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Use of oil Beat for hair

The secret of strong and healthy hair is solved. Only some drops of natural essential oil Beat at regular use are capable to strengthen the thinnest and weakened hair, to prevent their loss and to accelerate growth. Know about useful properties of this means not only fans, but also producers of cosmetic production of the whole world.

The characteristic Churn butter

When in a human body there are no vitamins and minerals, and the sleep debt and stresses is available, first of all hair which start dropping out and breaking even more intensively suffer. The solution of this unpleasant problem is the means made on special technology of leaves of a laurel tree. Churn butter – a preparation No. 1 for those who dreams of a long braid.

Leaves of an evergreen tree widespread in America, Africa and India, started using in cosmetology and medicine much later, than fruits which with success are applied in kitchen of overseas culinary specialists as seasoning. Having beheld curative properties in leaves, they started being brought together and by steam distillation to extract oil of a yellowish-brown shade with pleasant aroma of laurels.

Thanks to the special components containing in oil, the structure of hair gradually becomes smooth, hair assume healthy appearance and a luster.

The evident indicator of a qualitative preparation is a percentage in it of an evgenol which norm has to be ranging from 55 to 60%.

Aroma of oil Beat has slightly bitterish and some tones – from sweet to smoky and imperceptible.

The first result of use of oil is visible after 7 days of application. Thanks to the unique properties means accelerates a metabolism of tissues of head skin and stimulates growth of a hair bulb.

Will help to consult with the first manifestations of cold also Churn butter. If to inhale curative fumes of air it is possible to facilitate considerably a state at a fever, weakness and inflammatory processes of respiratory organs. Having added a drop of oil Hit into cream at treatment of herpes, it is possible to get rid much quicker and of this illness.

Curative properties of preparations were appreciated by athletes, after all at any bruises, joint pains and stretchings ambulance is Churn butter.

Medical impact on an emotional background

The harmonious and warming aroma of essential oil Beat helps to concentrate on adoption of important decisions and in overcoming of some vital difficulties. At the psychological level this preparation is oil with the strong toning effect, the natural calming and weakening means. The tart smell of air helps to remove stress in a body, to eliminate a condition of depression and despondency. Inhaling aroma on the eve of responsible events, it is possible to prepare and concentrate the emotions, to be gathered firmness and determination.

Structure and useful properties

In the structure Churn essential oil which we got used to see on counters of drugstores, contains: mirtsen (33%), evgenol, oxygen-containing connections of a tsineol, tsitralya, okten-3-ol.

The main advantage of a preparation is its salutary impact on hair, however on it the list of useful qualities of essential oil Beat does not come to an end:

  • normalizes arterial pressure;
  • stimulates development of blood little bodies and it is effective at anemia;
  • at regular use relieves of catarrhal infections;
  • stabilizes work of digestive system;
  • anesthetizes at rheumatism, joint pains and stretchings;
  • eliminates irritation on skin after stings of insects;
  • reduces an intensive hair loss;
  • strengthens hair follicles;
  • eliminates and prevents emergence of dandruff and other fungal diseases;
  • very few people are known, but Churn butter add to dry henna when coloring hair. Thanks to it hair receive bright color and do not dry up, as at usual painting by henna.

Indications and contraindications of oil Beat for hair

Indications to use of essential oil Beat:

  1. The slowed-down growth of hair. Oil regulates fabric a metabolism, stimulating to growth hair follicles.
  2. Dry and brittle hair with split ends.
  3. Fungal diseases of integuments of the head. Thanks to the high maintenance of an evgenol, Churn butter is the strong anti-septic tank killing bacteria.
  4. Joint pains.
  5. Stress and nervous tension.

