will be helped by rotations – that in one party, in opposite.
  4. Now we will be engaged in hips and a trunk. For performance of this exercise it will be required to lay down on a rug on a back. Now bend feet in knee joints. Feet have to remain on a rug. Further incline the bent knees aside, trying to approach them as it is possible closer to a carpet. If it works, that concern a floor. Try to hold them in such situation 20 seconds. In each party it is desirable to repeat exercise on ten times.

Persons interested to increase former muscular force, often resort to dumbbells. Still the benefit will be brought by swimming in the pool or a natural reservoir. The recovery period can take more than three months. At this time avoid heavy bags. Occupations on a country site are not forbidden. But only be not overzealous. Perhaps, at first you should use a support when rise from the earth. Try to include in the food those products that are rich tiaminy, a pyridoxine (these are B6 and B1 vitamins).

There is a lot of pyridoxine in chicken meat, eggs, germinated grain, cottage cheese, carrots, cabbage, bananas, sunflower seeds, grain.

Tiamin is present at corn, brown rice, bran, potatoes, haricot, lentil, blackcurrant, an asparagus, a liver.

For the prevention of a softening of a bone tissue (osteoporosis) the mineral complexes containing calcium are recommended to patients. In a food allowance products rich with calcium are welcomed: cheese, cottage cheese, almonds, celery, cabbage, sheet salad, basil, sesame seed, yogurt, kefir.

If not to begin treatment of a rheumatic polimialgiya in due time, pathology can pass into Horton's illness, temporal arteritis or vaskulit. If brain vessels are struck, it is fraught with serious problems with hearing and sight.

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