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Training of elderly people in work on the computer

Still quite recently you were full of strength also energy, directed people and there were in the thick of things lives: reckoned with your opinion, your society looked for. And now you on pension, and everything instantly changed: phone is silent, working everyday life passes by you, children have the life …

Still quite recently you were full of strength also energy, directed people and there were in the thick of things lives: reckoned with your opinion, your society looked for. And now you on pension, and everything instantly changed: phone is silent, working everyday life passes by you, children have the life …

If to you for …, it not a reason for despondency

How to get used to what you became necessary to nobody and it is not interesting?, - readers of ask, - and your rich life experience is necessary to nobody?. But now, there is time for receiving new knowledge, namely - came to study time the computer. Elderly people and the computer is not always successfully developed alliance, and it is caused by fear of elderly people to make something not and their low self-assessment – a pier, where to me … It is a position quite misleading.

First, in the world there is no person to whom not on forces would be to seize elements of computer literacy. And if others could – you than worse?

Secondly, the computer will not allow you to miss: by means of the computer it is possible to watch movies and to listen to music, to find new friends for communication at forums, to learn any culinary recipe or it is simple to play games!

E-mail and Skype – a key to communication without borders

There is a special wish to tell about use of e-mail and Skype. If you have relatives in other cities or abroad, cheaper and fast communication cannot simply think up. By means of the program Skype, it is possible not only to talk, but also to see on the screen of the computer of those who lives for thousands of kilometers from you, and to see not only one person, but also all family at once, a situation of the room and everything that will want to show you. Unless such wonderful opportunity does not cost to undertake training in work on the computer?!

Information source - courses, the book, the help of relatives

With what to begin studying? In each city (especially in large) there is a mass of computer courses. It is possible to resort to their help, thereby, having solved also a problem of communication and an exit "in people", acquaintances to adherents.

If there are no courses or not spare cash, it is possible to begin training in work on the computer by means of books. It is possible to find a grant for beginners in each bookstore, something it seems "The computer from scratch" or "The self-instruction manual for teapots". Look through books and choose that in which process of development of the computer is described more clearly for you.

It is possible to call to the aid the native – children, grandsons, nephews if only they were able to use the computer and were ready to train patiently and slowly you. Quite so my mother studied the computer: that it was more clear to it as well as what to do, I wrote for it the step-by-step instruction with pictures. And business took a turn for the better in spite of the fact that mother was 70 years old.

The first steps – taming of a mouse and studying of labels of a desktop

On the example of my mother I can tell that elderly people very much are afraid to make something not and to break the computer. At the beginning difficulties are caused by the treatment of a mouse: the left and right buttons are confused, the necessary label does not open, and is only moved on a desktop. At this stage it is not necessary to despair, and systematically and persistently to continue to subdue a mouse. And to remember that labels of a desktop are necessary to start the necessary program or to open the document, but not to confuse you and to confuse.

Persistence and desire – a key to success

If something turns out not at once – do not despair, try again and again. Ability to use the computer of that costs. Besides, it is very important to find self-confidence and moral satisfaction of that such important issue appeared to you on a shoulder. After a while you will understand, what important and interesting cultural layer you were deprived. It is much more interesting, than on a shop to listen to gossips of neigbours!

Where and that it is possible to find in the Internet

I can safely tell: it is possible to find all in the Internet! Any song, any performer, favourite series without advertizing, the law on pensions and any other if necessary, books, culinary recipes and everything that only the soul will wish!

For this purpose in a search line of any site (, it is necessary to write the name of a required subject. And if to write with a mistake, the clever line everything will understand also itself an error will correct!

And still – it is possible to be registered and communicate on social networks. For example, the site "Schoolmates" to many people helped to find friends of youth and to communicate with them: to exchange photos, to call each other directly through the site.

Creation of an electronic mailbox

For communication by e-mail it is necessary to create an electronic mailbox and to know an e-mail address of the one to whom the letter goes. Unlike the usual postal address, it is not necessary to specify the country, the postal index, the city, the village, the street, house numbers and apartments, a surname and a name of the correspondent in an e-mail address. The structure of an e-mail address differs from structure of the usual postal address. The e-mail address consists of two parts divided by a symbol @. Advantages of e-mail before the usual it is obvious: it is almost instant delivery of the letter, impossibility of its loss.

To create an e-mail address on any site (,, it is necessary to select the Get a Box item and further to follow helps on the screen, filling in the demanded information in fields.

Except personal correspondence, by means of e-mail it is possible to address to service of technical support of any site, to write the letter to Presidential Administration or the governor, to any service or mass media's editorial office.

So, by means of the computer your life will find interest and sense. At a known share of persistence and patience the alliance of elderly people and the computer will be successful and durable.

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