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Hard drinking - as to avoid it

Hard drinking … and what was before? A cheerful holiday in the friendly pleasant company, for the morning – a hangover and again continuation of a holiday, and so indefinitely. Or, for example, periodic removal of fatigue behind a shot glass - another after work is gradually regarded, as something "in the nature of things".
Hard drinking … and what was before? A cheerful holiday in the friendly pleasant company, for the morning – a hangover and again continuation of a holiday, and so indefinitely. Or, for example, periodic removal of fatigue behind a shot glass - another after work is gradually regarded, as something "in the nature of things". And you never know at our people will be occasions to drink. And prospect not iridescent – to go to hard drinking, and it is very often imperceptible for itself. When suddenly you will come round, stop and you wonder something it seems: "Since what time it with me, I drink often and in such quantities and how in general to it came?" – already happens and late – the path to alcoholism is laid. Though after all if such thoughts came to mind once, it is already an important step on the way of a conclusion from hard drinking of itself. After all it is simple to stop actually not always so as it sounds in advertizing of various clinics on treatment of alcoholism. Except physiological dependence, always there is a psychological aspect of influence of alcohol. Simply speaking, even when already the motivation to drink, as if is absent (for example, for removal of fatigue or a headache), and the person all the same reaches for a glass with one thought, habitual for it, "now I will drink – and it will become better". And where it is better?!
Generally, is not going to do fatherly manuals and to read to morals, type as it is unhealthy what it is useless wastes of time, money and about other unpleasant consequences of hard drinking. You for certain and all perfectly know without foreign helps. And to advise how to leave hard drinking, we will not be – we will leave this business to experts in narcology. The main objective – to show life situations which precede hard drinking, and to share useful information and councils to help to avoid this state.

Hard drinking reasons

That becomes the hard drinking reason, much know, at least on the example of other people. Most often is a whisper a prolonged holiday, especially during the New Year's period. In other cases, on the contrary, people go to hard drinking because of loss close expensively to them the person or because of other heavy circumstances which developed in life (poverty, problems at work or in private life).
In the first situation, hard drinking or, in other words, a booze will end by itself through some time, but, of course, it does not do a problem smaller and the more so does not solve it. But what then can help to avoid hard drinking? Everyone thinks in own way. One simply want to continue well celebrated holiday, others on the same holiday drink for the company with the first, at the third hard drinking reaches a condition of "not drying-out" and therefore they simply can not realize that do. In most cases it is possible to provide such situation, especially if at the person that a holiday, hard drinking. Therefore it is desirable to report, set before the outlined holiday somehow on culture of drink. Because after people, already being in a condition of hard drinking, does not understand the situation, considers that it has all under control and therefore will speak to it something is useless. Try to convince the person of that he tried to adhere to the following councils:
First, you should not hurry to drink, especially at first for achievement of the "amusing" effect. And the more so, you should not mix alcohol, especially grain and grape (beer with vodka, etc.);
Secondly, is not on a hungry stomach, it is desirable to have a snack more. The fat snack which promotes reduction of absorption of alcohol in blood is especially effective that, naturally reduces intoxication degree;
Thirdly, it is desirable not to sit in one place as in an inactive state alcohol is more slowly removed from an organism. As always on holidays does not do without dances – and the more them will be, the better.
And, fourthly, hangover. It often leads to hard drinking. Any heavy a state "to treat" a hangover once again alcohol – the worst option. For this purpose recommend all national methods known to you: pickles, sauerkraut, brine, etc.
If people go to a condition of hard drinking when in their life there comes the difficult moment, hardly it will manage to be foreseen. Here in many respects everything depends on timely support and the help of close relatives and friends. Anyway, to help the person to avoid hard drinking it will be required to show persistence and all your opportunities for its pulling from this crisis situation. Because if heavy minutes someone does not see support in people around, for it the concepts "remove a stress" and "get drunk" will become equivalent, especially, when there is a favor to alcohol. Generally the situation develops so that you have to try to show as bigger participation is possible, to give feasible support. I.e. if it is loss of close people – to be as much as possible nearby; problems at work or in a family – to give reasonable advice, etc., etc. That is joint efforts to look for an exit from current situation, not to leave the person alone with his problems when it is most probable to break and go to hard drinking. Especially as the stress by means of alcohol not always manages to be removed, it promotes strengthening of that emotional state in which there is a person.
But there are other less obvious moments which are capable to lead to hard drinking about which important and it will be useful to know.

