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Ways of the termination of a lactation

Maternal milk – the most valuable and useful product for the kid, but, despite it, will come time when the child needs to be weaned. Not important, it will become necessarily for mother or to that the kid already grew up. The most important that, as a rule, is not paid to this timepoint due attention from the point of view of feelings of mother.
Материнское молоко – самый ценный и полезный продукт для малыша Maternal milk – the most valuable and useful product for the kid, but, despite it, will come time when the child needs to be weaned. Not important, it will become necessarily for mother or to that the kid already grew up. The most important that, as a rule, is not paid to this timepoint due attention from the point of view of feelings of mother. It is possible to find many discussions on a subject what to do to disaccustom the child to the most expensive and occupation, pleasant for it, and here is how to be to mummy with the overflowed chest glands? I want to tell about it.

We disaccustom the kid

For those who for the first time faces this question and was not defined yet by how will pass the child's excommunication from a breast, I offer information on possible options. Those who decided on this question, can pass to reading of the following part of article safely.
Everything that I want to tell the reader of, I worry at present time therefore I build the judgments and conclusions on the real feelings which are not muffled by time, as a rule, these experiences quickly are forgotten, as well as any other unpleasant events.
Способы прекращения лактацииAge. The first dilemma which rises before mothers, at what age it is necessary to do it. There is an opinion that the child will be younger, the easier will transfer process of an excommunication. And other opinion says to us that the more long the breastfeeding (B) lasts, the kid will be more healthy. Besides others consider that long feeding leads to braking in development of the child. Perhaps, each of these statements has the bases and are in own way truthful. But I suggest to approach this question on the other hand. A condition of the nursing mother – here the main criterion. Anyway, after the birth the child is already separate life and though he is closely connected with mother, it is impossible to force the woman to be "victim". Therefore wean the kid when feel in it need. Only your emotional and physical state can be 100% an indicator. Besides, confidence and readiness of mother to stop GV will have the positive impact and on the kid. To my kid knocked 1 years and 2 weeks while I decided to take away it from GV. Previously I 2-3 asked weeks this question, sometimes said to the son that the milk will end soon and it is necessary to eat independently. Probably, when my internal voice told me "will be enough", I came with the child from the street in the evening and told: "All!".
Ways. How to tell or explain to the kid, what mother has no milk any more? This question most of all "frightens". Actually it is a far-fetched problem. Subconsciously each mummy understands that with the termination of GV the thread between it and the kid will become weaker. On second day I wanted to spit everything and to continue breastfeeding. Feelings were such as though you tear off a slice of the heart, but on the other hand painful feelings in glands forced to keep as perfectly understood that sooner or later will be made a fresh start.
So, options can be such. Put on the closed clothes that the child could reach a breast and in his attempts explain that the milk is not present more, only in a mug. Let's it drink and eat so much, how many he will want, having sated, the child will stop the attempts. I chose this way.
As the option, very widespread, the child is sent for 2-3 days to the grandmother that he saw mother. This way is good for mothers, but, in my opinion, is morally more difficult for the child. Present that it is necessary to it not only an excommunication from GV, but also from mother! It is a double stress.
With children is more senior it is already possible to agree. Beginning approximately since 1 and 4 months (but besides children different therefore judge on the child, his level of development and perceptions). It is possible to buy an adhesive plaster of corporal color and to stick nipples, so that aura too it was closed. When the child stretches to a breast, tell him that "titya now such and a milk from it not to take any more". My friend used this way, separating the one-and-a-half-year-old son. The child was puzzled, but did not approach with this question any more. The first night cried in a dream, but then calmed down, and more matter had not to be brought up.
One more similar option is a suggestion of the concept "titya-Kaká". Nipples smear with lemon juice or other product of unpleasant taste (usually something bitter). After 2-3 attempts the child does not want to try to be put to a breast any more. The only thing, it is necessary to choose such "greasings" which will not do much harm to the child. For example, I heard about mustard use for this purpose, but after all it not only bitter, but also sharp. There are also special ointments which can be got in a drugstore. But here already individual decision of each mother.
Прекращение лактации Gradual excommunication. Recently psychologists I advise to drag out process of an excommunication from a breast for 2-3 months. It is for this purpose recommended to reduce gradually feedings, starting with one in the morning and gradually reducing to once a week - two, to reduce them on zero. That is we clean morning feeding, in two weeks the following and so on. In the latest turn we clean night feedings. This way is considered favorable and for mother as gradual burn-out of milk is supposed. But it seemed to me that it when feeding on demand, but not on the mode is not really successful option.
Disaccustoming period. How many days the child will wean? From 2-3 days to several weeks. But it does not mean that the child will demand a breast all it is the period. Simply it needs time to forget this process. Therefore try the first month (it is possible more long) not to be shown topless before the child not to excite him memory and desires. It will reach for a breast, it will be necessary to treat sensitively his behavior and to allow to drink or eat. Tears and hysterics about it at different children last different time. For example, the oldest daughter I separated by means of mother, it were three or four sleepless nights for it. And here the son I decided to separate independently, near me he transferred all this easier, than I expected. We cried only in the first evening when were put to bed, but in 20 minutes I found, than to distract it and he fell asleep. It is possible to distract a toy, phone, still something to what the child will show interest, in our case it was the wind Music melody – think, this thing is familiar to all.
The excommunication from GV gives the answer to one question: when children cease to eat at night. When it is not required to suck a breast any more. Some time the child will wake up at night, it is necessary to give it drink. It can be milk, tea or simply water. I milked the first three night, but, seeing that he drinks no more than 3-4 drinks, understood that he wakes up not from hunger and replaced milk with tea. When disturbs nothing the child, he sleeps all night long, without waking up in general.
It is desirable to give to drink to the child from a mug, but not from a small bottle. It is connected by that the child needs to wean from a congenital reflex of a sosaniye. If you use a small bottle, later time it is necessary to fight against attachment to a bottle. And after an excommunication from a breast you continue to get up at night for feeding of the child, but already from a pacifier.

