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How to get rid of louses

I also could not suspect that when mother will braid to me braids for September 1 in school, she will see mad quantity of louses at me on the head. And I could not even think that I had louses because of whom on the same day my long curly hair turned into a boring kare. So I for the first time got acquainted with parasites.
Now there were specialized centers which offer the professional help at a pediculosis with a guarantee of full result of disposal of louses and nits for one procedure. In Russia this service is rendered by the Center of the Help at the Pediculosis of "Lays Evey".
Как избавиться от вшей, лечение педикулеза
Now one of the most reliable ways of fight against louses and nits is comb-out on a method Sheferd. Efficiency of this method is confirmed with numerous positive results and responses of the people who passed treatment.
The essence of a method consists in a combination of comb-out of hair on specially developed technology with the subsequent careful survey of each lock of hair to confirm quality of the carried-out procedure. In the same day you or your child will be able to return to the usual life and to forget that you ever had louses.
This method of treatment of a pediculosis has no contraindications and side effects. The method suits any person, whether it be small children, allergic persons, pregnant women or the feeding women. Thus need to use toxic means in fight against louses or to be cut nalyso disappears.
Perfectly I remember this day: I am 10 years old, I am found in the room with toys. Suddenly the head starts itching that in itself it is natural. Reflex I meet desire, I carry by a hand through a field of vision and I notice a midge under a nail. I also could not suspect that in couple of days when mother braids to me braids for September 1 in school, she will see mad quantity of such midges at me on the head. And I could not even think that these midges – louses because of whom on the same day my long curly hair turned into a boring kare. So I for the first time got acquainted with parasites.
    It is considered that pediculosis, or a pediculosis (from Latin Pediculus – a louse) accompanies places which are the centers of natural cataclysms and crisis situations in society. Pediculosis, as a rule, meets at the needy population which is not following elementary rules of personal hygiene. But nevertheless, despite it, any educated, well-mannered and clean person cannot be insured from a case: louses are extremely prolific, and it is easy to catch them.

Short characteristic

Louses are blood-sicking insects, parasites of mammals and the person which all life cycle takes place on "owner". On the person parasitize: head louse, clothes louse and crab-louse (or pubic louse).
ВошьThe head louse lives on head indumentum.
Clothes louses the most part of time hide in clothes, parasitizing on a body of "owner" only a few minutes in day. Most often these louses can be found in places of consolidation of clothes (pleated, seams), in the same place it postpone eggs.
The crab-louse affects generally skin of a pubis and a crotch, and sometimes and axillary hollows, eyebrows and eyelashes.
Louses breed, postponing egg (nit) who keep at roots of hair due to sticky allocations. In 3-8 days from them there are larvae which reach 3 weeks full development. Externally little and big louse differ in only a size. Louses have a brown, gray or light yellow color. Their size varies from 0,5 to 6 mm (a crab-louse to 1,5 mm). Thanks to three couples legs, the parasite is attached to the owner's hair, forming claws that helps to keep on a body of the person. The louse has the oral kolyushche-sucking device and very developed salivary glands. During a sosaniye the insect pierces skin a hobotok that is followed by an itch on skin of the person. Life expectancy of an insect on a body of "owner" makes 1-2 months, in environment – 3-7 days.
    Louses can be can become a source of such diseases as sypny and returnable typhus. Danger of infection with typhus from louses arises in 4 days from the moment of their parasitizing on the sick person. The sting of a parasite, in itself, does not constitute any danger: infection occurs at crush of an insect and rubbing in of the liquid following from it, or its excrements in the damaged sites of skin (raschesa) at the itch caused by a sting.

Reasons of appearance of louses

Вши As if stereotypes did not needle that the pediculosis is a fate of people without a certain residence, among the usual population the illness also quite often meets. And anyway, louses will choose that which often wash from all heads where skin is clean, for the reason, that so is easier for insects, thanks to the smallest amount of the substances allocated by sebaceous glands to suck blood.
As louses do not jump, do not fly, and run, warns that infection can come at direct contact, that is at a touch of hair, from use of the infected things (caps, towels, bed linen, hairbrushes), at visit of baths, saunas, pools; or it is rather simple to put the head on a pillow or to spend the night on that bed where before it the person who had louses slept – everything depends on what louses you caught.
Thicket children are subject to a pediculosis: infection can occur in day nursery, kindergartens, school.


Один из главных признаков того, что у вас педикулез – это сильный зуд в местах поражения One of the main signs of that at you a pediculosis is a strong itch in defeat places. At head louses the center of an itch will occur in occipital part and behind ears, at clothes louses – in a zone of a dense prileganiye of clothes to a body, at a crab-louse – in a pubis zone. The itch can lead to the raschesa which are followed by gnoynichka, furuncles, etc. The patient suffers from sleeplessness, loses appetite. There can be an alarm – to whom pleasantly to become a link of a food chain?

