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How to get rid of fleas

Before moving on a new residence I had not to meet fleas. In the middle of July after awakening I noticed standing the red itching points. Did not attach special significance, having dumped stings on mosquitoes. In the evening the legend with mosquitoes lost the relevance: members of my family including I, underwent attack from fleas.
Блоха Before moving on a new residence I had not to meet any parasitizing insects. Everything began with that from the one-room apartment which is on the third floor, our family moved in not well-groomed, but already three-room, settling down on the first. In three months we began repair which caused us some troubles. Once in the middle of July during a heat season after awakening I noticed standing the red itching points. Did not attach special significance to it, having dumped stings on mosquitoes. In the evening of the same day the legend with mosquitoes lost the relevance: members of my family including I, underwent attack from fleas.

Short characteristic

Fleas is a group of the blood-sicking insects living on animals, birds, and also the person quite often being carriers of activators.
Жизненный цикл блохи The mature female postpones eggs on "owner" which usually fall from "owner". The laying contains about 10-15 small eggs. In 1-2 weeks from them there are larvae representing little white worms. Larvae of fleas develop in places where different sewage accumulates, and eat or excrements of adult insects which contain the blood remains, or various decaying remains. In 1-1,5 weeks of a larva turn in a doll, and in 7-10 days dolls leave adult insects. All cycle of development proceeds about four weeks.
The little flea has a black color, mature – brown. The size of a flea varies from 1 to 5 mm. Have the oral device of the kolyushche-sucking type. Thanks to a special structure of extremities the insect is capable to move easily on a body of an animal, to cling to it under any inclination. Fleas are capable to jump of distances many times the sizes exceeding them (to 30 cm in length and 18-20 cm height). Theoretically, the adult insect can live till 1,5 years, but the actual term of life makes 3-4 months. warns: fleas can be carriers of activators about 25 diseases, such as salmonellas, brucellas, the hepatitis B, C, a trypanosome, activators of an epidemic typhus, a virus of tick-borne encephalitis and others.

Reasons of appearance of fleas

Pets can bring a parasite from the street, pick up at communication with other animals.
To the apartment of a flea can get, having moved from the carrier (an animal, the person), from an entrance, the cellar (through cracks, as in our case when we started repairing floors) or from neighbors (it is similar to a situation when removal of cockroaches in one room leads eviction of insects to the room next).


Если животное заражено – это легко определить по его поведению If the animal is infected it it is easy to determine by his behavior. The itch will haunt your pet, besides, he will try to catch a parasite teeth, sending him on all the body. To be convinced, recommends to check periodically existence of fleas in the places open for viewing: both at cats, and at dogs is a stomach (the zone where the smallest amount of wool grows and opens light skin against which it is possible to notice an insect) and temporal area, about ears (there rare wool too grows). Because of an itch at an animal sleeplessness can begin, disappear appetite.
    Defeat places at the person are feet: rise, anklebones, ankles. Stings of insects cause a strong itch that can lead to raschesa, and then to pustulous damages of skin. They are not similar on komariny as mending takes place much more long, and on a place of stings a long time there are small scars.

Ways of fight against fleas

At animals the congestion is observed in hard-to-reach spots where wool is most dense, as a rule, at a tail on grain and around withers (between shovels).
The flea can live in the room at the height up to 1 meter: in things, soft toys, cracks, furniture, on carpets and oriental carpets, under plinths.

At animals:
Эффективность большинства отечественных шампуней довольно низка, поэтому из производителей лучше выбрать зарубежные For protection of pets against parasites there are 5 kinds of preparations: shampoos, drops, tablets, sprays and collars. Many of them also protect or exempt animals from pincers, louses, vlasoyed. Collars, are generally used for prevention of pets; sprays, drops and shampoos – for removal of fleas, provide further for some time and protection. Not difficult to get rid of fleas.
Efficiency of the majority of domestic shampoos is quite low therefore it is better to choose the foreign from producers. Also shampoos cannot destroy insects who are out of an animal. After processing of the pet means it is necessary to wash out carefully wool, differently the risk of poisoning at a vylizyvaniye is possible, as a result, weakness, nausea, vomiting, the increased temperature.
Drops are one of the best means in the market both by efficiency, and on safety. Are applied on skin in the field of withers: medicine gets to blood and extends on all body. At a sting the flea receives a dose of poison and perishes. Also the preparation kills larvae of the fleas who are not only on a body of an animal, but also out of. The pet can be washed through a couple of hours. A preparation it is not terminated within a month.
кот с в противоблошином ошейникеThe collar though was widely adopted, but it cannot brag of the efficiency. Some producers add the substance "amitraz" which can cause an allergy in an animal to structure. would like to pay your attention that this preparation in general is contraindicated to cats.
Spray as well as drops, deserves respect. Its efficiency makes about 3 months. And production of some producers can destroy insects at distance: fleas perish at close stay with the animal processed by this means.
Also it is necessary to process rugs, laying, baskets for animals in order to avoid repeated infection of pets with parasites.
    If the animal possesses hypersensibility, allergic reaction is probable at application of any preparation. It is necessary to consult with the veterinarian before processing by means of the patient weakened or the old, pregnant or feeding animal. Before use of a preparation surely read the instruction. Preparations it is better to choose the foreign.
From the room:
Для выведения насекомых можно использовать любое аэрозольное инсектицидное средство (с расчетом 1 баллончик на 10 кв. м). Можно заказать специальную обработку на дом, но услуга обойдется в несколько раз дороже. For removal of insects from the room will be required already nervo-and energy consumption. Next day after in our apartment fleas were found, we carried out clear-out.
Floors, plinths, tables, cases, window sills were washed up, furniture (sofas, beds, chairs), oriental carpets, carpets carefully propylesosena. The vacuum cleaner – an irreplaceable thing during removal of a laying of eggs in the subjects containing pile or threads.
Linen, soft toys, slippers and those things in which allegedly or actually the insect lodged, it is necessary to wash in hot water, pillows – to beat out and for couple of days to hang out on the sun in the aired room.
For removal of insects it is possible to use any aerosol insecticide (with calculation 1 barrel on 10 sq.m). It is possible to order special processing on the house, but service will cost several times dearer. We used usual "Dichlorvos". Processed the room this means, spraying it in a crack, under plinths, for furniture, floors, wall-paper – a zone not lower than 1 meter. Closed the room and left for 2 hours, after aired.
It is desirable not to wash floors, plinths within 4-5 days. Fleas die within a day, but insects will leave you alone not at once that is normal process: within 1-2 weeks eggs will hatch. Having got on the processed surface, they will die within 1-2 days. If in 3 weeks the situation did not improve, recommends to repeat procedure.


Выбирая инсектицидные средства, обязательно обратите внимание на вещества, входящие в состав продукта Choosing insecticides, surely pay attention to the substances which are a part of a product.
Organochlorine connections well protect from insects, but also they have property to collect in tissues of people, animals, plants that can lead to organism intoxication.
Fosfororganichesky connections and carbonates are not less toxic, nevertheless, they are applied in life ("Dichlorvos" just and incorporates these substances). The most important before use – to put on a gauze bandage or to close a nose and a mouth a scarf, substance, getting to airways, blocks pass to air, dizziness, nausea can begin, there will be a faint.
Pyrethrum and pyrethroids are considered as the least toxic substances, their validity period can reach 5 months.

Life in the neighbourhood with the parasitizing insects is not sweet, but fight against fleas not such and terrible and on duration is not equal to Centenary war. The main thing to take for the rule "it is armed-means, it is warned" and that is those neighbors whom it is not simply possible, but also it is necessary to move from the svy house.
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