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Symptoms and treatment of an orkhit

Health of men's reproductive system is defined, first of all, by a normal state and full functions of her genitals. And whether you know, what at children's age many factors can negatively affect ability of the boy to have posterity in the future? Orkhit – one of such diseases.

Pathology concerns health of small eggs. The multilevel structure and fabrics of body is covered by strong inflammatory process. The disease meets generally at boys from the infancy period to teenage age.

Reasons of development of pathology

There is a number of factors which influence doctors directly connect with emergence of an inflammation in a small egg cavity. So, the reason of an orkhit can become:

  1. The diseases caused by an infection. Orkhit it becomes frequent complication of flu, brucellosis, typhus, rheumatic polyarthritis, epidemic parotitis (mumps), pneumonia. Pathogenic microorganisms get into a small egg with a current of blood.
  2. The inflammation developing in bodies of urinogenital system. Pathological process in a small egg begins at an uretrita, a vezikulita, a prostate inflammation, an epididymite.
  3. Orkhit newborns arises after infection of a small egg with activators which caused an inflammation of umbilical vessels.
  4. At little boys and teenagers such pathology of a small egg almost always develops as a consequence of a mumps.
  5. Sometimes orkhit appears because of mechanical damage of a small egg: activators get to body from the outside as a result of long presence of a catheter at a bladder urethra.

On intensity of a current orkhit divide on sharp and chronic. The sharp form develops because of sharp inflammatory process, chronic – against a chronic disease.

Signs of an orkhit

The struck small egg can be defined at once – it is increased in sizes. Inflammatory process is followed by severe pain in a scrotum and sharp temperature increase of a body to 38 – 39 °C, a fever.

At the corresponding treatment of an orkhit for a disease it is possible to get rid within 1–2 weeks, however not at once the found illness sometimes is aggravated with the purulent and atrophic phenomena which considerably slow down recovery process.

If the inflammation purulent, is available all symptoms of intoxication of an organism: the reddened scrotum becomes hotter to the touch, the struck small egg hurts even more strongly, body temperature thus the very high. In rare instances there is a purulent degradation of all fabrics of body as scrotum skin densely adjoins to a small egg. The started pathology leads to dying off (atrophy) of a small egg.

And here in case of epidemic parotitis (mumps) of complication of an orkhit which can already develop for 3–10 day after an onset of the illness, develop with defeat of two small eggs and most often lead to a bilateral atrophy.

If the inflammation mentions a small egg appendage, speak about an orkhoepididimita. However doctors, as a rule, do not consider orkhit also an epididymite independent diseases as the epididymite can also become complicated the orkhity. All inflammatory processes in the field of a scrotum can be classified as an orkhoepididimita.

Depending on features of development and a current of an inflammation distinguish the sharp and chronic orkhit. Chronic orkhit appears generally against inefficient and long treatment of a sharp epididymite. Symptoms following: the small egg becomes more dense to the touch, natural process of formation of spermatozoa is broken. In certain cases the illness comes to an end with an atrophy of the struck body.

In most cases boys get sick orkhity because of parotitny infection when paramiksovirus strikes a small egg, getting with blood there. The sick body becomes more (by the sizes it can be compared to goose egg), the scrotum is very painful, fever begins. These symptoms are observed about 5-7 days. As a result of pain cease, temperature comes back to norm, and the struck small egg decreases to the former sizes. About 50% of cases of such orkhit come to an end with a small egg atrophy which is found in some months after the postponed illness.

Diagnostics of an orkhit

At establishment of the diagnosis the doctor at first studies the anamnesis of the patient on existence of infectious diseases which can be the cause of development of an orkhit.

Important value has also objective research during which the following indicators of pathology are established:

  • skin of a scrotum is in a tension;
  • the scrotum is not edematous as it happens at a sharp epididymite;
  • the sizes of an appendage of a small egg meet standard;
  • seed kanatik edematous in sizes, the semyavynosyashchy channel as it should be is also a little increased, infiltrate in it is not present.

At suspicion on development of abscess do a small egg puncture for receiving purulent infiltrate and carry out procedure of ultrasonic scanning which can indicate depression of fabric of body by liquid. If for any of several reasons differential diagnostics is at a loss, a situation resolve with the help of ultrasonography and a biopsy of the struck small egg.

Treatment of a disease

Орхит: симптомы и лечение

The quicker the reason of an orkhit will be eliminated, the treatment of the pathology will be more effective. Practically always at the heart of an orkhit the infection therefore its therapy is directed generally on decrease of the activity or destruction of harmful microorganisms is covered. Among the rich range of modern antibacterial drugs the preference is given to ftorkhinolina and macroleads. These groups of antibacterial preparations possess an extensive range of action therefore the bulk of pathogens is destroyed. Besides, these preparations allow to avoid an inflammation with formation of pus. To bring down high temperature and to weaken signs of local inflammatory reaction, to the patient appoint Diclofenac, Panoksen, Ketanov.

During an illness the bed rest is recommended, small eggs have to be raised (reach it by means of swimming trunks).

If development of a purulent inflammation did not manage to be avoided, get rid of an illness by means of a surgery.

Therapy of a parotitny orkhit

In principle the scheme of treatment of a parotitny orkhit practically does not differ from that which is followed for elimination of a classical type of a disease: the same observance of a bed rest, the raised position of sick body and reception of antibacterial preparations.

However in view of the fact that orkhit because of a mumps often it is transformed to an epididymite with impassability of additional channels that threatens with infertility, medicamentous therapy of this disease nevertheless has the features. For prevention of complications do to the patient Prednisolonum injections (40 mg/day) to weaken an inflammation and hypostases.

Because of harmful influence of complications of an orkhit on ability to have children in the future aged from 1 year of 3 months till 7 years the live parotitny vaccine is shown to all boys. It should be made if the child communicated with the person having a mumps.

Treatment of a chronic form of a disease

Fight against a chronic orkhit consists in long reception of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory preparations. The good result is yielded also by physical therapy and the applied locally thermal procedures. At a disease which hard gives in to correction, the doctor can make the decision on a surgery with unilateral removal of a small egg.

Treatment of a disease of folk remedies reminds: before using national recipes, it is necessary to learn that the attending physician thinks about it!

  • 100 g of the dried-up flowers of hop ordinary fill in 2 glasses of abrupt boiled water and draw drink within 30 min. Then filter and drink on 0,5 glasses 2–3 times a day. At desire drink can be sweetened 1 h. l. honey.
  • 100 g of the linen seed wrapped in a gauze sack need to be lowered in hot water for 10–15 minutes. After the expiration of the specified time the sack is taken out from water, wait when it cools down, and then put to the struck small egg.
  • In equal proportions mix cowberry leaves, elder flowers, camomile flowers, a grass of a St. John's Wort and a bud of a poplar. 5 tablespoons of collecting fill in 0,5 l of boiled water and insist in a thermos about 6 hours. Curative infusion needs to be drunk on 0,5 glasses a day for 2–3 weeks.

Prevention of a disease

Орхит, симптомы и лечение

The official medicine cannot still give unambiguous advice concerning prevention of an orkhit. However here that mother of each boy has to know:

  • all inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system of the child it is necessary to treat in due time, using for this purpose all medicamentous means and procedures appointed by the doctor;
  • to watch health of the son during treatment of flu, a mumps, pneumonia, scarlet fever;
  • immediately to address to hospital at strong bruises of a scrotum, at injuries of area of a crotch and a basin.
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