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How to open champagne

Celebration in the heat, the man with a smile opens a bottle with champagne … sharp cotton, and your new dress is filled in with sweet drink. Familiarly? Such happens very often because many do not know how it is correct to open champagne.

Champagnes can call the sparkling drink prepared in the special way from certain grades of grapes. Drink received such name from the small French city of Champagne. In the third century began to grow up different grades of grapes there. Then wine was put on fermentation in barrels, and it could wander several times in a row. There were cases when the barrel was broken off, and because of it wine began to call "drink of a devil".

The monk Perinyon invented a special grade of sparkling wine which was done of red grades of grapes. He devoted many years to studying and cultivation of different grades of grapes, and also experiments. He managed to receive white wine from red grapes. In addition, Perinyon himself tasted wine and by only one color and aroma could determine, what quality there was a drink. It is also possible to carry to achievements of the famous fan of wines the invention of a special stopper which was cut out from a pith tree. Thanks to this invention, the stopper strongly kept on a bottle and when bulked up, covered densely a bottle, without allowing to get air. Also on its account and one more secret which did not reach up to now: clarification of sparkling wine without transfusion.

About advantage of drink

Scientists not thoroughly studied as far as there can be harmful or useful to an organism a sparkling drink. Despite low degree, champagne it is considered alcoholic drink therefore to use it much and without measure it is undesirable. Also you should not take drink for aerated water because "carbon dioxide bubbles" help to be soaked up quicker in blood to alcohol. Champagne is considered not high-calorie drink.

Of course, ridiculously to argue on advantage of alcoholic drink even if also weak, but nevertheless in champagne there are enough useful substances. Scientists confirm that it contains antioxidants which promote pressure decrease and development of heart troubles. In addition, polyphenols which contain in berries of ripe grapes, help to improve blood circulation.

Surprisingly, but champagne helps stimulation of respiratory bodies, has beneficial influence on work of a stomach and intestines but provided that the person drank only one-two glasses in day. And if your financial position allows, taking a bath with champagne, it is possible to achieve an excellent condition of skin. Wish to try? Mirsovetov recommends to begin with washing with this wonderful drink.

About harm

Champagne is not recommended to be drunk on a hungry stomach as because of acidity increase, the irritation of a gullet can develop.

There is a number of opinions why it is not recommended to use sparkling wine:

  • because of saturated alcohol can cause irritation mucous a digestive tract;
  • negatively influences a liver;
  • pregnant women as drink can influence development of a fruit cannot drink;
  • is deadly to children;
  • can lead to a spasm of respiratory bodies.

How to open champagne

There is a number of rules according to which it is necessary to open correctly a bottle with drink. recommends to observe these simple recommendations:

  1. In order that drink pleased with taste, aroma, and at a glass there were vials of air, it is necessary to open champagne with characteristic "cotton" It will reduce amount of the leaving gases.
  2. The stopper needs to be detained and held with a palm until it spontaneously opens.
  3. It is desirable to open a bottle in a bucket with ice, carefully rotating a bottle on the parties so that the stopper "left" quicker.
  4. Bottle it is necessary to hold at an angle 45 degrees.
  5. When opening quiet cotton will be audible and there will be small "smoke".

Before opening champagne, the bottle needs to be cooled to 9 degrees. It is necessary to consider that wine cannot be cooled in the fast way, that is, it is impossible to place it in the freezer in ten minutes prior to opening, wine can lose the qualities.

It is undesirable to place a bottle and during snow, it is better to ship it in a bucket with ice.

According to the sommelier, the bottle when pouring drink needs to be kept under a certain corner – 45 degrees, but it is necessary to do it so that wine glasses were filled vertically, and a bottle it is undesirable to concern walls of glasses.

By the way, the glass has to be special: smooth, transparent, and its form to remind a tulip.

And women will be able to master this way of opening even. To open champagne, it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  1. To cool drink. It is much simpler to uncork the cooled bottle, than warm therefore one couple of hours prior to the forthcoming celebration champagne is placed in a bucket with chipped ice or send to the refrigerator. Such preliminary cooling will reduce amount of gases. Remember! It is undesirable to overcool drink, and especially, to freeze!
  2. Let's prepare a bottle. After stay in a bucket with ice the bottle becomes wet. It needs to be "wrapped up" with a napkin so that to close and a label. To shake and vigorously it is impossible to twist a bottle in hands, differently when opening the stopper "will strongly shoot". Though it is pleasant to much, but it is considered that if champagne "shot", so it opened incorrectly.
  3. We open champagne. At first the foil is removed from a neck, then the wire is turned off. The bottle needs to be held strong in hand at an angle in 40 degrees, slightly to rest an edge to a table, and a bottom on itself. It is necessary to watch that the neck did not "look" at guests, and also it was not directed on valuable home decoration. The stopper accurately nestles fingers, and it is necessary to rotate directly bottle! During this period fingers will feel how the stopper aspires up therefore it needs to be held and released slowly.

This method is universal for any type of bottles irrespective of the fact which the stopper corked champagne: pith or from plastic.

It appears, in old times gallant hussars opened champagne a saber. Fortunately, presently this method is not applied, and here in the old manner, many men still open a bottle an ordinary tablespoon.

How to choose qualitative drink

Look at a bottle, everything is pleasant to you? As a rule, color of a bottle has slightly greenish or yellowish shade therefore it is possible to make out transparency of drink easily. It has to be transparent and have a beautiful shade.

We taste: sparkling wine has to have a fine bouquet of flower aromas, berries and fruit, vanilla, honey and other spices. Completeness says that before you qualitative drink.

Nuances at a choice:

  • qualitative drink is corked by a pith cap;
  • the neck has to be wrapped up by a transparent golden film to see under it a natural stopper;
  • fortress of wine has to make not below than 10 degrees. It will testify to a drink maturity;
  • the price of champagne has to exceed the drink price with the low content of alcohol.

Read attentively a label, on it the manufacturing country, drink fortress, the content of sugar and even a grade of grapes has to be specified. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to a mark about an expiration date and year of endurance.

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