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How to determine character by color of eyes

Eyes are called not for nothing "window to the soul" – they can tell sometimes much more, than words. Thus eyes never lie. They can be silent, and can speak, and emotionally and loudly. By the way, from all beings in the world only at the person noticeable whites of the eyes. In it there is the privilege, after all thanks to it people can determine character of the person by eyes a condition of the interlocutor and his feeling.

It is remarkable that it is quite easy to determine character of the person by color of eyes, it is only enough to know the characteristic signs relating to this or that color of eyes. There is such opinion that those people, at which dark eyes – strong-willed and strong natures, whereas light-eyed – modest and constraining. Experts are sure, color will prompt bents and addictions of the person – and will help to understand it.

Black eyes. These are vigorous people, initiative and madly passionate. Durable. They have a restless strong-willed character. Loveful. Energetic. Obsessed. "Black-eyed" exacting not only to themselves, but also to the people surrounding them therefore often there are conflicts and misunderstanding. With close people the intense relations are possible (because of insistence). Often take offense "just like that", from scratch. Are very hazardous, like to work. Adore being the focus of attention, even physically need it. Decisions are made quickly, therefore they often wrong.

Brown eyes. People attractive, temperamental, sensual, witty and impulsive. Dark color in itself is a sign of the quick-tempered and conflict person who at the same time quickly forgets all offenses. Are hazardous. Quickly meet with people, as the very sociable. Are categorical and selective. If love, forever if hate, during all life. "Brown-eyed" are very amorous, but their hobby passes sometimes very quickly. The color is more dark, the all these qualities are stronger.

Light-brown (nut) eyes. Generally it is people indecisive (the shade is lighter, the this quality is more developed), timid, pensive. Diligent. Aspire to a privacy and rest. Pragmatic and very hardworking. Reliable. It is possible to rely on such people safely. "Orekhovoglazye" love independence. They are individualists and quite often work separately from the others. Pressure upon themselves do not transfer. Especially, if it goes from out of. These are impressionable people who long and take the offense caused them by other people hard.

Brown-green (green-brown) eyes. Very wise people, resourceful and quiet. Are capable to collect round themselves large audience as really are able to listen and hear interlocutors. Like to work (to workaholism). Are able to achieve a goal. Both in love, and in friendship are true.

Green eyes. People very purposeful, are basic, stubborn and persistent. But at the same time the "green-eyed" gentle people who try to avoid the conflicts. Verna, are exacting and stable. Like everything to finish. Are fair. Really see things. Most often perfectly understand people – literally at first sight. Are not afraid of difficulties. Quite often on search of an ideal a lot of time leaves is is connected with high requirements to the second half, but love sincerely and hotly. Reliable friends. People with green eyes great chiefs and sensible heads. Good interlocutors and listeners.

Green-gray (gray-green) eyes. People strong-willed with a real view of all events in life, are pig-headed. Pragmatists. Are able to feel a situation. Hardworking and conscientious. Patient and resolute. Do not love injustice. Have congenital intuition. In love are gentle and devoted – love most often once and for the rest of life. With enemies ruthless and ruthless. Happen rigid and cruel. Are able to listen.

Gray eyes. These are the real toilers, they are clever and extraordinary practical. Possess balanced character. The intuition is not developed, despite brilliant, sometimes highly intellectual mentality. Are inquisitive. Are self-sufficient. Problems are solved, and at once after their emergence. "Gray-eyed" honest and kind people, reliable. Do not go in cycles in something one. Possess a determinate character. In emotions are constrained, seem quite often "dry". Are not able "to go woolgathering" - prefer to feel firmly under themselves the earth. Are sensitive. It is considered that people with gray eyes in everything are lucky. In love are true – least all are inclined to changes.

Dark gray eyes. Stubborn and courageous strong-willed persons. Are self-sacrificing and resolute. Are very jealous, but try to hide it. Generally one-woman men.

Gray-blue eyes. At people which color of eyes combines this cold color scale, in character it is combined qualities of both gray-eyed, and blue-eyed people. These are quiet and honest people. At them in identical proportions both mind, and imagination is developed. Are very devoted. At all sentimentalities are deprived. Possess a determinate character. Are ambitious. Always defend the interests. Are able to protect and give sensible and practical advice. Quite often suffer due to the lack of warmth.

Blue eyes. People pensive and romantic, are very vulnerable and sensitive. But at the same time not really sentimental also do not trust tears – you will not move to pity them with such behavior. Long remember offenses. Generally "blue-eyed" all take very much to heart. Purposeful. Are subject to frequent depressions and causeless attacks of anger which are fortunately rare. Quiet, but do not love monotony and monotony. In love are changeable, prefer a variety. Frequent it is talented people – artists, sculptors, actors, writers.

Dark-blue eyes. These are very persistent people who are inclined to melancholy and sentimentality. Are whimsical. Often such people are called "person mood". Long remember offenses. Sometimes happen "windy" and changeable. Are unreliable as seldom keep the word. Are cruel.

Blue eyes. Romantics. Are very sensual and emotional. "Blue-eyed" generous and reliable, honestly perform the work. Are quite often talented as possess extraordinary developed imagination. Are too sensitive to pain. Fall in love recklessly, the passion are capable to captivate the partner literally for the rest of life. Are unpredictable. Are fair. Love the truth and will defend it that is called "to the last gasp" in spite of the fact that it can be to the detriment of itself and the health. Sometimes happen haughty. Haughty. Happens and so that go for the open conflict. Talented debaters. Not always understand others problems though, most likely, simply do not penetrate into them. Often force events.

Yellow eyes. Very rare color of eyes. Nature at "yellow-eyed" as at the qualified actor. They are unpredictable and unexpected is appears in acts and words. Excellent friends – really devoted and reliable, are ready to go on feats for the sake of close people. Kind, but also reserved, resourceful, sometimes the cunning. Easily distinguish deception and falseness. Emotions quite often burst forth.

Tiger (tiger-yellow) eyes. The most rare color of human eyes in the world. These people really unique – they are talented and artistic. Possess superhuman abilities, are able to read (at least many testify to it) foreign thoughts. People with such exotic eyes original and unpredictable. They possess resourceful mind. Are often artful. Do not know fear. Are quick-tempered. Are emotional, and are quite often simply not capable to control the emotions. Speak about such people "itself is canny". "Tigrovoglazye" are able to gain any interlocutor.

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