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Why it is impossible to kill spiders

Whatever you may say, and spiders are loved by the few. At some people hostility to spiders can develop into the real panic horror, the name, to which – arachnophobia. Having seen nearby a spider, the majority of us will give in to desire instantly to kill an unfortunate being and very few people will think of that old beliefs forbid to destroy spiders. Let's find out, in what the reason of such taboo.

To kill spiders inhumanely

If to distract a little from superstitions, first of all it is necessary to tell that the spider is a living being, and often absolutely harmless. In spite of the fact that the spider does not cause in you any sympathy, to kill him nevertheless inhumanely. Besides, spiders bring some benefit to the person, destroying importunate flies from whom in the summer simply there is no rescue.

By itself, the web in a visible place in your house will not add to the dwelling of beauty and accuracy at all, but this problem can be solved by means of a usual broom. Simply smetit a web, and her inhabitants will find to themselves a new habitat.

Religious prerequisites

The ban on destruction of spiders has some religious implication. Many years one legend is handed down. She tells about the person who hid from persecutors in a dark deep cave which walls were entirely covered with a web. The people pursuing the hero of this legend passed by a cave, even without having glanced in it. They considered that because of a large number of spiders in such dwelling the person would hardly hide.

It is difficult to establish a name of the main character from this story precisely. In one version this person – the prophet Magomet, other version claims that from persecutors Moisey escaped, and in one of legend options Jesus Christ was the main character. Anyway, and if to trust a story plot, spiders saved the prophet's life – to these and the taboo on their destruction is proved.

Other reasons of a ban

Mirsovetov allocated some other reasons for which it is impossible to kill spiders:

  1. One of versions says that destruction even one spider will draw a set of diseases upon inhabitants of the house. This superstition has under itself a certain justification. All the matter is that in old times of spiders used in traditional medicine, with their help of people relieved of various illnesses. Some shamans applied the web collected on corners of the house of the patient as a remedy. If in the dwelling there was no web, health of the person was threatened by serious danger. The modern medicine quashes rumors about advantage of similar substance, however national sorcerers sometimes continue to use a web as medicine. Except other, poison of some spiders really contains certain components which can be used in creation of medicamentous means.
  2. The second reason forbidding to destroy spiders is based on a belief that these arthropods are capable to attract happiness and good luck to the house. It is considered that the web of spiders collects on itself wellbeing and luck, therefore, if in the house it is not present – all good luck will pass by such dwelling. Many of us know about the Indian mascots called by hunters of dreams. The principle of weaving of a web was the basis for their creation. It is considered that such hunter can detain nightmares, passing only good and kind dreams.
  3. The third reason of a ban on murder of spiders is based on humanity reasons. It is considered that destruction of a small and defenseless being can become the reason of the emergence of various troubles in human life which made such impartial act. There is even a version that the less there will be a killed spider – the consequence for this purpose who destroyed it will be more serious.
  4. There is one more superstition connected with these arachnoid. It is considered that if the spider will imperceptibly creep on your clothes is promises you receiving any pleasant surprise in the near future. But if you by accident or purposely crush a spider – to you not to see a gift.

The national signs concerning spiders

Superstitious people know a set of the omens connected with spiders. picked up the most known signs which concern these beings:

  1. If you saw nearby a spider, depending on time of day it can mean the following:
    • the spider who appeared in your field of vision in the afternoon promises cares;
    • saw a spider in the evening – shortly receive a gift;
    • the spider who came crawling to you at night foretells hope.
  2. Early in the morning you happened to observe how this small being is hardworking spins the web? Means, you are expected in the near future by good luck.
  3. The spider imperceptibly crept on your clothes – such sign promises money or advance on an office ladder. Red spiders can also be harbingers of financial wellbeing which you will find soon.
  4. If you saw how the spider goes down on a web directly before your eyes, so you receive very important news soon.
  5. Sometimes the signs concerning spiders have negative character. For example, the newlyweds who met on the way to an altar of a spider should not count on long and happy joint life.

Spiders in traditional medicine

Earlier we said that old traditional medicine widely used spiders as medicine. Let's consider in more detail, which recipes ancient sorcerers used:

  1. If the person was sick with jaundice, to him allowed to eat the live spider who is previously shipped in a butter slice. Just the same means was used and in case at the patient the strong temperature increase which was followed by fever and a fever was observed.
  2. The child with symptoms of whooping cough was treated in quite original way. Over a face of the kid held a spider and many times said: "A spider, itself die, and take away an illness". Agree, the similar method of therapy looks quite doubtfully now.
  3. Open wounds, small by the size, treated by means of a web. Was considered that it is so possible to stop bleeding.
  4. The people having asthma during the next attack had to swallow a small lump of a web.

Other ways of use of spiders

  1. In Cambodia spiders are eaten not simply, but also consider as a delicacy. In this country you can try such unusual dish as the fried bird spider. Let's note that before preparation of a similar delicacy, from a body of a spider surely delete burning hairs.
  2. In some countries the same type of arthropods can act as pets. Those who for any of several reasons does not want or cannot get in the house of more traditional pet, gains such exotic as a bird spider.
  3. It is necessary to tell that poison of spiders not always constitutes danger to the person. As a rule, poison of the majority of types of these arachnoid kills insects whereas it is absolutely harmless to vertebrate animals. People learned to use this feature, creating from similar substance effective pesticides. If to irrigate plants with such means – to it no wreckers will be terrible, but also, spidery poison is considered an environmentally friendly product and does not do any harm to environment. The arthropods of Atracinae family living in Australia are capable to make a secret which kills the majority of the insects existing on our planet. Besides, such spiders can be supported in bondage that gives the chance to receive their poison in industrial quantities.
  4. Poison of spiders is applied sometimes and in traditional medicine. It is considered that a certain amount of such substance helps to cope with arrhythmia, a stroke, impotence, Alzheimer's disease. From poison of bird spiders make preparations of soothing action, use poison of a spider violinist in creation of thrombolytic drugs.
  5. The web also represents some interest for people. It rather strong, wearproof, but also, has beautiful gloss. The science seeks to find a way to synthesize substance which will possess the same properties. The artificial web is tried to be created from goat milk, and also from leaves of some plants, applying knowledge and methods of genetic engineering. The scientists-physicists inventing optical communication systems also use the thinnest threads of a web in the work.
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