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How to photograph children

Many parents at once after birth of the kid have an irresistible desire to imprint as much as possible moments of his life. There is a wish to photograph the child constantly – when he is awake or sleeps, during walk or house. And by first day to the birth of the kid his photo album is overflowed with a huge number of pictures.

Quite often when viewing a photo album by friends or relatives interest is lost literally on the fifth page. Why so occurs? After all your kid the most beautiful, the most emotional and the most photogenic! Perhaps matter in photos – monotonous and not having a plot? In this article will help you to learn to do pictures of the children more interesting. Read recommendations of professional photographers, perhaps, you will understand the mistakes, and already during the following shooting your shots will become much better.

House photoshoots

Certainly, in the majority you photograph the child of the house. However the few know that such shooting is one of the most difficult. Thus it is absolutely unimportant, what camera at you – an ordinary digital compact or the very expensive reflex camera. Shooting conditions equally difficult in the majority because of a lack of light. For certain many of you solve this problem simply – use the built-in flash. And in vain, because this function "kills" the photo at all – the shot becomes flat, deprived of volume. Besides direct flash often leaves relight on such sites of the person as a forehead and a nose and does pupils of eyes of red color. Try to remove without flash use – you will at once see how photos of your child will change.

Council No. 1. Do pictures without the built-in flash

How to make it? After all without flash of a photo turn out dark? Natural light comes to the rescue. In your apartment there are windows, and it is excellent light for shooting. Suggest your kid to play near a window and do not miss the moment to imprint it on a chamber.

Remove in the evening? Then try to use as much as possible various light sources – include all lamps which are available in the room, bring table lamps. If photos all the same turn out dark, lift sensitivity of ISO to 800-1000, and also switch balance white in the "glow lamp" mode.

Decided on light, now it is worth thinking over a shooting point. The dug-out case with clothes or an ironing table at a background will hardly be decorated by your photos. Therefore it is necessary to consider a background during shooting.

Council No. 2. Take care of a shooting background

The best option of a background – a monophonic neutral background. Clean all superfluous from a field of vision. It is possible to make a background most - to hang up a monophonic cover, a cloth, etc. Remember that your child has to be the main thing in a shot.

If you photograph the kid of the house, it does not mean that it has to be dressed "home-style".

Council No. 3. Pay attention to appearance of the child

The splodgy suit and the stretched romper suit will not cause affection when viewing a photo. Prepare the kid for shooting – comb, wash, beautifully dress.

Your kid is ready to shooting? Remember - first of all, he has to feel comfortable. Therefore give it free rain.

Council No. 4. Do not force the child to pose

Do not turn a photoshoot of your child into "obligation" for him at all. Refuse shooting in "the photographer in kindergarten" style when the kid is forced to look directly in a shot and to smile. It is not necessary to ask the child to pose, after all then photos will be boring. Try to be not only the photographer, but also the screenwriter – suggest the child to play any role. It can be the teacher with the book and a pointer who teaches to pupils (dolls) a lesson, the treating doctor, etc. – do not distract the most important during game of the child and try to catch the interesting moment.

The same concerns also a photo with relatives. It is not necessary to do a boring portrait photo. What prevents the grandfather to be the patient in policlinic, and the grandmother – the client of beauty shop? Try to photograph children while their persons express any interesting emotion, but are not in expectation of click of a lock of the camera.

Generally, try to depict not simply the child, and his small life: here now he is keen on collecting of cubes, in a few minutes reads the book, and an hour later unexpectedly fell asleep in a ridiculous pose. Are not lazy to look for the interesting moments in, apparently, usual things.

Photos in which your growing kid is on the same background and the same circumstances will look quite interestingly. For example, the child sits on a sofa against favourite toys – a sofa and toys every time identical, and your kid – every month different!

"Seize" all these moments and then your photos will become rather interesting.

We are photographed during walk

Certainly, the best pictures turn out in the open air. In park, on the small river or in the wood at your kid, undoubtedly, the mood will be lightened. You will have an opportunity to make remarkable emotional and easy photos. All councils for shooting in house conditions will be useful to you and at a photoshoot of the kid on the street: we do not forget about appearance of the kid, we choose a beautiful background, we do not force the child to pose, and easy we stage a shot. For example, suggest the child to sit down and consider the florets growing in park, to play a ball or to throw gold foliage.

Perfectly photos when the child is in the movement look. Children will run with the great pleasure anywhere and as much as necessary, and you only need to catch a successful shot. With today's technical capabilities of cameras it is simple to make it – the running children are recommended to be removed in the mode of sports shooting, it is even better to set the mode of continuous shooting. Then you will be able to choose the most successful shots from a series of photos.

Children very much like to frolic in water. Do not miss opportunity to depict them behind this fascinating occupation. Only do not forget to protect the camera from splashes. And not to spoil a shot indistinct drops, also use the mode of sports shooting.

If you want to remove the child in a genre "portrait", take care of a surrounding situation. Choose a suitable place and time. Remember that it is best of all to photograph at an evening sunlight or at early morning – then the sun gives soft and warm light. If you are going to do a photoshoot at midday, it will not be possible to avoid rigid shadows on a face.

Many know simple truth – it is impossible to photograph against the sun. But, happens that among a set of shots one turns out – very beautiful and unusual. Experiment with such shooting (the benefit, in modern cameras not a film, but a memory card any more). By the way, in this case you need "harmful" flash. In kontrovy light (so call light when you photograph the person against the sun) it will illuminate a face, and hair of the child will be lit in sunbeams.

Show observation and the imagination. The more emotions at your child, the will be is more interesting by pictures. If you want that they were brighter and colourful – in advance think of necessary surroundings: toys, fruit, sweets, balloons – all this will decorate a picture.

The most important for receiving good pictures – your spirit. Be not nervous if the child does not pose as you want. Accept everything as game – make of shooting light and easy. And you will see that soon the necessary shots "will go" to you to a hand. After all your mood is surely transferred also to the child. And fine pictures will become an award for patience and immense love to the child!

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