Termination of a lactation

Прекращение лактации Now we will talk about feelings of mother. Unfortunately, to tell mammary glands that more milk is not necessary, opportunity is not present. We do not feed the kid any more, and milk continues to stay. As a result the breast is exposed to strong stretching, and feelings with each inflow become more and more unpleasant and painful. During this period of time it is recommended to wear a bra surely. It has to be without stones, but dense from cotton (natural) fabric and should not stretch. That is to play a corset role. If that is not present in your clothes, it is possible to dress any, but prepare to that it can crash into a body and cause an itch: the stretched skin becomes more sensitive. It will be necessary to carry it until milk completely does not fuse. As option, recommend to draw a breast elastic bandage or something else. But it is more painful and it is unpleasant.
Troubles begin on second day when milk becomes much. Choose, what option to you is more to liking. It is possible to decant milk gradually, it will help to soften "pressure", it is possible to use a milk pump and to decant to a soft breast, but leaving part of milk. Burn-out of milk will take place in the first option quicker, but some days will be the mass of unpleasant feelings. In the second painful feelings will not be, but process of burn-out will be dragged out. Somewhat it too what to tear off the child from a breast gradually.
At decantation by the first principle at different women the moment of the termination of production of milk can begin for 3-5 days. I decanted gradually in 2 and the 3rd days, inflow stopped for the 5th days. These days refuse hot meals and liquid: Or rather, reduce soups, tea, etc. to a minimum, arrange yourself fasting days. It is better to keep restriction in liquid before full burn-out of milk in glands, that is until when the breast returns to the sizes before feeding, will become soft and all consolidations, even the small will disappear. After that, approximately for 1-2 months refuse that can promote restoration of a lactation. In particular from beer as after its use inflow can be resumed. Or do not abuse these products, eat in small amounts and watch reaction of an organism to them.
В период лактации грудь подвергается сильному растяжению, и ощущения с каждым приливом становятся все более неприятными и болезненными Milk burn-out process is also followed by certain, not really pleasant feelings. If during inflow it is felt how skin stretches, combustion is followed by the return process – "pulling". It is less painful, but also it is unpleasant. It seems that from within something exhausts contents of glands, and from time to time still appears feelings of a pricking. After inflow stop, "rassasyvaniye" will last 5-7 more days.
Bol and psychological state (thus that most of women during care of the child and so are in a depression) lead to nervous breakdowns and hypererethism. Therefore mother will need to show patience, and care of it to the husband and other family members. It is possible to drink soothing herbs or antidepressants.

