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In total about Palm OS

Earlier we considered two operating systems for mobile Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, there were two more Palm and Linux. Today I suggest to talk about Palm OS.
Всё о Palm OS Earlier we considered two operating systems for mobile Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, there were two more Palm and Linux.
Today I suggest to talk about Palm OS.
By tradition at first it is necessary to pay attention to history of development of the Palm OS operating system and to its versions.

History of development of Palm OS

История Palm началась с разработки ПО для Casio Origin of Palm OS began since 1992 when Donna Dubinski (Donna Dubinsky), Jeff Houkins (Jeff Hawkins) and Ad Kolligan (Ed Colligan) created the Palm Computing company. At that stage it was not planned to create a new operating system. Software development for the Zoomer structure of the Casio company was their main goal. In the course of creation of the software works on the program for recognition of the hand-written text of "Graffiti" (Graffiti) were conducted. But as financial results of sales of the device from Casio did not reach the expected level, on it the history Palm could come to the end. From bankruptcy the company was rescued by sale of that Graffiti program to widely known firm Apple, and also some other development in the Hewlett Packard company.
Allegedly during this period heads of firm had an idea about creation of the own portable device.
1995 – Palm Computing was bought by the U.S. Robotics company.
And in 1996 the first Pilot 1000 model was let out. As legends say before beginning development of Pilot, Houkins during few weeks carried in the pocket the wooden block of the size of future device. The then Pilot turned out the most successful, even in relation to similar devices from the Apple Computer and Go Corporation companies, in creation of the popular handheld computer.
Following 1997 Palm Computing automatically turned into an affiliated kompaniiya of firm 3Com which became the owner of U.S. Robotics. Thus, pervoosnovatel could not control further development of the development any more.
And in July, 1998 once founders of the Palm Computing company decided to separate, having created the separate company which received the name Handspring. After emergence of Handspring obtained the license for Palm OS and the company became the first licensee of Palm OS. The Handspring company began the activity with production of the Handspring Visor device — Palm clone. The device as a bonus had the slot of the Springboard expansion and a little modified software.
2000 – Palm Computing separated from 3Com, after Palm Computing was renamed into Palm Incorporated.
In 2003 there was a splitting the Palm Inc company. on two companies one of which was engaged in sale of devices on this OS — PalmOne, and the second actually developed Palm OS and ON — PalmSource. The little were followed later by accession of Handspring to PalmOne.
In 2005 the PalmSource company was acquired by the ACCESS company. But before this PalmSource sold all rights to use the name "Palm" of the PalmOne company which replaced at once the name with Palm.
Such is thorny history of development of Palm as companies. The history of development of the Palm OS operating system is not less thorny. Versions of an operating system, I will not be afraid this word, mad quantity, actually, if to look according to versions and devices – for each device the version. It is possible to tell that the Palm company has each device of handwork, handmade. Processors and frequency changed, the display resolution, colors and a color rendition, buttons and settings changed.
And under all these changes the system changed.
The truth the Palm operating system has one huge advantage before the Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems – Palm was the first. Yes, when Symbian for appeared, and the Windows company even did not think of writing an operating system for mobile devices (well can be and thought, but showed no sign), Palm already let out and sold the PDA.

Palm OS versions

Большая часть того, что сейчас есть на мобильных устройствах, впервые увидело свет на мобильных устройствах под управлением Palm OS With big degree of confidence it is possible to tell that the most part of that now is on mobile devices, for the first time was issued on mobile devices of Palm firm or under control of the Palm OS operating system. The well-known program of Graffiti, the touch screen, the rotary screen, turn of the screen from a horizontal in a vertical, etc. That costed at least by that fact that under control of the Palm OS operating system about 40 million (ponder upon this figure) the devices made by Palm Inc work. and other producers, including Handspring, Samsung, Lenovo, Aceeca, AlphaSmart, Fossil, Inc., Garmin, GSPDA, Kyocera, PiTech, Sony and Symbol.
Because of a large number of versions, subversions and additions I suggest to consider two last, as the most possible for use at present:
Palm OS version 4 – a 16-bit operating system with processors of the Motorola DragonBall 68000 series, single-task, a large number of hak, but any officially is not joined in by Palm. With the previous versions developers provided full compatibility. The system of protection which provides request of the password at turning on of the device, and also concealment of records in databases was built in. Drivers and API with support of connections under the protocols Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, and also 2.5G/3G of networks are built in. For the 4th version the maximum display resolution made 160х160, and 320х320 became result of completions of other companies. Not the best, but acceptable work with a sound and images. The built-in Web browser at that time was not, it was necessary to establish in addition.
Palm OS version 5 – already 32-bit operating system on the basis of ARM processors of various manufacturing companies (Motorola, Intel, Texas Instruments), a multizadachna. Old khaki and addona do not work with the new version, but it and the has enough. On the solution of questions, the concerning safety, many efforts left – the fifth version became more reliable in this plan. Were entered not only more effective systems of enciphering, but there was a differentiation of users on the level of access to various information. And also there were such innovations as authorization on a voice, fingerprints and even smart cards. To all other in the fifth Palm OS version work in 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless networks is supported. Also screens with the big resolution of 320х320 are supported, there were noticeable changes towards improvement of quality of graphics and a sound that considerably improved multimedia functions of devices on Palm OS. And also developers added to this Web browser version.
The 6th version of the Palm operating system is declared, but it was not used on one device yet.

Advantages and shortcomings of Palm OS

Treo 600 - самый удачный представитель на базе Palm OS If to speak about positive and negative lines of devices on the basis of the Palm operating system, It should be noted that from the very beginning in this system simplicity and maximum efficiency of the available resources was put. Positive sides were and are the maximum use of the screen, existence of hand-written input (Graffiti program), improbable operating time without recharge (of 30-40 o'clock on early models, till 6-12 on newer), compactness, extraordinary reliability (the people working know that "rest is the last resort"), excellent synchronization with the personal computer, the low price, a huge number of settings and the software. That costed only by that fact that still unpretentious PDA of Sony Clie of the SJ series is considered the best PDA for reading books (the truth not so that simply to buy it already today).
And the most popular and sold PDA working at Palm OS – Handspring Treo 600 – still helps to stay afloat to this operating system. In it were so successfully integrated the PDA function and phone that for the period of its creation (2003) and still – it the best in the class.
Minuses it is possible to call lack of full-fledged multitasking, insufficient "multimedia" and continuous latenesses with releases of versions.

Unfortunately, despite all the numerous advantages, the Palm operating system loses now to young more modern OS that cannot but afflict. In the PDA market actively move ahead, and that is important, promptly win popularity of the device with the Windows Mobile operating system. Producers of smartphones prefer to establish Symbian OS that will also strongly press Palm more and more. And if developers of this operating system do not take any revolutionary steps towards expansion of its opportunities, a PDA from the preset Palm OS will disappear. It will be very a pity when in a couple of years new users of a PDA at the word Palm speak "and what is it?" though once a PDA and Palm were practically words synonyms.

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