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Food before training

There are many myths how it is necessary to eat before trainings. Someone says that it is necessary to train on a hungry stomach, someone claims that after classes it is necessary to close a mouth on the lock and crumbs. Also very inconsistent opinions on the water use.

The most awful today that many fitness trainers follow myths and legends concerning food after trainings and recommend to the wards to adhere to their words. recommends to understand nevertheless once and for all, properly to eat to, after and even during training that more matter did not arise.

Food before training

From that we eat, for 70% how we look depends. Food influences our figure, a condition of skin, a hair, moods, physical forces. Therefore it is very important to eat it is balanced and it is correct, to use such quantity of calories what you spend. And for those who wants to grow thin, the quantity of calories has to be lower than the spent.

The same happens and to food before trainings. How you will feel during occupations, directly depends on that you ate before it. The diet directly depends and on in what sport you are engaged (power or aerobic loadings), and from in what hour give classes.

The very many prefer to be engaged since morning. It is very right choice for those who wishes to grow thin. Morning physical activities promote just fat burning. But on an empty stomach it is impossible to be engaged by no means. It is best of all to eat something easy and carbohydrate, for example, yogurt with fruit. Reception of easy food has to be in 30-40 minutes prior to occupations.

If you got used or circumstances to you allow to begin occupations only after time when there comes the breakfast, a lunch or a dinner, it is necessary that between acceptance of food and the beginning of training passed not less than 1,5-2 hours. Something is also best of all to eat all carbohydrate – porridge from whole grain, perfectly will approach vegetable salatik, it is possible to fill it with sour cream or a small amount of vegetable oil.

Very important rule which needs to be remembered: if between meal and occupations passes more than three hours, it is necessary to arrange the easy having a snack similar to a breakfast before occupations. That is in 30-40 minutes before the beginning it is necessary to eat the same yogurt with fruit, muesli, etc. If there was no time or opportunity to have a bite, it is possible to drink a glass of milk, only pay attention to fat content percent – it has to be minimum.

However it is necessary to place emphasis not only on carbohydrates, but also on proteins, thus completely to exclude the products including fats. The matter is that fats complicate digestion of food, and during training you can feel weight, nausea, heartburn – not the best workmates during physical occupations.

Acceptance of proteinaceous food provides synthesis of protein in muscles thanks to what growth of muscle bulk will be much higher. If you want to ensure just muscle gain, boiled low-fat meat, an omelet will just be the best dishes in these cases, in the form of a garnish give preference rice or to porridge, and also bread of a coarse grinding.

Very good effect in the course of a zhiroszhiganiye caffeine has. The cup of strong coffee or green tea which is drunk in 30 minutes prior to occupations mobilizes fatty cages, will allow to feel better during training and to work more intensively. Caffeine promotes that your organism will just burn first of all fat, but not glucose.

Let's sum up. The serious stage of meal has to be carried out in 1,5-2 hours prior to training, but include only proteins and carbohydrates. If between occupations and meals passed more than three hours (even if it was night), surely eat something carbohydrate approximately in 30-40 minutes prior to training and drink a cup of coffee or green to tea.

Drinking diet

How many fights happen into the account of how it is necessary to drink in time, before training! The benefit, more and more trainers listens to appeals of nutritionists, and prefer the wards to edify correctly. Let's understand together as it is necessary to drink.

Very important point: it is necessary to use water and before training. Within an hour - two before to use not less than 500 ml. It will allow to keep water balance and to make training the most effective and pleasant.

The average person during hour training loses about 1 liter of liquid. Respectively, it is necessary to make up for this loss throughout all occupations, accepting water small drinks each 10-15 minutes. Even if you do not feel thirst, dehydration all the same comes, and it very much slows down physiological processes. Therefore do not forget that it is necessary to interrupt and drink waters for some seconds.

To help an organism to be restored as much as possible, within an hour after the end of training it is necessary to drink about 500 more ml of water. It is very important to watch also that you drink: it has to be not cold water, without gas, and it is necessary to drink through equal quantity time small drafts not to provide big load of heart.

Food after training

However many was disputes on this subject, it is just necessary to have a bite after physical activities. And it is necessary to do it the first 20 minutes after the end of training. If not to make it, training simply will take place to nothing: of course, fat will a little be burned, but you do not feel a gain of forces, density of muscles will not increase. Respectively, where it will be more difficult, both to grow thin, and to build muscles.

Power supply system, in principle the same: your organism is ready to restoration and demands consumption of proteins and carbohydrates. We besides do not use fats by no means. It is possible to drink juice with the high content of carbohydrates (for example, grape juice or cranberry), and also any food which does not contain fats – bread, jam, macaroni, potatoes, etc. Thanks to training any calorie will not go to your sides.

Also the organism needs a little protein. We define quantity so that the eaten portion held on your palm. We avoid any fat grades of meat, we eat chicken breast if eat eggs, yolks it is cleaned.

In general, if to proceed from loading type, the food needs to be divided into 2 categories:

  1. If you are engaged in an aerobic sport, the portion after training has to make 60% of carbohydrate food and 40% of the proteinaceous.
  2. If you prefer power loadings, here it is necessary to work exactly the opposite: 40% of carbohydrates and 60% of protein.

And the most important: after training within two hours of any caffeine. In this case it will have opposite effect to that renders before training, the effect from training will come to naught. It is impossible to use tea, coffee, cocoa and any products with addition of cocoa.

Thus, we found out that healthy nutrition and tracking of the diet - very important making in sport. If you learn to watch how and when you eat, what effect from these or those exercises, will precisely know that you can eat to or after fitness classes, your organism will very quickly react. You feel inflow of forces, cheerfulness, results right there will affect a figure and your mood.

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