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Treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis

Statistically every second inhabitant of our planet has osteochondrosis. And though do not die of this illness, it is followed by pains, sometimes strong which prevent to move and live in a habitual rhythm. How not to allow and how to be treated for osteochondrosis will tell
Statistically every second inhabitant of our planet has osteochondrosis. And though do not die of this illness, it is followed by pains, sometimes strong which prevent to move and live in a habitual rhythm. How not to allow and how to be treated for osteochondrosis will tell

What is osteochondrosis?

Osteochondrosis is a disease of a backbone, is more right than it, the copular device. In other words, a metabolic disorder in intervertebral cartilages. Most often this disease develops at a female half of mankind, and here proceeds at men more painfully.
It is known that load of a backbone of the person is minimum in a prone position. But at a modern rhythm of life lying we will see off less and less time. And here in inconvenient or inactive (for example, behind the computer) poses more and more. And it is bad, after all that without understanding, we harm to the backbone. We bethink most often when a back, neck pains already torment, during the raising of hands or turns of the head. It is also osteochondrosis. The intervertebral cartilages exhausted with constant loading become thinner, deformed and clamp nerves and vessels of a spine column, causing pain. And nervous and cartilaginous tissues are not restored and therefore, "having got" osteochondrosis, we should live with it all life. But not everything is so terrible. For who has no this disease so far, there is a number of preventive measures, the others have the whole arsenal of means for treatment of this illness.

How to distinguish osteochondrosis

Лечение и профилактика остеохондроза That it will be convinced of absence at you of osteochondrosis, rather negatively to answer some questions.
  • Whether you noticed periodical or constant weight in a back, a sleep or tension of back muscles?
  • Whether there are at you so-called "goosebumps" on skin of a neck, a back or a waist?
  • Whether there is "lumbago" in a back or a nagging pain in a neck or hands?
  • Try to raise hands up. Whether delivers it to you pain?
  • Whether disturb you pain at turns or a ducking?
  • Whether there are at you dizzinesses?
  • Whether the back, hands or a neck grows dumb at you?
  • Whether you suffer from noise in ears and/or nausea?
If you though answered one question positively, recommends to address to the doctor. To what? To the traumatologist, the neurologist or at least to the therapist. They will examine your backbone and in case of need will conduct more careful research (a X-ray, a tomography).

Reasons of emergence of osteochondrosis

Лечение и профилактика остеохондроза Very many factors can lead to emergence of this disease.
  1. Heredity. If your mother or the grandmother had an osteochondrosis, it does not mean that by all means you will have it. The structure of an intervertebral cartilage is simply often descended, and in that case there is a predisposition to an illness.
  2. Back diseases. It and curvature of a backbone (scoliosis, kifoz, lordoz), and weak broadest muscle of a back. All this does load of a backbone uneven, as results eventually in defects of cartilaginous tissue.
  3. Monotonous or hard work. Well, about hard physical work everything is clear: load of a backbone, admissible on force and duration, is exceeded – and there is an osteochondrosis. This disease is inevitable and for those who works in the same pose. Here, for example, the manager who is daily sitting in front of the computer or the cook who is constantly inclined over a chopping board. People of such here "motionless" professions have to pay attention to prevention of osteochondrosis surely.
  4. Injuries or metabolic disorder. Usual avitaminosis or gipovitaminoz can do irreparable harm to vertebral cartilages. Of course about serious injuries or a metabolic disorder.

Prevention of osteochondrosis

It is known that the illness is easier to warn, than to treat it. Prevention of osteochondrosis is necessary for all – both children, and adults. Especially, anything difficult in it is not present, and prevention of osteochondrosis does not demand any special efforts. The first and nearly the most important point is the care about health of a backbone. For this advises constantly to play sports or at least gymnastics that will help to develop a back muscular corset and to improve blood circulation. The following – constantly to watch a bearing and gait, not to stoop and not to stoop.
Для профилактики остеохондроза рекомендуется постоянно заниматься спортом или хотя бы гимнастикой
    The ideal bearing is when the head and a back are on one vertical, shoulders are straightened, shovels do not stick out, the breast is raised, and a stomach will pull in. My teacher of yoga told once that the stomach is swept up at us not because we eat much but because incorrectly we go. And how it is correct? Present that you are pulled for the top, and you hardly concern floor socks. Practice such exercise few weeks and will not notice soon that became the owner of an excellent bearing.
Still it is desirable to hang as often as possible on a horizontal bar, stretching a spine column and allowing it to have a rest. Ensure such dream at which your backbone will adopt the correct provision. Researches of scientists showed that an ideal pose for a backbone in a prone position on a back. But thus the mattress has to be rather rigid that the backbone accepted a convenient natural pose. For this purpose enclose the elastic roller under feet. We advise to get an orthopedic mattress and a pillow and to throw out, at last, grandmother's feather-beds.
    If you have a monotonous sedentary work, surely time at two o'clock (the more often, the better) do breaks. Relax, make a little rotating the movements by the head and shoulders, walk. At opportunity go out of doors. By the way, such here breaks are legalized, and in the LABOUR CODE are resolved for the people who are constantly working behind the computer.
We will refer to prevention also the balanced, vitaminized food. Try to eat fish and seafood, nuts, bean and various dairy products. Periodically accept complex vitamins. It you do not allow a metabolic disorder and will be insured from emergence of osteochondrosis. Pernicious loading for a backbone is also the excess weight therefore try not to recover.
Well, and a couple of words about prevention at children. It is necessary to watch a constant the child's bearing, to do gymnastics or morning exercises (will be more productive if you make it together). And still, give preference to school backpacks, but not bags, after all backpacks counterbalance load of a back.

