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NLP - neurolinguistic programming

Within the standard program of a course of psychology which is taught as a general education subject in the majority of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia, surely address to the Pyramid of requirements — hierarchical model of needs of the person which reflects one of the most popular and known theories of motivation — the theory of hierarchy of requirements.

So, in process of a growing and development each personality passes to the top step of development, namely – to need for self-updating. Under this term, the famous psychologist understands development of personal qualities, abilities.

With your permission, dear reader of, I will expand scales - from each individual to the huge country, as whole organism. Having worried and having passed the previous steps of development, having felt shocks, our country desperately needs moral, to familiarizing with something sublime, eternal and omnipotent. Our country and each certain individual belonging to it, who is brought up in traditional religion and, perhaps, forgot about it for passing of the previous steps of development starts addressing to belief again.

Once, in the company of contemporaries, I learned that one of my classmates observes a post. And it was so told … So mysteriously and blissfully. It obviously was proud and differed in it. And, to the great shame, I followed its example only because it seemed to me interesting test. Peculiar check of. And here now I could report mysteriously in a lunch break, ordering only rice and salad from cabbage that I observe a post. Has to tell, amused me and pleased that I do not feel discomfort at all. Having regarded a post as a new diet, I with ease adhered to it, without knowing moral the making this great process and sacrament at all. Observing my behavior and the relation, mother of my acquaintance silently gave me a pile of books. It were religious books, and this woman, besides the main work, served in small arrival near the house. I read them "in a volley", I cried long and strongly. The fear which I felt, will disturb me for a long time. Irreversibility, categoriality and pessimism, deprivations, restrictions and, the most terrible, constant repentance. Here is how then our religion was presented to me. Heavy stone freight to me on shoulders words of those books laid down, forced to be afraid and wait. Now, probably, I would treat differently those words. But then! The teenage consciousness accurately understood – "a step to the left, a step to the right – execution".

I did not find in religious doctrines then councils for life. It would seem, one councils, manuals there, governed and so forth. However, at me it was impossible to tie it to events of today. Constant aspiration to recognize itself, to find answers in acts and solutions of and the environment, and, above all – to expect and foresee behavior of people, led me to psychology. Having studied fashionable then books how "to cease to worry and to begin to live", I plunged into the rough ocean of "self-dropping". Couple of meetings with the psychologist looked as conversation with by itself for the money. I accurately knew the reasons of the problems and as to fight against them, but did not see with what to begin or how to finish the already begun. However has to admit, in psychology I was shaken by technology of visualization – in other words, drawings. Having the rich imagination, such as at me then, I could and I can still represent a problem. In other words – to draw itself in a situation. In this drawing – I, the people surrounding me, our interaction. The first picture then gave me the chance of simpler understanding of my situation. This geometrical drawing for a long time remains in memory, and its dynamics, will allow me to change it mentally – depending on a situation. To change and see simpler, more clear.

Neurolinguistic programming

So, in the NLP there is a technology of arrangements.

    NLP, neurolinguistic programming - the direction in psychotherapy and practical psychology. It is based on technology of modeling (copying) of verbal and nonverbal behavior of the people who achieved success in any area, and a set of communications between speech forms, the movement of eyes and bodies and memory. It was developed in the 1960th — the 1970th years group of coauthors, soon gained popularity. Now the NLP practices in the basic the training companies, and also the commercial organizations in psychological trainings for the personnel

The technology of arrangements - the interesting and amusing mechanism allowing by means of language of own body to understand – as you feel in the real or predicted situation. One of koucher of my city carried out with me similar equipment. I have no idea as it looks in traditional option, I can tell the experience only. To it I came with as then it seemed to me, a problem. I told: "My beloved – the scientologist". Having read then terrible things about scientology, I was sure is a sect and darling by all means needs to be rescued. I came home to a koucher – so themselves call the person who gained practical knowledge in the NLP and passing on experience and skills to pupils. That is I became her pupil on an hour and a half. Having brought me a glass of water, a koucher worked with my breath. Has to admit, having restored breath, I really ceased to experience excitement. We wrote on sheets of paper possible options of development of a situation concerning my "problem". I spread out them an inscription down, I do not know where and what situation is written. Spread out in different places of the room – later in the analysis of places, I will be surprised to that the most iridescent for myself the situation written on paper, I put on a balcony where it is fresh, freely and solarly. And, on the contrary, turned off the most difficult the person from everything, put in the most hard-to-reach spot. And still there – me obviously swayed feelings, there was no stability. Now it is already difficult to me to remember, perhaps, all these muscular feelings were far-fetched. BUT! How precisely they coincided with my psychoemotional state on each separate arrangement! Shook and surprised me then with the NLP. Well or that I counted the NLP. After all, I ask not to forget, dear reader Mirasovetov, I only the girl Nastya, not the candidate of science and not the expert, and in my article – only narrow-minded experience. Interesting and only mine. I paid off and left. With huge desire to move heaven and earth – and its. And so I naperevorachivat it - rowed, put ultimatums, spoiled our relations – that so carefully stored and long created. On my happiness, the moral and mind lasted for it for us two – he did not refuse the road, did not release me. And I know now – you can be fond of anything, trust in Osho and Allah, to be the scientologist or the researcher in the sphere of the NLP, to pass trainings and courses. Studying and investigating – always listen to two parties. Let it will be your choice, but not on the Internet the read theses and conclusions. If this road does you happy if it is moral and is not illegal is your way. And the way I found now and from now on I will not change a course.

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