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Symptoms and treatment of a parafimoz

Parafimoz is a squeezing of a head of a genital of the man the extreme flesh shifted back. This state is not considered an independent disease. Most often it is complication after the postponed fimoz or other dangerous diseases which in due time were not treated. Besides, development of a state is influenced strongly by negligence of the man to the health.

Because of what there is this state?

This dangerous pathology can be shown during sexual intercourse, and also when performing some hygienic procedures. Weight of consequences depends in many respects on that, how soon the extreme flesh was set on the right place. The more long it is not set, the it is heavier than complication. In particular, necrosis of fabrics of a head of a penis therefore it is subject to the fastest amputation is possible. Besides, on it there can constantly be ulcers conducting to the general inflammation. Consequences of the last cannot be foreseen.

Quite often parafimoz arises after the last disclosure of a head that becomes at survey of a penis at the doctor. Also it is possible when carrying out a tsistoskopiya at people with fimozy or kateterization of an urethra. Therefore physicians have to be especially careful when carrying out these procedures.

The earlier the diagnosis, the better is established. At an early stage the problem can be fixed by means of manual receptions which are combined with other conservative methods. At the difficult dragged-out process, conservative methods already, as a rule, do not help. In these cases the urgent section of the narrowed extreme flesh is carried out. To the patient the standard tsirkumtsiziya which is also effective for treatment of this pathology can be appointed.

Symptoms and signs

The main symptom of this state is a penis pain. Manifestation of a sharp form of a delay of urine and formation of obstruction of all uric path is still possible. Thus the pronounced increase in a head of a penis in sizes is observed. Externally it looks swelled up. At once behind it the created edematous ring of an extreme flesh settles down. The proximal part of a genital usually does not change.

If long to undertake nothing for a solution and not to carry out adequate treatment, there can be a necrosis of a head of a penis that compels to do amputation of distalny area of a genital.

When the head of a penis is brought out of a dried extreme flesh, almost at once there is a pain, through some time this part of a genital gets a dark red or cyanotic shade. Further its increase in volume is observed. If to undertake nothing to set a head back, its sizes will become even more. Puffiness is formed because of violation of blood circulation and a lymph.

Because of increase in head sizes, pain only accrues. It needs to manage to be set in ten minutes, differently the beginning of process of necrosis of fabrics is possible. This time is considered critical for this pathology. Thus pain suddenly stops because there is a necrosis of the nervous terminations. Through some period on a head emergence of a necrotic ulcer which intensively increases over time in sizes is observed. Thus the head changes the color with cyanotic on black or violet. If not to carry out necessary manipulations to short terms for reposition of a head, symptoms become even more dangerous.

Further is noted emergence of spots which are considered as signs of that some sites of a head of a penis became lifeless. In this area patients feel sensitivity loss. Perhaps even emergence of a crust and an ulcer on a penis head. Because of rotting of fabrics of this part of a genital there is some unpleasant smell. Thus color of a head becomes dark. At this stage emergence of gangrene is possible. Thus such symptoms of intoxication as fatigue and weakness are noted. Besides, at such patient temperature increases. Self-amputation of a head of a penis is sometimes observed even.

Than to treat pathology?

Measures for reposition of a head of a penis have to be taken as soon as possible. Treatment of a parafimoz usually depends on a stage of an illness and expressiveness of symptoms. Thus both conservative, and operational methods of therapy are effectively applied. From the conservative simple reposition of a head of a genital is most often used. If reached a stage when surgery is already required, most often in the field of infringement the section of an extreme flesh of a penis becomes. If not to carry out treatment in time, consequences can be very heavy, up to final necrosis of fabrics of a head.

Not to allow formation of hypostasis on the first minutes of development of this dangerous state, it is necessary to try to set a penis head independently. For simplification of this manipulation it is possible to use vegetable oil, vaseline, any cream or other oily substance. They are applied on the damaged part of body. Then it is accurate, squeezing a head, it is necessary to try to push it back under an extreme flesh. This action can be quite painful. If it it was not succeeded to make during the first a couple of minutes, it is necessary as it is possible to address to the surgeon quicker. Not to increase probability of necrosis of a penis, it is necessary to manage to set a head in ten minutes. As this time – critical was already noted above.

Surgical intervention is carried out as follows:

  1. Under skin in the field of the basis of a genital the local anesthetizing is entered. As anesthesia can use novocaine, lidocaine or other preparations. Children are recommended to do the general anesthesia.
  2. When anesthesia works, the surgeon makes some attempt to set a head manually. If it it is not possible, resort directly to surgical techniques of treatment of a parafimoz. Thus the restrained part extremely of a flesh is excised or made an incision.
  3. Then the turned-out wound has to be processed by means of antibacterial ointment. Initially it is necessary to apply an anti-inflammatory bandage it.
  4. Further the patient will need to carry out washings regularly. These procedures can quite be done in house conditions.
  5. In certain cases it is necessary to delete the most part of fabrics. Therefore antibiotics are appointed. The patient is recommended to pass treatment in a hospital.


As negligence to health is the main reason for developing of this disease, male kids should be shown regularly to the doctor and to implement all received recommendations.

The children's doctor has to tell the boy's parents about procedures which can independently help to liquidate narrowing of an extreme flesh surely. So, during bathing of the kid it is necessary accurately, to remove without any sharp movements and attempts of violence an extreme flesh aside. These actions should be stopped at once if physical resistance is felt.

At two-three summer age the penis head already has to open freely. If narrowing of an extreme flesh remains and at this age, the boy is recommended to be shown to the urologist. Some parents because of fear of surgical intervention do not decide to undertake the solution of this problem that can lead to development of a parafimoz. Though especially at children's age operation rather fast and simple. Therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of it. It is worth being careful of consequences which can arise because of postponement of treatment of narrowing of an extreme flesh.

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