Suppression of a lactation

For anybody not a secret that there is a mass of recommendations to that it is necessary to eat and drink for improvement of a lactation. And whether you know, what for suppression of a lactation also there are various means? It can be specially made preparations which can be got in a drugstore, but to apply them better only on doctor's orders (in coordination with it), or folk remedies. I want to tell about both options as I consider, this knowledge can be useful to any woman sooner or later (and to careful husbands too).
Способы прекращения лактацииMedical (chemical) preparations. There is a mass of various preparations which can be appointed by the doctor for suppression of a lactation in various situations which demand it. All these preparations have hormonal structure which influences work of a brain rather on a forward share of a hypophysis, forcing it to work in the slowed down (stops) a state. The course, depending on a preparation, can have duration from 1 to 14 days. Here some names of such drugs: bromokriptin, parlodet, dostineks, mikrofollin, norkonut, turinat, atsetomepregenol, orgametrit, dyufaston, primolyuta-holes, utrozhestan, kabergolin. All of them are created on different hormones and in different concentration, such interval of time for their reception is explained by it. These preparations, both in the form of tablets, and in the form of solutions for injections are issued.
As it is hormonal preparations there is a number of side effects and harmful consequences for the woman's organism, it is possible to decide on their application only after consultation with the doctor and under his strict supervision. For some preparations there are contraindications: a hypertension, a varicosity, diseases of kidneys and a liver, diabetes, thrombophlebitis, and also various diseases and deviations in work of genital bodies of the woman.
I want to pay also your attention that long painful feelings in mammary glands, not resolving consolidations during the termination of GV can be a symptom of mastitis. If there are any doubts or suspicions, immediately address to the treating gynecologist for check, in such cases most often it is recommended to apply the listed above preparations to suppression of a lactation.
Для прекращения лактации применяются мочегонные отварыFolk remedies. And now we will talk about means which each woman independently during end of a lactation can apply. Before special tablets were thought up, for suppression of a lactation such simple procedure as reception of diuretic preparations was added to restriction in liquids. There is no need to drink chemicals and tablets, after all there is a mass of herbs which have this effect.
Your task at the termination of a lactation to get rid of surplus of liquid, thereby stopping and production of milk, I promote its "burn-out" or "rassasyvaniye". To drink diuretic herbs it is necessary to begin in the first day and to continue within 5-7 days, further necessarily, but, most likely, it will be enough. I began reception of infusion of a diuretic grass for 4 days (before, simply did not know that it is possible to undertake something), in 2-3 hours inflow stopped, and literally in 5-7 hours of feeling from prilov were replaced with feelings of "burn-out" of milk. The breast became softer, consolidations and painful feelings began to weaken.
Here the list of some herbs which have diuretic and sudorific effects: bear ears (bearberry), cowberry, a basil, beans Russian, the horsetail wintering a madder tinctorial, parsley garden, devyasit. In general, to find such herbs will be not difficult, they are in each drugstore.
Шалфей But the most interesting that there are herbs promoting the termination of a lactation. Most often for these purposes the sage medicinal is mentioned. One of its curative properties is the termination of a lactation at nursing mothers. For this purpose tea becomes and is drunk within several days, sorcerers claim that 2-3 days there are enough completely to stop this process. Besides, it makes useful impact on health of the woman, treats for infertility and strengthens an organism. Other herbs: silverweed white, jasmine, belladonna ordinary.
I managed only a diuretic grass but as after the feeding termination production of milk can be resumed within 6 months, I think it is possible at desire to spend on drink and herbs for braking of a lactation. warns that if you find milk in glands after the six-months period from the last feeding by a breast, it is necessary to address for consultation to the doctor as it can be a symptom of any disease.
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