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PAMM-system from InstaForex — the convenient beginning of work in the currency market

Current world trends even more often become the testimony of quickly growing popularity of work in the market Forex, one of which key concepts is investment. In the widest and literal sense this concept means opportunity to make own free money for the only purpose — to receive benefit.

Thus, investments represent a certain tool where we place the money in order that to keep them and to increase. It is difficult to beginner to deal at once with all subtleties of the currency market, exactly for this purpose the company of Instaforeks and developed a special set of services which is united in the PAMM-system program. The PAMM-system represents process of confidential relationship between the investor, that is that who is ready to make the personal investments, and the trader who favourably operates these means. This product includes all services and services, necessary for successful work on Forex market. However the main and integral part of system is the PAMM-account which represents collective means of investment of money.

ПАММ-система от InstaForex

The company of Instaforeks also suggests new and already skilled participants of the market Forex to enter the program of PAMM-partnership which allows each client to get absolutely risk-free profit. It is rather simple to you to attract new investors in PAMM-system. The profit will arrive in this case to you from the trader who will be engaged in management of invested funds of the attracted investor.

Clients of the company of Instaforeks can independently make a choice — whether they will accept investments from other traders or will be engaged in investment into accounts of more skilled and successful bidders. Certainly, the trader who again came to the market of currencies for a start should examine more carefully the principle of work, to receive enough knowledge and experience without risk of serious losses. In that case as well as possible opening of the trading account in PAMM-system as the investor that will allow to invest the means in any of the accounts available in monitoring will approach. Thus, PAMM — is the special account, will operate which for you the professional trader, and you only need to list personal funds. You will be able to get stable profit, especially without loading yourself and besides special knowledge for this purpose to you it will not be required. The main thing — to elect the Managing director Treyder suitable you work with which completely would suit you.

ПАММ-система от InstaForex

To become PAMM-Investorom from the company of Instaforeks very simply, it is enough to execute only some simple steps which will not demand special efforts and will occupy the minimum quantity of time.

  1. For a start you need to register the real trading account in the company of Instaforeks. To make it quicker, it is enough to follow the specified link: To open the account.
  2. After opening of the trading account it is necessary to become authorized in a client office and to select item of the left menu of a client office "PAMM-system".
  3. After that you should choose necessary type of the PAMM-account, in this case it "PAMM-Investor".

    ПАММ-система от InstaForex
  4. Further you will see a form with a contact information which will be told to your operating traders for communication with you. The in more detail you fill form fields, the quicker and more well to you there will be all arriving new information. You can specify the Skype, Icq or Yahoo. Contact information is reliably protected and will be displayed only by that who really received investments from you.

After filling of the questionnaire for PAMM-system in a client office you become the full-fledged participant of this program. Now you can invest without restriction the means in other traders. Their list is displayed on the main site on the page of monitoring or in a client office in the section of monitoring PAMM-Treyderov.

ПАММ-система от InstaForex

By means of monitoring of accounts of the Operating Traders you will be able independently to pick up those accounts which in your opinion will be the most attractive to an investment of money. Moreover, monitoring will always allow to track dynamics of success of this or that Managing director Treyder throughout the certain set time period.

After activation of the My Investments button located on the right in the top line of the menu to you the complete list of all your current investments, and also history of already made and finished investment operations opens. Thus, it is possible to track and dynamics of the work too.

ПАММ-система от InstaForex

Each investor who takes part in PAMM-system, has access to the following opportunities:

  • access to monitoring of a set of accounts of the Operating Traders among which it is possible to choose to what accounts the investor is ready to invest means;
  • investment of means on account of any Managing director Treyder in any volume depending on degree of confidence in positive result of its trade;
  • diversifitsirovaniye of risks by means of investment into different accounts, and also use of the small sums;
  • repeated investment into the same accounts: there are no restrictions on number of investments;
  • the automatic return of funds from account PAMM-Treydera ordered through office PAMM-Investora;
  • the viewing of a condition of the trading account of the Managing director Treyder including information on the current profit;
  • obtaining full contact information of the Managing director Treyder for communication with it;
  • the viewing of statistics of the trading account of the Managing director Treyder including information on quantity and the volume of investment into this trading account, made by other investors;
  • guarantee of protection of means against removal by the Managing director Treyder: only that part of his own means in the PAMM-account which is not involved in transactions is available to the Managing director Treyder to removal.

For more detailed studying of all stages of investment, and also return of means, it is possible to carry out trial investment of the minimum sum of 1 dollar. It will visually show all chain of actions and will allow to be convinced in truth of the principles of calculation of the share and profit.

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