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Nettle for health of hair

That hair were beautiful, it is optional to buy expensive shampoos and balms, it is possible to ask for the help the mother nature. For example, one of the most useful plants for hair is the nettle dvudomny, of it do broths, infusions, masks. The advantage to hair the invaluable costs in a drugstore not much, and.

Useful properties of a nettle for hair

Several centuries ago people noticed that if to add to water for washing of the head a nettle, hair will become brilliant and strong. And only recently scientists could learn structure of this herb. It appears, the nettle contains a lot of formic, acetic and folic acid, it is rich with both a chlorophyll, and valuable essential oils. C and B2 can be distinguished from vitamins. Thanks to the structure the nettle is widely used in medicine, is a part of many drugs. And also it became a universal remedy for elimination of all problems of hair: it strengthens roots, cleans dandruff and excess fat, restores structure of a hair and stimulates its growth.

It is independently necessary to prepare a nettle in May-June when it is at peak of the growth. It is necessary to do it only in dry weather, after a lunch, differently the grass will decay. Among all leaves it is necessary to select only large, to spread out them a thin layer on paper and to dry until they break. On drying it to be necessary days 10. After that it is necessary to collect dry leaflets in a package from paper and to store in a dark, dry, cool place. By the way, it is necessary to collect a grass only in environmentally friendly areas, far from the city and highways. If you have no opportunity personally to be engaged in preparations, Mirsovetov recommends to get ready leaves in a drugstore.

Ways of use of a nettle

It is possible to treat hair a nettle in the different ways:

  1. Rinsing – for rinsing of hair it is possible to use broths or a fresh or dry nettle infusions. They softly influence structure of a hair on all length and head skin, without irritating her. It is possible to use also spirit tinctures, but before it it is necessary to dissolve them in water. A course of treatment – half a year. It is possible to rinse after each washing of the head. The effect from procedure will be swept up already in few weeks.
  2. Pulverizing – for rubbing in of a nettle in head skin use water infusions and juice of a plant. Procedure can be carried out daily, but it is no more than a month. Further has to follow having rummaged in two weeks that hair did not get used to a preparation and again to repeat a course to consolidate result. It is considered the most useful to a pulverizing krapivny juice, it is rubbed in head skin. Then it is necessary to wrap up the head in a warm towel for an hour. It is better to take juice fresh, it keeps the useful properties only within three days. It is necessary to store the prepared juice in the refrigerator. If there were first symptoms of baldness, it is recommended to rub in head skin tincture on alcohol or vodka. But only if you have not dry hair, differently alcohol will make them fragile. After rubbing in of means from a nettle it is not necessary to rinse hair.
  3. Masks – masks from a nettle need to be rubbed at first in roots, and then to put on all length of hair. From above to put on a package or a hat from polyethylene, to wind with a towel and to leave for about forty minutes. Masks do not more often than two times a week. Means is applied on clean ringlets, ingredients for a mask are selected taking into account type of hair.

Nettle hair oil

From leaves of a nettle receive the most valuable oil which is used and for treatment of hair. In it all useful properties of this plant remain. Most often oil is applied on split ends if hair split on all length, means process everything length of ringlets. In half an hour the head needs to be washed. Be not afraid that hair will be fat, oil is well washed away by shampoo. It is possible to use means not in pure form, and mixing it with kastorovy or burdock oils in equal proportions. Such mask will strengthen growth of hair and will make them healthy.

You should not abuse oil if hair at you are inclined to fat content. In this case it is better to use oil not in pure form, and to add it to hair conditioner, ten drops will be enough. Such means will enrich hair with vitamins and the effect will be much stronger, than from the conditioner without oil. And here you should not add oil to shampoo. Otherwise then it will be difficult to wash away it from hair.

With own hand to prepare a nettle oil, it is necessary to take two tablespoons of dry leaves to add to a glass of olive oil. To leave mix to be drawn within two weeks, then to filter and pour in capacity from dark glass.

Recipes of hair preparations

  1. To prepare broth for hair it is necessary to fill in nettle leaves with cool water, to put on a water bath and to boil thoroughly half an hour. Then to leave to be drawn broth at the room temperature. On a glass of water it is enough to take two tablespoons of leaves. Broth needs to be filtered before application. It is possible to fill in a dry nettle and hot water, the effect will be identical. Broth can be rubbed in head roots, for these purposes it is prepared more concentrated (on a glass of water – three tablespoons).
  2. For preparation of water infusion it is necessary to fill in hundred grams of dry leaves of 500 ml of hot water. To insist before cooling and to filter. To apply on hair in a warm look.

  3. For preparation of spirit tincture it is necessary to take 200 grams of leaves and the same amount of vodka or alcohol, to mix and leave in a warm place to be drawn for a week. And it is necessary to store ready raw materials in the refrigerator. It is possible to use not only dry, but also fresh leaves, it is necessary to crush, fill them in 0,5 one-liter jar and to fill in it to the brim with alcohol. To insist about a month.
  4. To prepare a mask for an oily hair it is necessary to cut small hundred grams of a fresh grass, and to mix with a teaspoon of sea salt. If is not present sea, it is possible to replace usual cooking, but in sea there are more than useful substances.
  5. To get rid of dandruff it is necessary to take two tablespoons of the chopped roots and as much nettle leaves, to fill in everything with 0,5 liter of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of hot water, to put mix on a water bath and to cook half an hour. To wait so far broth will cool down and it is possible to rub it in head skin, it will help not only to get rid of dandruff, but also will prevent a hair loss. A course of treatment two weeks, massage of the head with this means it is necessary to carry out daily.
  6. To prevent emergence of an early gray hair, it is necessary to prepare mix from the infusion of a nettle and vinegar taken in an identical proportion. Prepare means thus: to fill in hundred grams of a grass with 0,5 liters of boiled water, to insist two hours and to add vinegar, further to put mix on fire and to heat to 40 degrees. Within ten days to wash hair only with this means, without using shampoo, then it is necessary to make a ten-day break and again to repeat a course and so for half a year. Hair will become elastic, brilliant and healthy.

For treatment and maintenance of hair it is possible not only to use the cosmetics prepared in house conditions, but also to apply purchased shampoos, masks, conditioners which part the nettle is. Especially, if you are sure of manufacturing firm and know that he puts only natural components in the production.

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