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Use of paracetamol

Paratsetamol is widely used not one decade in all countries. Well advertized Efferalgan, Panadol is the same well to us the acquaintance Paratsetamol. It is capable to kill any pain (tooth, a headache, migraine, pain at burns and injuries) and has very good febrifugal effect.
Молекула ацетаминофена Paratsetamol (the international name – atsetaminofen) is widely used not one decade in all countries. Well advertized Efferalgan, Panadol is the same well to us the acquaintance Paratsetamol. Under what else names this medicine disappears? Dofalgan, Taylenol, Paratset, Kalpol, Akamol, Meksalen, Dolomol, Volpan, Opradol, etc. Paratsetamol has as much many various names, as well as release forms: in the form of usual tablets, syrups, elixirs, capsules and solutions, and also ampoules for injections.
Paracetamol can easily be bought in any drugstore. Because the preparation is released without any recipe, many believe that Paracetamol is absolutely safe for a human body. Let's understand: whether so it?

Use of Paracetamol

Paracetamol is capable to kill any pain (tooth, a headache, migraine, pain at burns and injuries) and has very good febrifugal effect. It is very important that Paracetamol is well acquired: its hit in blood through a digestive tract happens for rather short time, around half an hour.
Means belongs to nonsteroid (non-hormonal) anti-inflammatory preparations. But data of researches of the last years speak about very low, insignificant anti-inflammatory effect, therefore, it is not necessary to think that is possible Paracetamol it is possible to carry out long-term treatment.
And the most important, it is necessary to remember that Paracetamol removes symptoms, but does not treat the reasons of developing of pain and heat in any way.

Rules of use of Paracetamol

Парацетамол, применение парацетамола Medicine on the basis of Paracetamol should be taken after food, washing down with simple water, it is impossible to wash down Paracetamol with coffee and other kofeinosoderzhashchy drinks as it can strengthen negative influence on a liver.
Usually, if there is no special purpose of the doctor, Paracetamol is accepted in a single dose by no more than 0,5-1 g, to four times per day.
At treatment of children it is necessary to be especially attentive, and not to be engaged in independent purpose of doses at all, and strictly to follow doctor's instructions. Treatment should not exceed two or three days. reminds that children till 3 years are not recommended to accept Paracetamol at all.
Surely inform the doctor on the available chronic diseases and on the prima of any other medicines. In spite of the fact that Paracetamol has the minimum interaction with other preparations, after all it is necessary to exclude it at reception of some medicines, such, for example, as sodium valproata (Depakin, Konvuleks) or barbiturates.

Contraindications and side effects

Парацетамол Let's talk about safety of reception of Paracetamol, about its possible side effect on a human body.
The most known and frequent complication at reception of Paracetamol and preparations, it containing is a damage of a liver, it has toxic impact on a liver, and reception of high doses can lead to a lethal outcome. Paracetamol is the most frequent reason of an acute disease of a liver. It is always necessary to remember this complication and carefully to select a preparation dose to exclude possibility of overdose. If you have any problems with a liver (cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc.), it is necessary to exclude absolutely treatment by Paracetamol.
To people with bronchial asthma before applying a preparation, it is necessary to consult with the doctor as Paracetamol strengthens a bronchospasm at the patients having sensitivity to acetilsalicylic acid and other nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations.
It was experimentally established that at reception of high doses of Paracetamol, it is capable to influence endocrine system (oppresses function of a thyroid gland).
There are no proofs about influence of Paracetamol on kidneys, however the people having some violations in work of these bodies should consult with the doctor before application as action of a preparation can be unpredictable. The renal failure at excess of a dose of Paracetamol is observed approximately in 12% cases (more often in group of risk there are people taking alcohol).
It is considered that Paracetamol can be applied during pregnancy and the lactation, data on the possible damaging action on a fruit is not present. But nevertheless would not advise to forget that during such periods with extra care it is necessary to belong to reception of any medicines.
Парацетамол, применение парацетамола So, we found out that people with serious diseases of heart, liver, kidneys and airways need to be careful at treatment Paracetamol. But mainly complications at overdose by Paracetamol after all arise in work of a liver is a necrosis of a liver, is frequent with a lethal outcome.
Special attentiveness should be shown at selection of a necessary dose of a preparation. Complications can arise and at rather small dose in 5-6 g.

Paracetamol is a single preparation, it cannot be accepted regularly but only when there is in it an urgent need. If you got sick, you have a strong heat, pain, Paracetamol will suit you only as the temporary measure allowing to wait for appearance of the doctor. If you after all decided to be treated by Paracetamol independently, remember if from treatment there is no positive effect, it is a reason for the immediate appeal to medical institution.
We wish you health!
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