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Rest with the child

Readers of often ask, whether it is possible to take the child with itself in travel at the sea or to tropical countries, what rules thus need to be followed and the main thing, from what age to do it?

Let's consider features of rest with the child in this article.

From what age it is possible to take the child with itself in travel?

Psychologists and doctors recommend to take with themselves the child on rest in other climatic region, since three years. To this age the child has an immunity against a number of diseases, besides he already rather well understands requirements of adults, such how not to shout, sit quietly, to listen to the book, quietly to play, sitting in the plane or in the train.

As a last resort, it is possible to reduce this age (depending on features of the specific child) till two years.

I had to see on vacation (in Anapa, in Gelendzhik and it is especially frequent in Turkey) the parents having a rest with absolutely tiny, 6-8 monthly babies. At restaurants of the Turkish hotels especially for feeding of such children children's stools which practically were never empty are established.

In my opinion, such sharp change of habitual living conditions is not useful for such remains. More likely, it is parents very much wanted to get to the resort.

Where it is possible to go with the child and where it is better without it

So, the child is more than three years old and the family considers where to spend holidays. If to the child from 3 to 8 years, the sightseeing is not interesting to him yet. It is better to choose the beach directions: Turkey, Greece, Crimea, Anapa. Very much children like visit of aquaparks and amusement parks together with parents, sea walks on the yacht, bathing with dolphins.

In Turkey there are hotels with children's animation where it is possible to leave the child to have a good time, and to go on shops or it is simple to sit quietly in the bar without it. Certainly, for babies about one year, kids only learned to go and the children who are afraid to come off a mother's skirt, this option does not approach.

If the child has problems with health, it is possible to choose a trip to sanatorium or a balneary.

Do not forget the first-aid kit

Going on the vacation with the child, it is necessary to remember that the child during travel can catch cold, an allergy, diarrhea, to get scratches and grazes. Therefore near at hand there has to be a first-aid kit in which there have to be febrifugal preparations (paracetamol, panadol, a nurofen), the drugs blocking development of an allergy which can arise on unfamiliar products or plants – suprastin, klaritin, diarrhea medicines – absorbent carbon, enterosgel.

It is also necessary to take iodine and bandage, and also tablets from an ukachivaniye.

All this can be bought, of course, if necessary and on the vacation spot, but the illness can find your child suddenly (for example, in the train), medicines abroad can be called in a different way, not be on sale without recipe of the doctor and be much more expensive.

Therefore it is better to see to it about the first-aid kit to a trip.

Features of food on the way

On the way some children eat without stopping, and some, on the contrary, refuse food. To force it is not necessary to eat violently. It is possible to take fruit, cookies, sandwiches, the cut vegetables in the road. It is desirable to take more water (waters, but not sweet compotes from which getting even more thirsty). It is not recommended to gather many products to the road as they can deteriorate.

It is important to take to the road as it is possible napkins, both dry, and damp as the child has property constantly to be soiled both during food, and without it.

Than to occupy the child?

During travel in the plane, the train, the bus it is difficult for child to remain sitting long in the closed space. Here nearby and to whims: "Mother give …, I do not want … when already we arrive?". That the aching child did not spoil mood neither to you, nor to other passengers, it is necessary to think of its leisure in advance.

It is possible to take with itself and to read the favourite book of the child, some small machines or other small toys, and to give out him them gradually. Small children love finger-type games, it is possible to put on a sock on a hand and to speak with them on behalf of the fairy tale character.

With the child is more senior it is possible to play "words" and "the cities", in "the edible - not edible", it is possible to draw in a notebook, and to start up the covered with drawings leaves on production of samoletik, zhuravlik, ships.

As travel influences the child

Travel broaden horizons of the child and give it new impressions. The child sees unfamiliar places and subjects, learns to adapt for an unfamiliar situation. It everything - undoubted plus.

If the child too small, rest with the child can have certain difficulties: he cannot fall asleep in an unfamiliar situation, not at once adapts in unfamiliar climatic conditions, badly perceives unusual food.

To go to rest with the child or without it – the issue resolved individually by each parent. Important, as well as any business, at the solution of this question to rely on common sense and sense of proportion.

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