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Food at pregnancy

When learn that you will have a child soon, you unambiguously should reconsider your approach to drawing up the menu per day in particular and to a power supply system in general. Of course, understanding of responsibility for the child not always comes at once. But it is important to understand that the tiny growing organism receives all necessary calories, vitamins, microcells only from you.
Not a secret that to be beautiful, healthy, blossoming it is necessary to eat well and properly. Then why many of us prefer the breakfast consisting of a coffee cup, the lunch intercepted in the next fast food and smart full, and, the main thing, a dense dinner? When you learn that you will have a child soon, you unambiguously should reconsider your approach to drawing up the menu per day in particular and to a power supply system in general.

Diet of the pregnant woman

Питание при беременности Of course, understanding of responsibility for the child not always comes at once. It is important to understand that all necessary calories, vitamins, macro - and microcells the tiny growing organism receives only from you. And it is very good if you even before pregnancy it is balanced ate. If is not present, be not upset, psychologists claim that for development of a habit only 21 days, you see, not such big term are necessary for receiving long-term investment into health of your kid and itself favourite.
The basic principle of food at pregnancy – is often, small portions. Doctors recommend to eat in the first half of pregnancy chetyrekhrazovo. Thus it is necessary to observe a meal regularity in the same hours, and also the correct distribution of caloric content of food. So, it is necessary to have breakfast the first time in 7-8 mornings, about 30% of power value of daily consumption have to fall on this meal. For the second breakfast (11-12 hours) – 15%, the lunch (14-15 hours) covers 40%, it is desirable to have supper at 18-19, consuming 10% of the general caloric content of food. The lacking 5% will be filled by a glass of kefir before going to bed.
Since the middle of the second trimester, it is recommended to pass to five-six times food. It is caused by that the growing child takes a lot of place and puts pressure upon a stomach and intestines, provoking heartburn and other unpleasant phenomena. Fractional food will allow to reduce negative effects, and also will provide the best vermicular movement of a digestive tract.
Naturally, the schedule of meal – a thing especially individual. However it is worth remembering that the products which long enough are digested (grain, fish, meat), it is necessary to use in the first half of day, and for dinner to leave dairy and vegetable food. And it is recommended to have supper at least in 2-2,5 hours prior to a dream.

Increase in weight

Питание при беременности One of important indicators of successful course of pregnancy is the smooth, but constant increase in weight. Not casually at each reception the doctor will measure this parameter, after all excessively prompt set of weight or, on the contrary, the too slow can prevent development of abnormal situations in advance.
At the expense of what there is an additional set of weight? Researches showed that about 5% of the general increase in weight are the share of a placenta (on average 680 g) and not less than 6% – of amniotic liquid (approximately 900 g). Besides, during pregnancy at least the volume of the circulating blood increases by 50% that in transfer to additional weight makes 1,6 kg. Also at the pregnant woman the natural additional power source – the fatty accumulation making from 3 to 5 kg is postponed. Add such moments as the increased mammary glands (about 900 g), a gain of a uterus (about 1130) and, of course, weight of the child here (on average 3400 g), and you get an average rise in 12 kg.
There is a wish to note the increased tendency of conscious restriction of an increase in weight at future mothers connected with fear "to get out of a shape". Readers of should remember that timely short-reception of nutrients is fraught with various malformations of the kid, predisposition to diseases and even pregnancy interruption.

Diet of future mother – on what products to place emphasis

Питание при беременности The main thing governed by drawing up the menu of the pregnant woman is an observance of the balanced receipt in an organism of the main nutrients. Protein – the main construction material of an organism of future child. And it means that during pregnancy it is worth not only providing its receipt constantly, but also considerably to increase. It is necessary to use protein and an animal (meat, an offal, fish, eggs, products on the basis of milk), and a phytogenesis (grain, bean, seeds and nuts, various soy products, broccoli, green peas).
That protein was normally acquired, the organism needs a lot of energy which is provided by carbohydrates. If carbohydrate food it is used a little, even at the sufficient use of protein, you can find obvious proteinaceous insufficiency. Wells of carbohydrates are:
  • bread with bran, the sprouted wheat grains, from whole grain, pasta;
  • all vegetables in the raw, corn, Brussels and headed sprout, potatoes, spinach, parsnip;
  • grain: a buckwheat, barley, dark rice, wheat (which sprouted and shredded), oat flakes;
  • fruit: pears, apples, various berries, fig, peaches, prunes, grapes, pumpkin, raisin;
  • fruit drinks;
  • honey, glucose.
It is very desirable to limit the use of sweet confectionery during pregnancy, having replaced them with honey, fructose and dried fruits. Fill up the diet with the various fats which are carrying out protective function and necessary for full formation of a brain of the child. So, use 2 times a week a sea and ocean fish, in the rest of the time use for cooking and as gas station to salads vegetable oils (corn, olive, sunflower), eat various nuts and seeds.
For health of future mother and the kid importance of the use of vitamins does not raise doubts. Many mothers independently make the decision on reception of special preparations though with such question it is impossible to hurry and it is necessary to discuss it with the doctor. Remember: if food is balanced and the necessary amount of nutrients from various sources comes to an organism, the use of artificial additives is inexpedient because the surplus of vitamins is also bad, as well as a shortcoming.
That the child was born strong and healthy, it is necessary to provide regular receipt of minerals and macrocells. So, for example, pregnant women need to use regularly the products rich with calcium (milk, fermented milk products, almonds, low-fat cheeses). One more important element – iron the requirement in which constantly increases and reaches the apogee of pregnancy in recent months. To avoid an anemic state, include beef liver, tomato juice, liverwurst, beans, veal, prunes in the menu. The important contribution to education and development of a skeleton, various bodies and internal systems of a fruit bears zinc. Sources of this mineral are products of an animal origin: calf's liver, boiled beef, mutton, boiled shrimps, perch, low-fat yogurt, porridge.
There is a wish to note some more general rules of advisory nature. For example, try to forget about such ways of processing of products as frying, a pickles, smoking, and give preference to roasting, suppression, preparation of dishes in a double boiler. You should not use and tinned products, use only what are intended for baby food is allowed. I pay attention of readers of that it is necessary to drink enough liquid, it will bring excess salt out of an organism, and also will help to adjust work of intestines. And liquid needs to be drunk in the small portions not to create excess load of kidneys. In an ideal it is still mineral water or fresh. Do not abuse strong teas, coffee, carbonated drinks. Eat the raw products with a peel – fresh vegetables and fruit, berries more, and it is desirable that it were products of your region.
Remember that a lot of things depend, that is in your plate, and let this thought will become for you a protective barrier on the way of gastronomic temptations.
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