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Popular expansions for Opera finishes a cycle of articles about expansions for the most popular browsers. Now Opera time came. Statistically, Opera closes the three of leaders among browsers in Russia. Use it to 15% of users of the Runet.

Advertizing blocking

Advertizing blocking

By already developed tradition we begin our "charts" with the advertizing blocker. Guess, what expansion is the most popular? You guessed is unforgettable Adblock Plus! To establish it, it is necessary to follow this link: and to press addons the Add to Opera button. In the appeared window it is necessary to press "to Establish".

Let's remind that Adblock automatically blocks:

  • banners;
  • video advertizing in YouTube;
  • advertizing on social networks;
  • the pop-apy (the emerging advertizing).

Developers of this expansion decided to support the initiative under the name Acceptable Ads. If to translate into Russian, it sounds as "The acceptable advertizing". An essence that Adblock Plus and to it similar expansions do not block unostentatious advertizing on the sites. Thus, developers hope to push webmasters to placement of less aggressive advertizing.

Let's believe and hope that owners of the sites will listen to opinion of the public and will cease to place the shouting and sometimes indecent banners and advertizing blocks.


Night Mode – interesting expansion for fans "to serfit" the Internet at night. It is known that the dark text on a light background is better read in the afternoon. And at night on the contrary – the light text against a dark background. By the way, some webmasters consider it at creation of the sites. If their target audience – "owls", and the site is dark.

By such principle Night Mode also works. It inverts colors of the sites – backgrounds become black, and words – white, gray and so on. After installation on the top panel there will be a button of this appendix. Press it, and "the night mode" will join. To return a normal look, simply refresh the page.

Nevertheless, you should not sit at the computer screen at night. It is necessary to sleep at night.

Speed Dial for YouTube – adds YouTube widget on the Opera express panel. Depending on settings, shows a slideshow from the most popular or last videos or video from your subscriptions. It is possible to adjust also duration of display of one slide and effect of change. Something reminds similar widgets for smartphones.

Similar functionality at VKontakte for the Express panel. This addition allows to learn about new messages, new demands in friends and new photos with you. Now it is not necessary to visit the website and constantly to update it.

Google Calendar – displays your list of affairs on the express panel today. Quite convenient expansion as it is constant before eyes of "to-do list", you will forget nothing.

Expansions for work

Documents – allows to look through various documents directly in the browser, without the need for their downloading and installation of special programs. Supports the following types of files:

  1. PDF.
  2. Documents MS Word (DOC and DOCX).
  3. Tables Excel (XLS and XLSX).
  4. Presentations of PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX).
  5. Documents Open Office.
  6. PSD, SVG, TIFF and great number of others, including even files of fonts.

Thus, need for such programs as Adobe Reader, PDF Reader and to them similar almost completely disappears. To see the document downloaded on the computer, simply open it in Opera.

Advantages before programs:

  1. Weighs several times less and does not take a place on the hard drive.
  2. Works at any device and at any operating system where Opera is only started.
  3. Only the plug-in for the browser works much quicker, as it.
  4. Practically does not create load of the processor.

Groups – in fact, simple expansion for bookmarks, but much more convenient. Allows to do not simply a laying of the sites, but also to unite them in groups. At many users of a bookmark are literally hammered with tens and hundreds of the sites. As a result the page added "then to look", appears somewhere in a subsoil of the huge list.

The same addition for Opera suggests to make some groups in the small accurate panel. As a result – convenient and fast access to the necessary sites.

RandPass – generates casual passwords. It is enough to specify the necessary quantity of symbols only. For generation English letters (lower case and capital), figures, and also various symbols are used (underlining, a dash, brackets, etc.).

Social networks

Vkontakte Download – universal expansion for VKontakte. Besides downloading of music and video, possesses the following opportunities:

  1. Deletes similar audio recordings from search (the special button "Remove the Identical").
  2. Deletes from search of a song with low bitrate, that is in bad quality (Remove the Bad button).
  3. Downloads audio and video with normal names.
  4. Downloads all audio recordings from the page (Download Everything button). helper – downloads audio, a photo, video and other files of about tens sites. Among them:

  • VKontakte;
  • schoolmates;
  • youTube;
  • rapidShare;
  • vimeo;
  • and even more than 40 sites.


As well as with Firefox, for Opera not really there are a lot of games, but a little nevertheless it is possible to allocate.

Where Is My Water – the browser version of a popular puzzle "Krokodilchik Svompi".

Plants vs Zombies, Doodle Jump, Tetris – I think, these games do not need representation.

Unfortunately, it not full additions for the browser, and simple references and bookmarks to the game sites. But, as they say, when it's no fish even the cancer can be one.

If some expansions do not work or give out simply white screen, business, it is probable in Adblock Plus. The last can simply overdo and block additions. To be convinced, for a while disconnect Adblock and restart expansion necessary to you. If it earned, wine on the advertizing lock. If is not present, then matter in the addition.

In the first case simply add filters in the Adblock settings. Try to thumb through forums, for certain someone already faced similar problems. In the second – update Opera or try to establish older application version.

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