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Symptoms and treatment of a nervous breakdown

Today, when the vital rhythm is very fast, and the stress waits at every turn, we often hear the phrase from acquaintances: "I have a nervous breakdown". It is not so simple to distinguish this state, it is confused to mental disorders or other diseases of nervous system.

Reasons of emergence of a nervous breakdown

The nervous breakdown does not occur out of the blue. The reasons of this unpleasant and even a dangerous state can be various:

  • problems in the relations with darling, with parents, in a family, divorce;
  • troubles at school, at institute, at work;
  • organism exhaustion after long winter, shortage of vitamins, fatigue, regular stresses;
  • addictions – drugs, alcohol;
  • the genetic predisposition which is descended;
  • financial problems – debts, the credits which cannot be paid because of crisis, loss of business and darling put;
  • can be the cause not only the negative moments, but also joyful, expectation something good and pleasant – a threshold of a wedding, anniversary and other actions. The person is in a condition of expectation, and as a result, its nervous system does not maintain an overstrain.

Symptoms of a nervous breakdown

Each person is individual and transfers difficulties differently. Is also important on how many the person is closed, keeps everything in himself, without splashing out a negative outside. Doctors describe the general symptoms by which it is possible to determine, whether there is an organism on a limit which can lead to a nervous breakdown. All symptoms share on three conditional groups:

  1. The physical:
    • uneasy dream, sleeplessnesses or on the contrary, deep long sleep;
    • disorder of a gastrointestinal tract – both diarrhea, and locks;
    • problems with respiratory system – short wind, interruptions in breath;
    • frequent headaches, migraine;
    • failures of a menstrual cycle, loss of a sexual inclination;
    • periodic loss of memory;
    • organism starvation, sharp loss of appetite and weight;
    • interruptions in work of cardiovascular system – tachycardia, arrhythmia;
    • panic attacks and deep depression.
  2. The behavioural:
    • strangenesses in behavior which are evident to close people and people around;
    • sharp differences of mood from laughter before sobbings;
    • the increased aggression which is shown in anger, desire to cause pain and violence.
  3. The emotional:
    • depression which can serve further as the reason of a nervous breakdown;
    • groundless feeling of alarm, concern;
    • sharp decrease of a self-assessment, uncertainty in itself or on the contrary, emergence of sense of superiority, greatness, comparison of good luck;
    • change of priorities, loss of interest in work, study;
    • emergence of thoughts of death, about suicide;
    • thirst for alcohol, drugs, smoking.

Stages of development of a nervous breakdown

The nervous breakdown does not come at once, at once. Its development goes on three stages:

  1. At the first stage at the person there comes revaluation of the opportunities, he seeks to capture everything, feeling false rise and inflow of forces.
  2. And there comes the moment when to the person comes the understanding of that it is not all-powerful that cannot cope with all objectives. So there comes the second stage - exhaustion physical and moral. The organism glitches, chronic diseases become aggravated, it becomes difficult to person to communicate with the people surrounding it. The person is depressed.
  3. At the third stage there comes the peak of development of a nervous breakdown. The person completely loses self-confidence, becomes isolated or starts behaving aggressively, considers it necessary himself to nobody, there are thoughts of suicide. And all this is followed by headaches, failures in work of cardiovascular system, the hypertension, tachycardia disturbs, appetite completely vanishes.

How to prevent a nervous breakdown

The nervous breakdown is called still protective reaction of an organism which just about will glitch. He as if speaks to the owner – stop, change the way of life, have a rest, differently I will not consult. Listen to the organism. If you feel that recently are tired more often, everything irritates you, stop and reflect on the following:

  1. What can serve as the reason of your state?
  2. Whether really your alarm is vain?
  3. What can occur if the problem is not solved, what consequences of it?
  4. Than you risk? Really it is more important than your health?

Analyse all questions and be convinced, whether it is worth worrying actually. recommends to talk to relatives, friends, to share with them the problems and in case of the offer of the help - not to refuse, showing the independence and independence.

Treatment of a nervous breakdown

Treatment of a nervous breakdown has to be complex. It is important to address to the necessary expert in time not to start a disease:

  1. At overfatigue, chronic fatigue, a depression take vacation, replace a situation, have a rest from work and household cares.
  2. At deeper symptoms it is better to address to the psychologist, the psychotherapist and the neuropathologist. Do not try to self-medicate, you only aggravate with it the state.
  3. If at a nervous breakdown failures in work of cardiovascular system, a gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland are observed, you need the help of such experts as the therapist, the cardiologist, the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist. They will appoint a special course of treatment in parallel with visit of the psychologist.
  4. Often at treatment of nervous breakdowns appoint a massage course, swimming, walks, fitness class.

Treatment by folk remedies

Nervous breakdown at an initial stage or after removal of a sharp form it is possible to treat also folk remedies:

  1. The glass of hot milk with a garlic glove for an hour till a breakfast has soothing action. Add garlic to boiled milk and let's be drawn within 30 minutes. The course of reception has to last at least 2 weeks.
  2. Mix valerian tincture with milk in the ratio 1:1. Accept 0,5 glasses every day on 3 times within 14 days. It is recommended to combine with sessions of psychological training.
  3. At an initial stage of development of a nervous breakdown heat baths with addition of 3 glasses of milk are recommended. Such bath needs to be taken within 15 minutes at the moment when you especially feel overfatigue, alarm, at panic attacks.
  4. Well tea from juice of wild strawberry and milk in the ratio 1:1 weakens and calms. Take such drink in unlimited number when wish. Also it can be accepted in the preventive purposes when you have a lot of work or during examinations.
  5. At a nervous breakdown it is possible to accept sage tincture. On 6 g of a grass it is necessary to add 500 ml of boiled water and sugar to taste. In 15 minutes after a zavarivaniye filter, drink before each meal.
  6. At nervous overexcitation you will be helped by grass collecting: hawthorn of 1 h. l., pustyrnik of 1 h. l., sushenitsa of 1 h. l., camomiles of 1/3 h. l. Fill in a grass with a glass of boiled water and insist 10 hours after that filter. To accept on 0,5 glasses right after meal.

As often speak - easier to prevent a disease, than then to be engaged in treatment. Do not bring yourself to a condition of a nervous breakdown, protect the health, be not overstrained, treat problems more simply and do not refuse the help of the family to you people.

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