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Polycarpous pregnancy

Why at the woman some children are born at once, the science still did not learn. There is an assumption that it is polycarpous pregnancy is transferred on the maternal line. From 80th years of twins and triplets began to be born much more, thanks to that there were such methods of treatment of infertility as EKO and stimulation of an ovulation hormones.

Reasons of appearance of twins

As tell multiple researches, today exactly a half of all polycarpous pregnancies arises after EKO, before this procedure, as a rule, stimulate an ovary and from it there are at once some ova. To reduce risk of emergence of polycarpous pregnancy, doctors gradually reduce quantity of transferable embryos in the woman's uterus. Now most often place one or two embryos.

Twins happen one-egg or monogerminal, and dizygotic or two-egg. One-egg embryos are considered as twins, they have an identical set of chromosomes and develop from one ovum which was impregnated by one spermatozoon. Children are born very similar at each other, and they always same-gender. At two-egg children the set of chromosomes differs a little. They develop in a uterus in parallel from two different ova. They are called "twins" they are similar among themselves, can be heterosexual and they have a half of the general genes. Two-egg twins can turn out for such reasons:

  1. If there was an ovulation to two ova which ripened in two ovaries.
  2. If there was an ovulation of ova which ripened in one follicle.
  3. If there was a fertilization of ova by different men.

One-egg twins are obliged by the origin to such combination of circumstances:

  1. Multinuclear ova were impregnated by several spermatozoa.
  2. The first cages of an embryo were divided into two germs.

Triplets can be both one-egg, and two-egg, there can be two twins and one independent fruit. Chetverni can be two twins, triplets and one fruit.

Features of polycarpous pregnancy

Polycarpous pregnancy is subject to emergence of various complications much more more often than the usual one-fetal. The most widespread diseases are anemia, gestoz and premature birth. Are possible prelying of a placenta and its premature otsloyka, the fruit can incorrectly lie and arise placentary insufficiency, in this case the child receives less nutrients. One of fruits has a delay of pre-natal development and congenital defects.

In every fifth case of polycarpous pregnancy, one of fetal eggs dies off in the first trimester. It can be in a uterus cavity before childbirth. In the second semester threat of interruption of pregnancy and its not incubation is possible. Such complication meets at a half of pregnant women. Therefore to all women carrying in themselves some fruits, recommends to be under close attention of doctors. Pregnant appoint preparations which relax a uterus. Often to keep pregnancy, mother should be nearly all 9 months on preservation in hospital. Thus support not only an organism of kids, but also mummies because there is a double load of its cardiovascular system. Because at polycarpous pregnancy the mass of a placenta increases several times, and also intra vascular volume increases, the level of hemoglobin falls and there is an anemia.

The more fruits the woman carries in herself, the risk is higher that she will begin premature birth. The main reason of it that muscles of a uterus pererastyagivatsya therefore to many pregnant women appoint a bed rest from the third trimester.

Diagnostics of polycarpous pregnancy

The gynecologist on the first survey can define polycarpous pregnancy. The matter is that initially the uterus sizes in this case will be more, than with one fruit. At the end of the first trimester, the difference becomes very notable. To confirm the diagnosis the gynecologist sends the patient for ultrasonic research. Usually it occurs in 8 weeks. Sometimes happens that on the first ultrasonography some fruits, and on the subsequent only one, if the second measurement are visible. Happens and on a turn, a fruit can hide for another, and then on the second ultrasonography mother is expected by "surprise".

At polycarpous pregnancy the threefold test which is done to reveal malformations is not informative. All that the placenta develops much more substances, than at one-fetal pregnancy.

That speaks about existence of polycarpous pregnancy:

  1. The size of a uterus does not correspond to pregnancy term.
  2. If two fruits settle down in longitudinal situation, the uterus can take the saddle form.
  3. The volume of a uterus is much more, than the prelying part.
  4. In different departments of a stomach large parts of a fruit are defined.
  6. Listening of several serdtsebiyeniye at the same time.
  7. The simultaneous movements of a fruit in different places of a stomach.
  8. At a palpation fingers detection of several heads.
  9. Biochemical tests.

Pregnancy and childbirth

At polycarpous pregnancy to the gynecologist come to survey often. If everything is normal, from the second trimester the pregnant woman goes each 10 days to consultation. And in the third trimester – every week. The close attention is directed not only on results of analyses, but also on mummy's weight, for pregnancies the increase should not exceed 15 kg.

If there are any deviations in health of the patient, the woman is hospitalized at once. At the normal course of pregnancy, the woman is hospitalized in two weeks prior to PDR.

Conducting childbirth depends on in what situation there are children and their estimated weight. It is considered dangerous to carry out natural childbirth if the first child is in pelvic prelying because children can be hooked by heads and then a rodorazresheniye will be impossible.

To accelerate childbirth of the second child, to him ahead of schedule open a fetal bubble and inject drugs which cause fights. If there is a risk for mother or a fruit, carry out Cesarean section.

Childbirth at polycarpous pregnancy takes place before term. At such children lungs ripen earlier therefore at the birth they can independently breathe. After the delivery worse one-egg twins, than a dvoynyata feel, they to a thicket have trouble breathing, hypostases and an icteric syndrome. The most favorable term for passing of childbirth at twins – 38 weeks, and for triplets – 36 weeks.

Childbirth begins with an izlitiya of amniotic waters or fights. They pass at epiduralny anesthesia that allows to pass at any time from natural childbirth to surgery. Often to the woman in labor put a dropper in which there is a physical solution at any time to start entering through it drugs. Time between the birth of the first and second child depends on attempts, the more intensively they go, the it is less than time for childbirth. One-egg twins, as a rule, are born with an interval 10 minutes, and two-egg can be born with a difference in an hour.

After the delivery mummy is with twins as much in hospital, how many and the woman in labor with one child. If everything is normal, in some days of kids hand to the happy father having many children.

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