Contraindications to use of essential oil Beat:

  1. By the principle of action Churn butter is aggressive means as has burning effect therefore it is not recommended to be applied at pregnancy.
  2. The preparation is contraindicated and at rather sensitive skin. To define, whether oil suits you, pound one drop on a hand. If in 15 minutes reddening, an itch or puffiness is not shown, so essential oil suits you.
  3. Hypertensive persons should take with caution a preparation as it stimulates arterial pressure.
  4. Churn butter it is impossible to use inside, it is shown only for external drawing.
  5. The concentrated oil without additives cannot be used too as it can leave a burn.
  6. Is not subject to long storage even in closed form.

Dosage Churn butter

It is necessary to apply oil in such quantity:

  1. To provide to the hair full leaving, add butter Churn to shampoo at the rate of 10 drops on 100 g of shampoo. For balm or a mask for hair the 1st drop of oil on 7 g of a basis suffices.
  2. For use in an aromatherapy it is enough to mix 2 drops of oil Churn butter of a lavender or lemon with 4 drops.
  3. At hot inhalations add 1 drop to water, and duration of the most medical procedure should not exceed 7 minutes.
  4. For procedure of massage or grindings the dosage of essential oil makes 6 drops on 15 g of the main oil for massage.
  5. If you have a desire to accept an aromavanna with oil Beat, it will be better if you part 6 drops of means in kefir or cream which will lower and will weaken concentration of air. Instead of dairy solvents it is possible to use 1 tbsp of vegetable oil in a combination of 1 tsp of honey.

The principle of effect of essential oil Beat

At hit on head skin, means, thanks to the burning effect, works annoyingly, stimulating blood circulation and work of hair bulbs. Such reaction condenses and improves hair. Roots are thickened, process of a hair loss is considerably slowed down, new hairs intensively start growing. The radio substance in oil eliminates dandruff and fungal manifestations.

Important condition of application of a preparation is the limited dosage when drawing on the head. It is necessary to use means strictly according to the instruction, after all in the return case hair roots can "be burnt" with high concentration of burning oil, still bigger harm to hair will be done.

Use of oil Beat for hair

Method of application of oil Beat for acceleration of growth of hair:

  1. "To wake" the sleeping hair follicles and to send them to growth, 3 drops of oil Beat add to 1 tablespoon of mix of oils of castor oil and a burdock, previously slightly heated-up.
  2. Carefully pound mix on head skin the easy movements of fingers. Then put on a bathing hat or an ordinary plastic bag.
  3. Leave hair in such look for 30 minutes then wash away oil shampoo.
  4. During the following procedure the dosage of oil can be increased to 10 drops, but no more.
  5. Course of treatment – 3 months with use of oil 1 or 2 of time a week.

The moistening mask for hair:

  1. Take 4 tablespoons of fat house sour cream as a basis and add to it 5 drops of essential oil Beat. Carefully mix mix.
  2. Slightly warm up on a water bath and apply mix with a uniform layer on hair.
  3. Wrap up the head a package or put on a hat.
  4. Having kept hair in such look about 40 minutes, wash away a fat mask warm water and then wash out the head shampoo.
  5. It is recommended to use the moistening mask once a week.

Mask for the splitting and weakened hair:

  1. Small rub a half of one fresh bulb and add to it 1 tablespoon of liquid honey. Well stir then drip to mix of 4 drops of essential oil Beat.
  2. Well rub a ready mask in head skin and then wrap up hair a towel.
  3. Leave a mask for 40 minutes.
  4. After the specified time carefully wash out hair shampoo. And for rinsing add couple of tablespoons of lemon juice to water.
  5. Such mask not only prevents fragility of hair, but also protects them from influence of environment.

Nutritious mask with oil Beat for hair:

  1. Add 5 drops of oil to 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil Beat.
  2. Add one yolk to the received mix and well stir everything.
  3. On hair it is necessary to hold a ready nutritious mask 30 minutes then it needs to be washed away.
  4. To apply an egg mask to hair with oil Beat it is necessary once a week at too dried up hair. For prevention use a mask 2 times a month.

Before procedure Mirsovetov recommends to consult with the skilled cosmetologist who will reveal all your problems of hair and will appoint the correct course of treatment.

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