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Recipe of preparation of oat cutlets

If do not love porridge and even incontestable proofs of its advantage cannot force you to eat at least a spoon, this recipe is created especially for you. In oat cutlets all useful properties of this cereal remain, and to taste it is difficult to distinguish them from the meat.

Advantage of oat flakes

Oat flakes cutlets become more and more popular every year. And not only at those who cares of the figure, adheres to the healthy or fast nutrition, but also at ordinary people who are not able to afford to cook meat cutlets often or simply they were bothered by monotony. Besides porridge cutlets not only are tasty, but are very useful.

Oat flakes consist of difficult carbohydrates which give to an organism forces, cheerfulness. Therefore, those who not only dreams to grow thin but also to revitalize the organism, try to use as often as possible flakes in the diet. Difficult carbohydrates are valuable that they are acquired much more long, than simple, and, so the person feels full some hours. During this period in an organism there are no fast jumps of sugar in blood. Advantage of porridge before, for example, chocolate that at first you have identical feeling of saturation and inflow of energy, but here after chocolate feeling of hunger will appear in an hour, and after flakes – in some hours.

Besides, porridge for an organism acts as some kind of "cleaner". It is useful to eat it with at whom a problem with intestines. It will softly remove all slags, normalizes digestion. It contains many vitamins and elements which will improve a metabolism.

Contraindication to the use of oat cutlets and any dishes from this cereal is the allergy to gluten. Also you should not abuse porridge who has problems with a bone tissue as in a cereal there is a phytin acid, and it in a large number can promote washing away of calcium from a bone tissue. This fact should be considered to elderly people at whom deficiency of calcium in bones is so felt.

Recipe of oat cutlets

For preparation of oat cutlets it is required to you:

  • 2 glasses of oat flakes;
  • 300 ml of boiled water;
  • 1 cube of broth meat or chicken;
  • 2 bulbs;
  • 1 egg;
  • crackers for a breading;
  • vegetable oil for roasting.

It is better to take oat flakes for preparation of these cutlets what were exposed to already thermal treatment. Then in them there will be no smack of porridge.

Water also fill in with Zakipyatite flakes, let's them stand 15 minutes. They completely will absorb liquid and will become soft.

Add a cube to flakes. If you against use of seasonings, at this stage add salt and pepper and all your favourite seasonings which you put in usual meat cutlets. The cube will give to oat cutlets taste of meat and hot seldom who can feel a difference.

While flakes are drawn, cut onions, than it is more than onions, that cutlets are more tasty.

Add onions, egg to oat flakes, well stir. If you love uniform forcemeat, it is possible to shake up all ingredients in the blender.

Create from cutlet forcemeat, it will be soft, help yourself a spoon, carefully roll in cutlets in breadcrumbs. If you got used to more dense forcemeat, it is possible to add a tablespoon of dry oat flakes.

Heat oil on a frying pan and fry cutlets on average fire to a golden crust from both parties.

Cover cutlets and stew them within 5 minutes on slow fire.

Cutlet can be not spread on a paper napkin, they practically do not absorb oil. Give them with mashed potatoes, macaroni and vegetables.

Options of preparation of oat cutlets

Oat cutlets have many options of preparation. recommends to select for taste and not to be afraid to combine products. Most often such dishes meet:

  1. Fast cutlets. They are trained according to the same recipe, as well as basic. Only do not add egg. They can be used in fast days. And also they are loved by those who is fond of vegetarianism.
  2. Oat cutlets with mushrooms. It is best of all to use champignons. They need to be cleared, cut small and to fry, it is possible with onions, then to add to forcemeat. If seems to you that forcemeat with large slices, it is possible to pass it via the blender or the meat grinder.
  3. Oat cutlets with meat. For those who is not able to refuse meat products yet, but it is ready to reduce their quantity, also this option will approach. To steamed oat flakes, it is possible to add a little pork ground beef. Then nobody will guess that in cutlets there is a porridge. Very much children like this dish.
  4. Vegetable cutlets with porridge. For their preparation it is necessary to take carrots, cabbage, vegetable marrows and pumpkin, to pass via the meat grinder and to add dry oat flakes. Then forcemeat will become dense, and porridge will give to cutlets ease and lightness.

And the most important secret of oat cutlets what it is necessary to serve to a table them only hot, then they will become incredibly tasty. Cold they too can be eaten, but taste will be already a little not that.

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