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As it is good to turn out in the photo

Today the photo was included strongly into our life. All are photographed and in a different occasion – whether it be by a photo on documents, a holiday with friends, family walk or a professional photoshoot. Anyway there is a wish to receive good result and to see itself in a picture in all beauty.

There are people who are pleasant to themselves on a photo, and is also such who is eternally dissatisfied. Thus business here at all not in beauty. After all photogenicy of the person depends not so much on his appearance, how many on ability "to give" itself in a shot, to express the identity. In this article of Mirsovetov will tell you as it is necessary to be photographed well to turn out in pictures. Conforming to our simple rules, you will always look on all hundred!

Analyse the previous pictures

For certain you already have enough photos. On one you are pleasant to yourself, on others – not really. Choose those pictures in which you turned out best of all. Attentively study them: pay attention to such nuances: turn of the head, pose, direction of a look etc. Remember them and try to reproduce again.

Training in front of the mirror

Try, standing in front of the mirror, to find that look which most of all will be pleasant to you. Turn the head in different directions, raise and lower it, use various mimicry, will not be satisfied with reflection in a mirror yet. There is only a look and to apply it during shooting which was pleasant to remember.

These eyes opposite …

Pay attention to the look. In the everyday life full of cares and efforts, the look has some gloomy coloring. Try to be accustomed to that only at the sight of the camera your look at once changed. It is best of all to present for this purpose that you look not at a lens, and at the person who like to be pleasant or even to tempt. Work over a look in front of the mirror – "do some shooting" eyes, slightly blink them, "open" a look. Be not afraid to experiment!

Worry? Do not look in a lens!

Some people start hesitating of the photographer, chambers. In that case during shooting you can not look in a lens. Turn your eye aside. This option will give a certain mysteriousness and will hide your excitement. One more cunning – turn away from the camera, count about yourself some seconds and sharply turn to the photographer. It will allow to weaken face muscles and to make expression more natural.

Very well "obezyannichaniye" before a camera helps to relax. It is a little to pogrimasnichayta, build ridiculous mugs. Such warm-up will do only good.

Your image

If you want to turn out well on a photo, the due attention should be paid to a make-up and a hairdress. It is best of all if the make-up differs a little from your daily image and to be more contrast and brighter. Here that professional makeup artists and stylists recommend:

  1. Be careful in a choice of shadows and blush. Nacreous shades can give to the face in the photo some swelling therefore it is desirable to use opaque tone. Violet color is undesirable as the sickly look gives to the face.
  2. If you want to reduce visually a nose by photos, correct it by means of a voice-frequency basis. Apply more dark tone on lateral faces and wings of a nose, lighter - on the top part. Accurately shade foundation.
  3. Visually to increase lips, choose light tone. Try to choose an eyeliner in tone to lipstick, differently on a photo can look as the decorated doll.
  4. It is desirable to apply ink in some layers to give to bigger expressiveness to a look.
  5. That on your face there were no unpleasant patches of light, well powder it.
  6. If you want to be photographed with a flowing hair, make laying. But do not do a big pile as in the photo the head will seem too big in relation to a body.

"That the suit sat"

Be surely photographed in those things in which feel conveniently and beautifully. The result of a photoshoot depends on your internal comfort.

Pay attention to color of your clothes. Refuse on a photoshoot corporal shades – beige color will simply merge with your skin. Be not photographed in the black – on a photo it "will add" to you some years. And here the clothes with large drawing will distract attention in a shot from your person. Choose the monophonic, not too "shouting" colors. If you know where will be photographed, pick up clothes which will be combined with a background.

Nuances on which it is necessary to turn into shooting time

You think, what celebrities which you examine in glossy magazines, have no shortcomings? Of course, no. Simply they skillfully and dexterously are able to hide them. You too can conform to the simple rules which will help to look effectively in photos:

  • see a little above a lens. Thanks to it the look will seem more open;
  • if you are photographed to the utmost, it is not necessary to bend one knee. In that case your feet will seem curve in the photo;
  • to look more harmonous, turn to the photographer sideways, thus direct the person also towards a chamber;
  • do not hold a hand on seams at all. Such situation will spoil your picture;
  • during shooting not too lift up the head. Such foreshortening will not decorate you: nostrils appear "in all beauty", eyes seem on a photo much less, but the chin will increase.

TOP-5 councils as it is good to turn out on a photo

And now we will tell you 5 small cunnings by means of which you will look effectively in the photo. Each girl has to know about them.

Cunning the first – language in the help.

Do not think that it is a joke. But own language will help to look one photo better to you. Simply press it to the sky during photographing. Thus, you will be able visually to make a neck longer, and also to get rid of a double chin. By the way, many Hollywood actresses very often use such cunning during photoshoots.

Cunning the second – we choose the necessary tilt angle.

You not professional model? Then try to exclude photographing full face. It is best of all to raise the head a little up or slightly to incline down. In this case the person will seem to more expressive.

Cunning the third – a safe pose.

This pose is known for much, so it is used often by celebrities. Why and to you not to feel the Hollywood actress from a red carpet?

Be developed on 45 degrees to the camera and put a hand on a hip. Thus one foot has to be pushed forward. Move body weight on other foot. Know why this pose is used very often? It visually does you more graceful and more harmonous.

Cunning the fourth – we cross feet.

If you want to seem more harmonous in the photo, try to cross feet during shooting. First, so hips will seem already, secondly – feet will become visually longer. Besides this pose helps to relax and be more natural. It is possible to apply it and in a sitting position.

The fifth – do not forget cunning about a bearing and a smile.

All of us know that before a lens of the camera it is necessary to straighten shoulders and to pull in a stomach. But for some reason during shooting we forget about this simple cunning which will make you not only is more harmonous, but also surer. And, of course, do not forget to smile. Relax, slightly open a mouth a little and smile while the photographer is ready to press descent of a lock.

Be yourself!

Most of people at the sight of the camera start behaving at once unnaturally and are in constant tension. Because of excessive desire it is well to turn out on a photo, the result turns out opposite – on a photo you look held down and clamped. Therefore, first of all, relax and calm down. After all you not at examination!

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