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How to arrange a pajama party

The tradition of pajama parties came to us from America, but already managed to get accustomed a little. And if to approach the organization of such evening with an invention – it is possible to have a rest perfectly (if you collect purely maiden company).

The pajama party is relevant to a hen night, carrying out Birthday, New year and other holidays. Though, however, its carrying out has to be not necessarily attached to any occasion. It is interesting to organize such evening just like that.


Guests can be informed on the planned event by means of original invitation which are better for dispatching by mail (such option looks more interesting and romantic). recommends to make invitation with own hand. At a stage of creation of invitations already there will be a special mood. And the guests invited thus by all means will feel a charge of positive power. But, if on hend-meyd the invitation is not enough time or desire, it is possible to use standard templates – to print out them and to fill business of several minutes. And it is possible to dispatch the invitation text on E-mail at all.


What here to speak – of course, a pajamas. But it is not obligatory that it was gray and sad. It is possible to add a luster and a glamour to the pizhamny dress. Also soft slippers hares, amusing headdresses (caps, tapes), coquettish zakolochka and rims, bathing dressing gowns, night dresses in baby-doll style, "undershirt shorts" sets will be pertinent. Hair curlers will also have by the way – not obligatory to be equipped with them seriously, it is possible to use simply on one or several pieces of hair curlers flypapers as a pertinent decor for a hairdress.

Registration of the room

Soft toys, balloons, Chupa Chups and other sweets will help to create the necessary atmosphere. Registration of the room requires a minimum of scenery. From jewelry it is possible to use the following:

  • jewelry in the form of stars and other figures shining in the dark (for example, from phosphorus);
  • pillows, blankets and sleeping bags which are spread out on the room;
  • the electric garlands which are hanged out on perimeter of the room or special patterns;
  • beautifully decorated candles;
  • bright disposable tableware and napkins;
  • small desk lamps with lamp shades of warm colors, sconce which can be placed in the most unexpected places;
  • ribbons, florets, canopies, color feathers, soap bubbles, confetti and serpentine.


Heavy, excessively fat dishes and hard liquor will hardly approach. Well easy salatik, not rich pastries, pizza, a canape, sandwiches, desserts, fruit fit into subject of a pajama party (for example, strawberry with cream). From drinks – champagne, martini with ice or olives, wine. Very pertinently milkshake, tea, coffee, warm milk or cocoa, ice cream look in the menu. If viewing of movies is supposed, not superfluous will be to stock up with popcorn (both sweet, and salty). Viands can be presented in the form of a buffet reception – each guest or the guest chooses to herself the pleasant delicacies and takes seat in the most convenient place. For more expressive effect dishes can appropriate original names: "The sleeping beauty", "Sleepiness", "Good night, kids".


The list of entertainments for a pajama party is great:

  1. The game "Revelations" - everyone tells that made the interesting or learned lately, shares some secrets.
  2. Fights by pillows – the integral attribute of a pajama party.
  3. Parade of pajamas – submission of the pizhamny orders and competitions of pajamas (definition of the most stylish, the most glamourous, the most frank, etc.).
  4. Subear art – a razrisovyvaniye of pillowcases felt-tip pens for drawing on fabric (by the way, "masterpieces" can be sorted as souvenirs).
  5. "Sleeping the beauty/handsome" – the participant pretends to be sleeping, and other participants have to in turn try to wake him, telling jokes, ridiculous stories, singing songs, etc.
  6. "Small bottle" (if only girls participate in a party, "the manikyurny small bottle" will approach – to whom will point, that color and to make up the nail specified in advance).
  7. Photoshoot – it is original to be photographed in pajamas not only, but also it is very interesting.
  8. Twister – this cheerful mobile game pertinently diversifies an evening sit-round gathering.
  9. Pantomime and various board games.
  10. Darts.
  11. Karaoke (or even competition on the best singer / singer).
  12. Game "Mafia".
  13. And other entertainments.

To all other, it is possible to organize viewing of favourite movies, transfers or animated films, to arrange beauty shop (having prepared, for example, face packs or having made hairdresses), to be let in dances under favourite music, to start fashion show (for example, having staged the contest "The Best Dress from a Sheet"). If it is purely female party and all participants are positive to needlework, pertinently to be accepted to tailoring of masks for a dream – such hend-meyd expediently to combine with pleasant talk under good music. On the Internet there is a mass of interesting master classes in creation of such amusing bagatelles. The masks created with own hand for a dream will become pleasant acquisition reminder about cheerfully spent time. It is possible to exchange the hand-made articles.

In advance to define that most of all to be pleasant to guests of future party, it is possible to carry out small quiz. For example, having dispatched questionnaires inquiries about possible entertainments. Then it will be simple to organize the interesting scenario which to be pleasant to all without exception to participants of a pajama party from the list of the offered games and entertainments.

Gifts for memory

The most interesting pictures taken during a party can be unpacked and issued in the form of an elegant album. Or to throw off on a disk to which to unpack cool covers (well developed with own hand). If is video – to mount the interesting video. Such mini-prezentiki will become a wonderful gift to each participant (participant) a pajamas-party.

And, generally, that it is unforgettable and joyful to spend time, it is necessary to stock up initially with excellent mood and to gather the company of rather close and interesting people.

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