Methods of treatment of osteochondrosis

To cure osteochondrosis it is almost unreal. Deformation of a cartilage – irreversible process. Therefore the purpose of treatment is stay of a course of disease and disposal of, to put it mildly, unpleasant symptoms. Methods of treatment there is a set. To what to trust – to solve to your attending physician as each case is individual.
Лечение и профилактика остеохондроза1. Drug treatment. So to speak classics. These are the anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory, antiedematous preparations. Use of various ointments which will help to clean a pain syndrome is possible. And also the whole list of drugs which will improve blood circulation, muscles will weaken and will promote restoration of cartilages. But such treatment should be repeated constantly as time of action of similar therapy is limited.
    Now advertize the whole arsenal of wonderful means which will cure diseases of joints and bones, will solve all your problems. It, unfortunately, only advertizing. From the experience I will tell – Terafleks and Dikul's Balm very much helped. The first – the tablets restoring cartilaginous tissue. The second – grass gel, really balm – perfectly kills pain and fatigue in a back. But besides selection of medicines especially individual business.
2. Physical therapy. We will carry an electrophoresis, treatment by means of magnets to this section, various therapeutic muds, ultrasound or current. The method suitable you will be chosen by your doctor, after all for some procedures there is a number of contraindications. Here, for example, massage is categorically contraindicated to people with any good-quality educations. Still popularly so-called extension which is carried out on special couches. Such procedure only to destination and under control of the doctor is carried out.
Лечение остеохондроза методами рефлексотерапии позаимствовано на Востоке и основано на воздействии на определенные активные точки человеческого тела3. Reflexotherapy. Such treatment is borrowed in the east and based on impact on certain active points of a human body. It both acupuncture, and special warming up, and injections. The traditional medicine often with a negative belongs to similar treatment. But results as speak, on the person – after a course of reflexotherapy pain and tension of muscles leaves, the blood-groove improves. All methods of this section not only kill pain and other inconveniences, but also revitalize all organism.
    I think, many have heard a lot about Kuznetsov's applicator. These are special "prickles" which should be put to a sick zone of a body. After a course of such therapy (which can be spent and at home) you do not recognize yourself. I would never believe if itself did not try. Having lain down only 5 minutes on "a prickly rug" (I put on neck area), felt inflow of blood to a brain, relaxation of muscles of a back. And in some days pain which even did not allow to sleep normally left. It is possible to buy such "miracle" in any drugstore and in many online stores. And the price is available to all (I took for 12 UAH).
Мануальная терапия при лечении остеохондроза очень напоминает массаж, так как мануальный терапевт проводит манипуляции с позвоночником, что называется, голыми руками4. Manual therapy. Too popular method of treatment and not only osteochondrosis. Very much reminds massage as the manual therapist carries out manipulations with a backbone that is called barehanded. Here only massage is a work with muscles, and manual therapy is carried out with vertebras and ligaments with the application of certain efforts. Very productive way of treatment. But! Only on condition of very high qualification and solid experience of the manual therapist. Therefore your most important task is serious approach to the expert's choice. Give preference to known clinics and therapists with numerous recommendations. Are not lazy, after all in the layman's hands manual therapy is worse than the weapon as the simply enormous can do harm.
5. Surgical intervention. Pleasant in such treatment it is not enough, after all any operation is a fear and risk. Usually surgery is carried out for the purpose of removal of hernia and elimination of deformation of vertebras. All this is result of the started illness. Therefore once again I will tell – do not ignore osteochondrosis, treat it! And the earlier treatment will begin, the probability of similar complications and operations is less.
одним из методов лечения остеохондроза является лечебная физкультура6. Physiotherapy exercises. If in the previous points types of treatment are selected individually, LFK is necessary for everyone. However, sets of exercises vary depending on a stage and localization of a disease. It is better to resemble for a start LFK in policlinic or the rehabilitation center, to remember all exercises and it is obligatory to do their houses daily.
There are also other methods of treatment of osteochondrosis. It both treatment by bloodsuckers and the national methods assuming a pulverizing on the basis of bee sting, ant alcohol or carrying a pepper plaster. But before such here treatment consult to the doctor, after all that rescued one, can not help or even to do much harm to another.

Certainly, it is necessary to watch since small years a bearing, to do exercises and to carry out prevention of osteochondrosis. But if you after all were not saved – do not despair, after all at the moment there is a mass of ways of treatment of this disease. And if to stock up with patience, it will be possible to suspend an illness. And what if to neglect everything? I do not advise. After all process of deformation of vertebras can lead to formation of intervertebral hernia, and it very much and very seriously.
Health to you!
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