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Onions masks for hair

In a pursuit of beauty we sometimes do not notice that simple and available, and, above all, inexpensive means on care of skin and hair, are nearby. It is not necessary to spend time and funds for expensive saloon procedures, it is enough to do simple masks for hair in house conditions. The excellent result will turn out after application of an onions mask for hair.

Usual onions are a source of minerals and vitamins necessary for our organism. And we know about its bactericidal properties long ago. In ancient times to stop a hair loss, people rubbed onions juice in head skin. After several applications the first results were noticeable. Also onions well cope with usual cold and even help to get rid of dandruff. Except vitamin C, onions contain a large amount of zinc and silicon which strengthen hair bulbs and stop emergence of gray-haired hairs. The only lack of use of onions – an unpleasant smell, but it is possible to get rid of it easily. The main thing – desire and is a little diligence. Mirsovetov suggests to try onions masks for treatment of hair.

About advantage of onions masks for hair

Use of onions juice or broth of a peel will help to get rid of such unpleasant moments as a hair loss and emergence of dandruff. And in combination with certain components, juice of onions will help to accelerate growth of hair. It is worth understanding that excessive loss of hairs can be caused by the different reasons and what even very effective folk remedy is not able to cope with this problem. And here in such standard situation when the girl without feeling sorry for the ringlets easily change a hair color 2, and even 3 times a month, dry hair the hair dryer and put means for laying, onions masks for hair will just be by the way. They will bring much more benefit, than saloon procedures.

How it is correct to make a mask?

We know that if to remove a peel from a bulb and to break a thin film, it will start allocating substances, as a result there is a plentiful dacryagogue. For an onions mask we need juice 1 large or 2-3 small bulbs. It can be received in the different ways: it is simple to rub on a small grater or to use the juice extractor. Of course, most we accept the second option. Therefore, solve, in what way it is better "to extract" onions juice. Anyway, after onions will be passed through any crushing means (it is possible to use even the ordinary meat grinder), it needs to be filtered through the gauze put in some layers. Fibers will not be necessary for us.

To make a mask, prepare pair of rubber gloves and a syringe. It will be more convenient to them to inject onions on head skin, and then to rub it fingers. If to work without gloves, onions will be absorbed in skin, and why to us the hands smelling as onions? Besides, except a smell, onions will pinch from time to time gentle skin. Therefore it is just necessary to arm with rubber gloves.

And still, suggests readers to make the portion of juice for the future. Take at once 5-6 large onions and pass via the juice extractor, then filter liquid through a gauze, pour in glass capacity and put in the refrigerator.

Recipes of masks for treatment of hair

To see result, it is necessary to receive medical treatment. The number of procedures will depend on a condition of hair. If it is necessary to support them in a normal state, there is enough 1 procedure a week. And if there is a wish to accelerate growth of hair or to stop baldness, then it is necessary to do time masks 2 or 3 in a week within a month.

Let's consider classical option of an onions mask:

  1. Juice of 1-2 bulbs.
  2. Add 1 h. l. honey.
  3. Mix.
  4. Put on gloves and gather in a syringe (without needle) the onions juice filtered through a gauze.
  5. Inject gradually on head skin and then carefully rub in roots.
  6. Now it is necessary to put on a hat for a shower or to wrap up hair a film, and then to wrap up with a towel.
  7. Time of influence of such mask – 40 minutes.
  8. When time ends, it is necessary to wash away a mask.

It is possible to arrive differently and at once to mix both components in the blender, and then to pass contents through a gauze. In that case, you should not kindle the thickened honey on a water bath.

Mask for strengthening of hair and acceleration of growth

Prepare such ingredients:

  • juice of 1-2 bulbs;
  • house mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon;
  • olive oil – 1 tablespoon (it is possible to replace with any vegetable);
  • liquid honey – 1 tablespoon.

The prepared mix is rubbed in roots, wrapped up at first with a film, then a towel. Time of influence of such mask – not less than 1 hour.

The restoring masks for the injured hair

Recipe No. 1.

The main component in this mask – stalks of green onions. It is necessary to crush them in the blender, to apply gruel on roots, properly to rub in skin, to leave for 60 minutes. It is necessary to wash away such mask only warm water, and it is desirable to dissolve shampoo half with water.

Recipe No. 2.

Only 3 components: onions, castor oil and honey are capable to recover and restore dry hair. You will need to mix juice of 1 bulb, 1 tablespoon of oil and the same amount of honey. Apply mix only on roots, wrap up with polyethylene and leave for 40 minutes. The mask is washed away by usual shampoo.

Recipe No. 3.

Treatment of hair broth of an onions peel – the popular national recipe which still our great-grandmothers used. You will need to collect a peel from onions (1-2 kg), to fill in it with a small amount of boiled water that it became wet, and then to put capacity with a peel on a water bath. From the moment of boiling has to pass no more than 15 minutes. Remove contents, filter broth in convenient capacity and wait when it a little cools down. Such broth can be rubbed simply in head skin, to mix with other components for treatment of hair or to rinse ringlets. If you decided to rinse hair, such way will not be suitable for fair-haired girls as onions broth can paint hair in a dark shade. For owners of chestnut hair such method is just acceptable – your ringlets will be strong and brilliant.

Masks against a hair loss

Recipe No. 1.

Onions juice, cognac, oil and kefir – an interesting combination. After several applications your ringlets will become stronger and will cease to drop out. Use only qualitative products. For example, kefir can be made independently. Mix 2 tablespoons of onions juice with 1 tablespoon of honey, the same amount of kefir and olive oil. Apply mix on hair for 1 hour.

Recipe No. 2.

And it is desirable to apply this mask, alternating to other a hair loss medicines, for example, with mustard or a mask from red pepper. It is required to you: burdock oil (1 tablespoons, it is possible to replace with any vegetable oil), onions juice (2 tablespoons), yeast (1 h. l. yeast mixes up from 2 tablespoons of water, 10 minutes are drawn). The mask is rubbed in roots. Time of influence makes at least 1 hour. For efficiency it is better to wrap up hair with polyethylene and a towel.

Recipe No. 3.

Also such mask against a hair loss is very effective: onions combination to garlic. It is impossible to call its aroma fragrant, but the advantage will be visible after the first application – hair will cease to drop out. You will need to mix 2 tablespoons of onions juice with the same amount of garlick gruel, to add 1 tablespoon of oil (better to use burdock), cognac and 1 yolk. All components need to be mixed and rubbed carefully in head skin. Hold time of an onions and garlick mask – 30 minutes. If you wish, time can be increased, from it to hair will become worse not.

How to get rid of an onions smell?

Most of girls refuse effective masks with addition of onions only because after application of such mask it is very difficult to get rid of a characteristic smell. In this case there are subtleties with which with pleasure will share.

It is possible to get rid of an onions smell so:

  1. Lemon juice neutralizes a heavy smell.
  2. The pulp of banana will clean strong aroma.
  3. Essential oil neutralizes a smell. It is possible to add to a mask on 5-7 droplets.
  4. If nevertheless aroma of onions is present, rinse ringlets with apple cider vinegar (proportions 1:1).
  5. It is possible to take freshly squeezed juice of a citrus: 2 tablespoons on 1 l of water.
  6. Remember that the more carefully you will filter onions juice, the less smell will remain because contains in parts of onions most of all radio components. Also do not forget that not each mask can be distributed on all length of hair!
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