Means for removal of louses

Вошь It is impossible to be limited to one washing of the head and washing of linen neither at removal of the insect, nor at disposal of nits.
I vshivet twice and if for the first time to me cut off length of hair and after long brought insects, in the second – I shaved hair absolutely. And though, certainly, it is the most certain way at head parasites, anybody does not demand such radical measures from you.
It will be easiest to get rid of a crab-louse (a pubic louse). It is possible to shave really all hair are not the most terrible victims. And after, for avoidance of infection, a place of stings to disinfect special ointment (10% white mercury ointment). From eyelashes and eyebrows it is possible to remove parasites with nails.
At clothes louses simple washing by usual cleaning powder will not be effective. It is necessary to boil or process the ferry linen and clothes, after to hang out for a week on the sun to the aired room. Or at first to process the infected zone any insecticidal preparation, to leave for a couple of hours for poison absorption, after to stretch a thing and besides to hang out on the sun. In a week, for prevention to iron folds and seams the iron.
To get rid of head louses slightly more difficult.
Как избавиться от вшей, NIT FREE There is a set of other recipes for disposal of parasites: from national to the reasonable. Now there were specialized centers which offer the professional help at a pediculosis with a guarantee of full result of disposal of louses and nits for one procedure. In Russia this service is rendered by the Center of the Help at the Pediculosis of "Lays Evey". In drugstores various means are on sale, the cheapest and effective from which is chemerichny water. There are also shampoos, aerosols, ointments. Will give some of them as an example of "Nittifor" (there is a cream and solution), which removes ektoparazit (louses and nits, fleas, scabby pincers), being one of the most effective remedies; "Couple plus" (aerosol); a full range of means against louses and nits "NIT FREE" (NIT FRI), usual antiflea cats and dogs shampoos (which are also in demand).
Before use of these means it is necessary to study the instruction. At a choice of means it is possible to consult without shame at the expert. And treatment to the child can appoint and the pediatrician, having written out the recipe.
    When using synthetic means there can be an allergic reaction, moreover, many preparations are contraindicated to pregnant women and children. Therefore it is necessary to address to the sparing natural methods of fight, without subjecting itself and the child of danger.
Cranberry juice against nits as the sour environment it dissolves the top cover of egg is effective. Dustovy and tar soap, thanks to high availability of alkali, also effectively destroys parasites.
Аэрозоль Пара-плюс There is one more rather radical way is a hair-dyeing. Peroxide of hydrogen is already terrible tool against insects, thanks to the causticity and concentration.
Wormwood broth, use of boiled beet, juice of mint or parsley – methods ineffective, but used in traditional medicine.
Efficiency or inefficiency of many means is a business individual and if someone cannot be helped by shampoo, for others usual rinsing by apple cider vinegar will relieve of louses.
    Folk remedies for disposal of louses existed, exist and will exist. Their efficiency makes about 90%. Certainly, they can be applied, but it is careful, and it is necessary to know that:
    - when using kerosene hair a long time cannot come to an order. Kerosene is long washed away, spoils hair (they become sticky and dirty by sight), complicates combing;
    - vinegar dries hair, and the concentrated solution can burn skin at all. Vinegar kills louses and has the disinfecting effect though does not bring a nit;
    - "Dichlorvos" and similar means are very toxic because of the fosfororganichesky substances and carbonates containing in them. It is possible to get poisoning.
    All this is supported with inconvenience of carrying out operation: after drawing any means it is necessary to put on a plastic bag hair and to wind the head with a towel – such design it is necessary to carry not less than 2 hours.
После использования любых средств следует обязательно прочесать голову специальным частым гребнем и удалить каждое яйцо вручную After use of any means it is necessary to comb surely the head a special fine-tooth comb and to remove each egg manually. Comb-out will take some days as to remove nits not easy. If hair long, them it is necessary to cut off, at least to the level of shoulders – so will easier comb out dead insects and eggs. In addition it is possible to facilitate this procedure, having applied balm, cod-liver oil, olive or geranaceous oil on hair, having given "effect of sliding". Olive oil also relieves of parasites, and geranium oil still besides renders anti-inflammatory action, heals wounds.
    As most often children are subject to a pediculosis, it is necessary to declare quarantine in all group or even in all establishment (if it is about small kindergarten) and to process means for disinfecting or prevention of all children is universal, differently all efforts in relation to you will descend on "no". In a family where there was an infection of one person, it is necessary to examine all inhabitants of the apartment though it is not obligatory that someone else will be infected.

Prevention of a pediculosis

Основное средство предупреждения вшивости – соблюдение личной гигиены: регулярное мытье тела (не реже 2-х раз в неделю), смена нательного и постельного белья; стирка постельного белья при высокой температуре, проглаживание одежды горячим утюгом, особенно швов, где вши обычно откладывают яйца The main warning facility of pediculosis – observance of personal hygiene: regular washing of a body (at least 2 times a week), change of next-to-skin and bed linen; washing of bed linen at high temperature, proglazhivany clothes the hot iron, especially seams where louses usually postpone eggs.
It is not necessary to borrow the hairbrush.
    Louses are frightened off by a smell of a tea tree and a lavender therefore in order that they did not cling, it is necessary to put a liquid droplet in occipital part and for ears.
In order that there was no repeated infection with a pediculosis, recommends things which were used in a family (and generally it towels, headdresses, bed linen, the clothes having hoods and collars, soft toys) to boil and not to use them within 2 weeks. Without "owner" the insect can live at most 7 days, the exit of a parasite comes from egg within a week therefore the term equal to 14 days is an indicator of desirable refusal of earlier infected thing in case the nit was not lost. That is during term the insect will independently die without food.
For check of existence/lack of louses it is necessary to comb the head over light fabric – it will be noticeable at once. There is one more way – so I found in myself pediculosis for the second time: when bathed in a bathroom, rinsed hair in still water – some insects emerged.

Pediculosis – quite frequent phenomenon, both at children, and at adults. It is possible to be afraid of this disease, but it is not necessary to be ashamed of it. Despite development of nanotechnologies, the invention of the bicycle and start of the ships in a space, insects from time immemorial accompany mankind on the way of development of everyone and everything. And their existence is an indicator of existence of life on the earth against which other indicators should fight.
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