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How to get rid of cellulitis

It is still not known who and when for the first time said the term "orange-peel", but it is unambiguously known that the problem of cellulitis faces the female population for a long time. Cellulitis makes the life of many women miserable, forcing to hide under bathing suit shorts, to put on free clothes and to refuse to itself a choice of beautiful erotic linen.
Как избавиться от целлюлита It is still not known who and when for the first time said the term "orange-peel", but it is unambiguously known that the problem of cellulitis faces the female population for a long time. Cellulitis makes the life of many women miserable, forcing to hide under bathing suit shorts, to put on free clothes and to refuse to itself a choice of beautiful erotic linen.

What is cellulitis?

Let's face the enemy. Cellulitis (cellulate (Latin) – consisting of cages, sotoobrazny, cellular) is a change at the woman of a hypodermic fatty layer at which it is broken krovo-and a limfosnabzheniye of fatty cages. Still in scientific community there are disputes on the reasons of developing of cellulitis, but already with confidence it is possible to tell that straight lines or indirect causes of illness are:
    Целлюлит чаще всего появляется в периоды гормональных всплесков в женском организме
  • hormonal imbalance (namely failures in work of ovaries, diseases of a thyroid gland and other endocrine violations),
  • hereditary and constitutional factors (features of a constitution, structure of skin and metabolism),
  • violation of a proteinaceous exchange,
  • external factors (chronic fatigue, stresses, violation of a diet),
  • ecological factor (use of the products containing hormonal additives, dyes, substitutes, and also the general ecological deterioration of a situation),
  • smoking.
Under the influence of these factors there are microviolations of blood circulation in podkozhnozhirovy cellulose, in a consequence of that to cages oxygen ceases to arrive, and the cell of fatty tissue dies off. As fatty tissue is in cells, dense lumps of fat which create effect of "orange-peel" are formed.
There are statistical data that at the tenth part of all women cellulitis develops in the puberty period. The fifth part of women finds in itself cellulitis in time and after pregnancy, and a quarter of women – with arrival of a menopause.
Thus, it is the most probable that cellulitis will develop during the periods of hormonal splashes in a female organism.
We got used to consider "orange-peel" as esthetic defect of skin, however, as we could be convinced, it nevertheless the disease demanding an integrated approach in treatment. After all cellulitis is only manifestation of a disease, and the root of a problem is covered more deeply.
So, the enemy to us is known, means it is possible to pick up the weapon in fight for a slim figure and the tightened buttocks now.

Cosmetology in treatment of cellulitis

В современных косметологических клиниках вам могут предложить электролиполиз и лимфодренаж In modern cosmetology clinics can offer you the whole programs of treatment of cellulitis. For example, elektrolipoliz. This hardware method is that destruction of subcutaneous fat happens at the expense of the low-frequency current transmitted through the electrodes entered under skin.
Other example of treatment of cellulitis – a hardware lymphatic drainage. On the areas affected with cellulitis the electrodes stimulating reduction of muscles thereby fasten accelerating process of a conclusion of toxins and products of splitting of fatty cellulose.
Except various hardware techniques with frightening names (and on a price factor, and on influence methods) in an arsenal of cosmetologists there are also much more pleasant procedures for treatment of cellulitis. For example, massages. Only you should not expect from anti-cellulite massage of minutes of pleasure and pleasure, after all the purpose of massage is the softening of the fat which accumulated under skin. During anti-cellulite massage various receptions are used. Those sites where cellulitis was formed, strenuously warm up skin roundabouts, tap with the cutting movements, stroke and pound. By means of massage it is possible to achieve enough quite good results in treatment of cellulitis, massage regulates blood circulation, promotes removal of slags from an organism, burns fat and, thereby, reduces volumes of a waist and hips.
With arrival of thalassotherapy and opening of the SPA centers in Russia there were also new techniques of disposal of "orange-peel". The beautiful and intriguing names in "menu" of the centers hide for themselves the following procedures: anti-cellulite can and anti-cellulite honey all-improving massages. Honey massage except the main semantic loading also clears skin, doing it soft and silky.
Unfortunately, campaigns in the cosmetology centers and clinics – pleasure not from cheap. Therefore is ready to share with you how independently to cope with cellulitis.

How to get rid of cellulitis in house conditions

So, the most important in treatment – to exclude as much as possible factors influencing emergence of "orange-peel". And it is necessary to begin with food. The overeating, irregular meals, the hormonal modified products or products with dyes, substitutes – all this, undoubtedly, can lead to formation of cellulitis. Therefore, try to adhere to a certain schedule in food, eat more vegetables and fruit, exclude alcohol.
Sedentary work, lack of physical activities, driving in the car also slow down and break a metabolism in an organism. And if by no means it is impossible to add mobility to your work, try to find small breaks for warm-ups. Even if you will simply jump on a place for about a minute, throwing out randomly hands up or in the parties (remarkable exercise of yogas), you already to a pochuvstvuyuta inflow of blood to all frequent the body. Try not to use elevators, rise on foot on ladders. Do not forget to do at least small morning warm-up. Do not forget what exactly during physical activities the organism is exempted from toxins.
If you smoke, immediately have to get rid of a habit, so harmful for a female organism. The matter is that smoking promotes narrowing of blood vessels. As a result – insufficient inflow of blood (oxygen) to a fatty kletchka and – cellulitis.
As the statement is banal, but the healthy lifestyle is guarantee of beauty and health of your body. If you want to get rid of cellulitis it is necessary to be ready to absolute change of a way of life.
Except control over the food and physical activities, you can apply modern anti-cellulite creams also. They contain aminofilin or caffeine derivatives, and also extracts of herbs and plants - all these substances promote blood circulation improvement.
You can help to get rid of cellulitis if several times a day, for example, in the morning after a shower and in the evening before going to bed, do yourself small massage:
    Чтобы усилить кровообращение, желательно использовать при массаже специальные массажные рукавицы
  • with effort knead outer side of hips (as you do it when knead dough), at the same time rubbing anti-cellulite cream in skin. To strengthen blood circulation, it is desirable to use thus and special massage brushes or mittens;
  • if no make-shifts for massage are present, it is possible to strengthen inflow of blood to the sites affected with cellulitis also self-massage. Use for this purpose various receptions such as pokolachivaniye, pats and the cutting movements by lateral part of a palm. And the your movements, the better will be more active. Besides, it you will only accelerate absorption of anti-cellulite cream;
Especially for those who does not accept for himself visit of cosmetology salons, is ready to tell in details how to do anti-cellulite massage of the house and without someone's help.
Besides massage once a week you can also suit the houses of a wrapping which became so fashionable recently. With "orange-peel" apply anti-cellulite cream (clay, therapeutic muds, seaweed) on sites, wrap up a polyethylene film on a floor of hour. To strengthen effect, it is possible to use special anti-cellulite trousers or warm clothes. Then wash away medical weight water and apply the moisturizing cream.

These are not all possible ways of disposal of cellulitis, but the most demanded and therefore widespread. Try to make so that execution of all listed techniques from was included at you into a habitual way of life, then you will be able to lower quotes from the phrase "orange-peel" and to understand as these words only a peel of citrus fruit.
Good luck!
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