The delusions leading to hard drinking

There are a lot more life situations which gradually lead to hard drinking. And in most cases because many do not know, about effect of alcohol on an organism, or this knowledge have under themselves the basis only partially.
For example, such popular belief that by means of alcohol it is possible to be warmed. This opinion popularly among the people working in cold time in the open air is especially frequent. How all is actually? Yes, alcohol helps, but only 50-100g vodka: due to expansion of blood vessels blood supply increases. A high dose promote blood circulation acceleration, and as a result, our body excretes heat more. Therefore the imaginary feeling is created that to us is warmer. And in reality, the person freezes then even more, and again tries to keep step with alcohol, as leads to hard drinking. In such cases it is better to try after all, to move as much as possible. It to the same extent concerns, as well as construction workers, and sellers on street benches.
Often leads periodic acceptance of alcohol before food to hard drinking, as they say "for appetite". Or the use before work, as if for a tone raising becomes the prime cause of hard drinking. As for appetite, for its awakening of small enough very portion to 50 grams. And as influence on appetite is shown only approximately in half an hour, drink usually more. Constant such drink before food – the mistake developing into a habit, and leading to hard drinking. It is desirable to limit itself and others from such way of awakening of appetite, at least, not to resort to a shot glass often.
Apropos by means of traditional 100 grams the following wants to tell increases of working capacity. The Russian people accepted for tradition to drink before work, especially for a long time if it is physical work. But! Whichever there was first an inflow of forces under the influence of alcohol, gradually it declines. And further "reinforcement" of forces leads only to absent-mindedness of attention, inaccuracy in the movements, i.e. to intoxication. Thus many defects in work are allowed, and over the years lead to alcoholism and periodic hard drinkings.
One more ordinary opinion on curative properties of alcoholic beverages. Especially like to treat thus cold. As it was already said, effect of alcohol such is that at its use blood circulation is accelerated. And it is possible for this reason many and feel some improvement of a state of health. But at the same time alcohol has an adverse effect on immunity of any person. Can help with treatment a little hot wine, but any other alcoholic drinks. Here to restore health in such "unhealthy" way – not to avoid hard drinking. It is better to choose other folk remedies. After all even qualitative alcoholic products have on an organism negative impact, not to mention the moonshine and other alcoholic drinks made in house conditions.
Leads to hard drinkings also widespread delusion about effect of low alcohol drinks. Whether it be beer or cocktail with the small content of alcohol (gin-tonic, etc.) they are also capable to lead to hard drinking. Why all so?! Vigilance drinking "slaboalkogolochka" is quite often obscured by that these drinks contain alcohol in a small amount and therefore as if and harmless. In reality any alcoholic drink causes accustoming. And such drinking conceals in itself the hidden threat as the habit develops within several years and not at once is noticeable. Therefore to warn and avoid hard drinking in such cases happens not easy, in particular it concerns beer alcoholism. Especially this phenomenon is frequent among young people, students. Especially as drink beer, both with an occasion, and without it (in the company of friends or it is simple instead of lemonade during a heat). And it, really, is a problem of parents that a request – not strongly to be fond of low alcohol drink – was not given a hostile reception as reproach or manual, and it was regarded as care. Beer or other low alcohol drink seldom who strongly gets drunk, it misleads. But, nevertheless, the dose gradually increases and accepted to norm. Today put one small bottle, in a month - another already two and so are farther on the accruing. Therefore to avoid hard drinkings in such cases, it is necessary to control itself and others: to limit consumption of intoxicated drink and "not to raise a level".

Sober up to stop hard drinking

If you realized that the condition of hard drinking absolutely is not good, will share ways useful in that case to sober up. And all to avoid a hangover and to stop already bothered hard drinking.
The best way to sober up is not to drink at all. Then a hangover, especially hard drinking also does not shine.
If you already are in a state of intoxication, the following means help to sober up usually:
  • a large amount of strong made tea (coffee) with a lemon have to bring round;
  • two-three drops of liquid ammonia on a glass of water, also help to sober up;
  • still kefir, and also at the same time the drunk absorbent carbon has to help (on 1 tablet on each 10 kg of your weight);
  • the contrast shower, but not too cold and even to ache not for long;
  • sometimes also milk with honey helps;
  • at strong intoxication the person can try to rub ears strongly. And walk on fresh air too will not be superfluous.
  • and of course do not forget to take aspirin.
All this is done to clear a stomach and as soon as possible to distil alcohol from blood. Is much and other national ways to bring the person round to bring out of hard drinking. Likely you and know about them, and can advise another. The main thing that not ways not in order that it would be possible to drink all these when necessary, and then quickly to sober up without consequences. Their their basic purpose that is the few from those ways which will help to avoid hard drinkings.

Perhaps, you will tell also another about volume useful that learned from article materials. And it will already be a certain help in order to avoid hard drinkings to your relatives and friends. As among those people who there is a lot of and constantly drink very little those who finally left hard drinking. Therefore supports together to spread culture of drink. And by that we try to change mentality of the "drinking" nation, to bring it out of hard drinking. And that it were not only beautiful words, let's move in this direction together. Everyone in forces to change the destiny, and to help to change life to the best to another.
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