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What is the neyrobika

Neyrobikoy is called a set of exercises which is developed especially for a human brain. Neyrobika develops and improves memory, besides these exercises feed a brain with additional energy that will allow to increase working capacity.

Aerobics for a brain – so often call a neyrobika as "neuron" + "aerobics" means "exercises for neurons". To be in a tone and to maintain high performance, charging – and, both is necessary for muscles, and for a brain. And if for muscles there is a huge number of exercises, the neyrobika is specially developed for a brain – these that will allow a brain to be in good shape. will tell in more detail that it is necessary to do to train the brain.

From where the neyrobika undertook?

It is known that nervous cages are not restored – each of us heard this theory in the childhood. But it appears, new nervous cages can appear in the adult's organism. It was proved during experiments which were made by group of scientists of America. It appears, at people mental capacities not because of dying off of cages decrease, and because of exhaustion of dendrites are the such shoots of nervous cages passing through themselves impulses from neurons to neurons. Here if not to stimulate dendrites, at least from time to time, they can atrophy and will lose the abilities to carry out nervous impulses. It is process rather physiological – there is the same, as to muscles which without physical activity will very quickly lose functional abilities.

Was considered earlier that only the children's organism is capable to stimulate growth of new dendrites, but, it appeared, adults too can grow up dendrites – without fearing to lose old cages.

Thanks to experiments, scientists could prove that in the adult's brain neural networks can change. Such opening also became a basis for development of a neyrobika. It appears, thanks to such exercises it is possible to hold firm in remembrance and sensible mind to the most extreme old age.

In what neyrobika essence

Difference of a neyrobika from other exercises that tasks which are offered by this technique, are directed on involvement of all five feelings which have to be used in unusual combinations. Such unexpected decisions are capable to give an impetus to a brain for considering of decisions for new, earlier untied associative communications which existed between certain types of information earlier.

If to force a brain of the person to combine feelings, especially in unusual combinations, it surely will start developing neyrotropin. That is necessary for growth of new nervous cages and growth of number of dendrites.

The neyrobika essence also consists in it – it is necessary daily to force to think and resolve various issues – best of all unusual, far from daily routine and sample actions. It is necessary to change habits for new actions that thus also other sense organs worked. It is desirable to try in general all daily duties to solve in the unusual way. Remember that the habit is capable to dry up a brain and to keep it in a "live" state, it is necessary to change lifestyle and to enrich it with absolutely new impressions.

Who needs a neyrobika?

Scientists proved that the neyrobika is useful absolutely at any age! For children such exercises will help to learn to concentrate attention and will help a brain to acquire new knowledge. And to people of the advanced and old age such occupations will help to support a brain in a tone that will allow to avoid memory impairment which comes with age.

Thanks to a neyrobika, it is possible to develop imagination and to learn to think abstractly. These exercises even can reduce a depression considerably.

Uniqueness of a neyrobika what it is possible to be engaged in it at any time, it is not dependent on where you specifically are. To restore nervous cages, it appears, not so difficult is it is possible to do on the way to shop, taking a shower or making a lunch at a plate.

Neyrobika: kinds of exercises

Most important rule of a neyrobika: any monotony, any routine, any sad habits! Resolve issues and problems in the way, unusual to yourself – force the brain to execute not simply command, and previously to think over it. Here some options of how to diversify habitual everyday things – and it is useful, and it is pleasant.

  1. Change the daily route from the house before work (study, shop, kindergarten). Even if the new road takes more time or you should change two buses, but it is very useful for your brain. All the matter is that the habit, as well as the road which daily you overcome to a goal, is capable to dull perception of reality. For example, try to change the route – choose different streets or at least bypass shops and other objects from the different parties. Thanks to these exercises you will be able to develop spatial memory.
  2. If you have the "leading" right hand, from time to time do all manipulations only with the left hand. For example, clean teeth, brush the hair, take a spoon or the handle and execute actions. The same needs to be made, if you the lefthander, but only with the right hand. If you daily try to write though couple of lines that hand which in habitual life at you not the leader, it will allow to strengthen relations between hemispheres, besides such exercises help to develop intelligence.
  3. To involve chains of neurons, it is possible since morning instead of habitual coffee to smell something another – not less fragrant.
  4. Even if you carry out usual daily routine things, you can train a brain – to execute them blindly – to the touch enough. Thanks to it the brain makes active those touch sites which in a brain simply are not involved in habitual life.
  5. Neyrobika also advises to develop and tactile feelings. If you learn to distinguish literally on one touch, say, coins of different advantage, or will master Braille's font (system for the people who lost sight).
  6. Get acquainted and communicate with strangers, visit the new countries, the cities or at least streets. Try to learn about those places where you happen as much as possible.

  7. Read as much as possible, but not only fiction or favourite magazines. Start reading that did not interest you earlier.
  8. Answering a question of friends, try to think up as much as possible non-standard answer.
  9. If you like to cook, prepare something unusual and exotic – that you were not able to afford earlier or simply never tried.
  10. Try to think up own jokes – remember jokes and tell them to friends. It will help not only to do exercises for mind, but also will develop thinking creativity.
  11. Watch TV without sound, thus try to guess about what there is a speech in transfer (or the movie).
  12. Try to do shift in the apartment or office from time to time. Approximately time in seven-ten days rearrange things in the house or update a desktop background in the computer.
  13. Change as often as possible the image or at least color scale to which give preference.

Spend leisure-time variously!

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