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Ping-ap style in clothes

Style a pin-ap is a cult phenomenon which thanks to a combination of romanticism, seducement and an easy sensuality will never lose the popularity. If to explain everything in a few words, the pin-ap is an image of such girl who possesses magnificent forms, but is so naive that does not even suspect about as far as she is desired and seductive for men.

In translation from English "pin up" - "to pin", literally: to fasten, using hairpins because posters which represented sexy girls, to walls pinned hairpins. There is a statement that the girl of style a pin-ap is a call to all fans of anorexia.

Style emergence history

Pin up style originates in America the 1920th. Charles Gibson thought up it is he drew with the first the picture with the image of "the American dream": the appetizing girl at whom the skirt was lifted up. The awkward situation represented the heroine helpless, but natural and from it very sexual. Style a pin-ap was fallen in love to men, as its obligatory attributes: a nice face, chubby lips, an amazed look, wide hips, the waist and a big breast is thin.

Popularity of such frank pictures for Puritan America became a phenomenal event. Images of girls with erotic implication at first used for registration of posters, journal articles and various graphic additions. The apogee of pin up fell on the 1950th. A standard of style became incomparable and unforgettable Merlyn Monro. Its beauty, private life and a cause of death still excite minds of millions of admirers.

The girl in style a pin-ap

At one time style a pin-ap was buried in oblivion, but now it remembered, and it again at popularity peak. Thanks to that there is a huge number of styles and coloring which perfectly are suitable for an embodiment of this image, each girl can try on on herself this sexual role.

So, first of all, the girl a pin-ap is young, cheerful, smiling, ruddy, moderately well-fad, the darling radiating with health the sexual beauty. It should not be vulgar or frankly offer herself – on the contrary, thanks to the naivety, it has to stimulate the imagination of the one who looks at it.

Difference of style pin-ap

The very often ignorant confuse a pin-ap to retro style or a vintage. Actually there are a lot of distinctions.

  1. The girl a pin-ap will never look the fatal beauty, on the contrary is the your lovely silly neigbour attractive and sexual. She likes to flirt and tease men.
  2. The girl vitazh is a combination of style both the 1920th years, and the 1940th years, but without sexuality and flirtation – an image in itself quite interesting, without naivety and nonsense.
  3. The girl of a retro combines all above-mentioned, but in serious execution of more skilled beauties. This style is quite difficult as at it there are a lot of sides and images – from the 1920th to 1970th of the last century.

Ping-ap and present

Today style a pin-ap endures the second youth again and, certainly, the present added to an image of the sexy girl new, more curious direction. Vintage accessories and clothes now in a trend: and, it not old poverty, all of them have more modernized fringing and attitude. Today so put on not only nonconformists, but also the huge number of youth quite far from such currents.

The modern girl a pin-ap can have some abrupt tattoos, piercing in interesting places and an unforgettable make-up. And, the most important, - modern style a pin-ap is a not chubby girl neigbour, but the slender stranger.

Clothes in style a pin-ap

If attentively to study all existing images of girls a pin-ap, it will appear that they have much the general – despite a huge number of options of clothes, a make-up and hairdresses. There are three most widespread images for style a pin-ap:

  1. American housewife. A shirt in a cage which is tied on a waist by knot, jeans which are sprained practically to knees, a scarf or a bandana on the head. As footwear – a tennis shirt, the barefoot person or a shoe on a platform sole. Such girl does not hesitate of a couple of excess kilogrammchik on a waist because it is not necessary for it on a podium at all – it is happy with herself and is not going to exhaust herself with diets. By the way, the scarf on the head can be in the form of the bandage closing ears, and can – in the form of a usual kerchief, but thus it needs to be put a triangle, to wind the head but so that tips funny stuck out practically on a forehead.
  2. Neigbour or Girl next door. Surely – a dress in peas or with a flower print. As a last resort, also the monophonic dress is possible, but surely it has to emphasize a slender waist and a big breast of the girl. To a payment has to be womanly, with a decollete, not in covering, not long, not children's. Something playful, but not so vulgar.
  3. Modern pin of the apostle. Tattoos, tight jeans of dark color, an undershirt from cotton, a bright make-up, on the head – a bandage, curls or a huge pile. From this image cachectic, she has a girl a small breast, a slender waist and there is no excess centimeter, any excess gram on a waist.

Mirsovetov it is sure that the simplest image the first, the most careful, demanding preparation – the last.

Such additions as skirts, corsets, baud can serve as a variety of these styles.

  1. Skirt. Average are long, with soft folds from light fabric – it has to flutter when the wind blows. In an ideal it has to be the model the sun flare.
  2. Shorts. Very small, superficially more the resembling pants, but with the overestimated waist.
  3. Corset. It is perfectly combined with a skirt or shorts. Frills and a deep decollete are obligatory.
  4. Baud. Closed baud or bathing suits from the most delicate atlas. A coloring – as well as at dresses: large peas, flower print, monophonic colors.

Footwear in force a pin-ap

Style a pin-ap very responsibly belongs to a footwear choice. First, it is the easy closed flats – it is desirable with thoughtless bows. Secondly, thick heel. Thirdly, boats it is from the 1950th years. Fourthly, platform sole.

As for material: skin natural or varnish, and also suede.

The footwear in style a pin-ap has no hairpin 15 centimeters high or a platform. Or small steady heel, or simply flat sole.

Accessories in style a pin-ap

Style a pin-ap in the majority does without some bright and shouting accessories. Large white busik or bracelets from beads, flowers, bandanas, earrings with anchors. All this has to be in quiet style, accurate and not bright.

Make-up in style a pin-ap

Make-up in style a pin-ap very bright. He has to meet two indispensable conditions: black shooters and bright lips – scarlet or red.

There is an opinion that not to all girls there are shooters. Actually it not so – shooters suit everything, the main thing – to learn them correctly to draw that they suited specifically you, your type. Be trained previously in drawing arrows – look at special video lessons or consult with the makeup artist.

Choosing lipstick, pay attention to resistant and firm versions – if lipstick is fat, it will give vulgar effect. On the contrary, the opaque pigment is necessary for pin up style. If red lipstick well absolutely does not suit you, pay attention to wine shades.

Hairdress in style a pin-ap

Hairdresses which answer this style simple, but at the same time the quite beautiful. Basic elements are a bang and curls. If you cannot brag of natural magnificent waves – it does not matter, hair curlers or the curling iron will help to change this small oversight. Do not forget about scarfs and bandanas.

And, finally

Certainly, absolutely on weekdays difficult to follow style the pin-ap is not everyday and definitely not everyday option. But, such image perfectly will be suitable for a party, a photoshoot or club.

And here the pin up elements are quite pertinent in our life, especially if it is about modern type: piercing, tattoo, pile etc.

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