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Plasma panels. Merits and demerits.

If at you ripened need for change of the old TV on something newer or purchase of the home theater, it is necessary to think and of a source of the high quality image: plasma panel.

Councils and cunnings: how to choose goodsПлазменная панель If at you ripened need for change of the old TV on something newer or purchase of the home theater, it is necessary to think and of a source of the high quality image: plasma panel. The principle of its work is based on a luminescence of noble gases under the influence of tension. Plasma panels have a set of merits and demerits capable to fluctuate even the experienced buyer, the question of a choice is particularly acute less: topical issue "And whether should be bought it in general?".

Among advantages of plasma panels it should be noted the following:

  • High contrast. The best, in comparison with liquid crystal (ZhK) and electrobeam (ELT) monitors and TVs. The picture looks very saturated and qualitatively for this reason plasma panels are preferred at creation of home theaters.
  • Plasma panels have no lag effect peculiar with ZhK to panels, time of a response of such panels is small. Therefore dynamic scenes will look naturally, without dragged for the running character of loops.
  • In comparison with ZhK panels the plasma have a big viewing angle, properties and quality of the picture do not change depending on from what position you look at it.
  • In comparison with ELT they have very high definition of the image caused by that there are no problems with data of beams, characteristic for ELT.
  • In comparison with ELT there is no blinking of the image, therefore at long viewing eyes are not tired.
  • They are tolerant to electromagnetic fields. The matter is that at production of columns of acoustics magnetic materials therefore them it is impossible to have near ELT of panels are used. Plasma panels are deprived of this shortcoming.
Shortcomings of plasma panels nearly cross out all their advantages:
  • Very high price - about several thousand dollars.
  • High energy consumption. For example, LCD monitors of the similar size consume several times less.
  • Owing to high energy consumption plasma panels are seriously heated therefore it is necessary to apply compulsory cooling - fans. And it means that the fan will rustle. However, it is necessary to tell that producers use fans with the lowered level of noise and, besides, the viewer is rather far from the panel.
  • Plasma panels have the same shortcoming, as ELT-TVs: at them burns out a phosphor. Especially on motionless sites of the image, for example on logos of TV channels. It means that as the TV to use them less preferably. Though producers actively fight against this shortcoming and now the term of their service is comparable with other types. Besides, can "burn out" also points of the plasma panel.
  • As well as the point or pixel serves in all other types of panels as unit of the image. At plasma panels this point is more, than in other types. Owing to this and still a variety of reasons plasma panels do the big sizes (from 30 inches). And it, in turn, means that the room in which the panel will be installed, has to be rather big - the viewer's distance from the panel in 4-5 times more of its diagonal. I.e. 3-4 meters. And if still to consider that back columns of acoustics have to be really behind the viewer, all the room has to be width "from a wall to a wall" at least 4-5 meters.
  • Plasma panels weigh much.
As a rule, buying the plasma panel, you do not buy the full-fledged TV. The plasma panel is only the display device. Therefore separately it is necessary to buy in addition the TV-tuner, acoustics set, a DVD player. Certainly there are models with the built-in acoustics and the TV-tuner, but I do not see special sense in their purchase since you will be deprived of a qualitative sound.
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