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Natural antibiotics

In the nature there are many products and plants by means of which it is possible to treat various diseases. With success to replace unhealthy the person pharmaceutical drugs natural antibiotics will help.

Among a set of plants exists a lot of such which are capable to relieve the person of various diseases. Many plants with success fight against microbes. Remember, in the childhood our grandmothers often treated cold lime tea and raspberry jam? And it not the only natural antibiotic. will tell, what plants will help to cope with cold and other diseases and will help to strengthen immunity.

Pharmaceutical drugs never were useful. In particular, antibiotics kill useful bacteria in intestines of the person. After the postponed disease of people very long it is restored. With success to treat a set of diseases, cold and viral diseases it is possible natural products and herbs.

The most popular natural drugs

They are practically in each house, and we use many almost every day.

Onions. It is considered the most useful and helps an organism to get rid of bacteria. Natural antiseptics. Strengthens immunity. In the ancient time people simply sucked crude onions. Thus, they got rid of diseases, considering that onions are capable "to exhaust" bad of an organism.

To disinfect the room, to get rid of harmful bacteria and microbes, it is enough to cut onions on some parts and to put it on a table on a silver platter.

One more unique recipe of disposal of colibacillus bacteria. It is necessary to take juice of onions and juice of a lime in equal proportions. To mix. To accept on a half of a teaspoon.

Cabbage. It kills microbes. It is considered that the cabbage becomes especially useful when it is made sour. Sauerkraut (with carrot) needs to be eaten every day, especially during the autumn and winter period.

Medical. "A natural antibiotic", - our grandmothers so spoke and treated with a sweet delicacy. Scientists, making experiments, found out that honey contains special substance of a proteinaceous origin.

Using honey, it is possible to cure stomach ulcer. Also beekeeping products with success wounds and burns treat. It once again proves that honey is a natural anti-septic tank and an antibiotic.

Honey it is possible to cure catarrhal diseases, a sore throat. But it is necessary to consider that products of beekeeping can suit not all and in certain cases to cause allergic reactions.

Cinnamon. It, as well as onions, applied as a natural antibiotic in ancient times. Cinnamon, besides its medicinal properties, is considered a natural antioxidant and an excellent stimulator of immune system of the person. The pure cinnamon which is grown up in Ceylon can stop reproduction of the most stubborn bacterium of E.Coli causing many serious illness.

Astragal. Possesses the toning action on a human body. Already many tens years successfully apply it in the Chinese medicine to immunity strengthening, to removal of stresses, increase of working capacity and cerebration. Astragal with success treats cold, protects a liver.

Besides above-mentioned natural medicinal herbs and products there is a set of natural antibiotics.

Let's review briefly the most widespread and their action:

  1. Rosemary treats diseases of a stomach and intestines, helps to cope with frustration of nervous system.
  2. Fennel improves a metabolism, kills pathogenic bacteria.
  3. The coriander is called cure for many troubles. He kills pain, spasms, cleans nausea, will help to remove spasms, to relieve spasms and pain in a stomach.
  4. Basil – the spicy grass which possesses disinfecting and bactericidal properties, and also will help to protect an organism from an infection.
  5. Ekhinatsey possesses antiviral action, removes inflammations. This plant has about ten types, each of them possesses the special medicinal properties. To Ekhinatsey apply in medicine, by means of tinctures and lotions it is possible to kill pain, irritation from stings of insects and venomous snakes. Also ekhinatseya is a powerful natural stimulator of immunity and it is accepted to prevent infection at an early stage.
  6. The turmeric – strengthens immunity and kills spasms and pain in muscles.
  7. Ginger. Infusion from a root of ginger helps to strengthen immunity, to get rid of catarrhal diseases and even to get rid of extra kilos. Ginger is a part of many recipes and diets. The simplest drink of health consists of a root of ginger, a lemon and honey. Ginger and a lemon mix up in proportions 2:1, fill in with hot water, insist. A field of cooling add honey to taste.
  8. Extract from grapefruit seeds. Possesses strong antibacterial action, kills viruses, a fungus, bacteria, microorganisms, but thus does not harm to an organism. Grapefruit extract with success treats candidiasis, an ulcer and disorder of intestines, ear diseases, a cancer of a thick gut.
  9. Oil from seeds of mustard kills helminths, a bacterium and is a prophylactic against parasites.
  10. Ginseng root. Infusion from a root treats diabetes, helps men to find force, sexuality, to restore an erection. Tincture of a ginseng is accepted at a breakdown, weakness, the lowered pressure. Extract of this preparation is a part of various drugs by means of which catarrhal diseases treat, flu, increase immunity.

Colloidal silver not absolutely belongs to this list, but according to many people who cured them various diseases, works wonders. Silver will help to cure quicker cold, flu, other infectious diseases. Medical mix is received by mixing of two liquid substances: silver and colloid. It is undesirable to apply inside constantly silver.

Five best antibiotics

If nevertheless it was not succeeded to save itself, and you got sick, there is a chance to recover much earlier. Natural antibiotics will come to the rescue. They will help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, without having done much harm to an organism. Naturally, natural antibiotics cannot struggle with a serious illness.

If every day to use products about which conversation will go further, the organism will gain protective immunity, and you will avoid cold and other diseases.

  1. Horse-radish. The root of a horse-radish which possesses a number of antimicrobic properties, contain enzymes and oil mustard. When the root of a horse-radish is crushed or pounded, these two substances become more active and form a strong natural antibiotic (oil allylic) which treats nasopharynx diseases.

    Recipe of disposal of cough, tracheitis and bronchitis. To crush a root of a horse-radish and to take one tablespoon, to mix with three spoons of honey and to leave for days. Every day to eat medicine on a teaspoon to five times a day. It is necessary to do it so: to take medicine and to take it in a mouth before full dissolution. At cystitis and other diseases of urinogenital system a tablespoon of the horse-radish crushed on a grater to fill in 250 ml of hot water. To insist five minutes and every day to drink warm infusion in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening.

  2. Cranberry. Very powerful antibiotic and powerful exterminator of viruses. Clears of bacteria urinary tract and urinogenital system in general. A natural antioxidant the cranberry, and also cowberry treat catarrhal diseases, have easy diuretic effect and have anti-inflammatory effect. It is worth to remember that the excessive use of a cranberry can lead to lowering of blood pressure.

    To prepare cranberry drink, it is necessary to take a cranberry and to pound it with sugar, in proportions 3:1. To take two tablespoons of ready mix and to fill in them with a half of liter of boiled water. Drink useful to health can be drunk.

  3. Garlic. It brings out of an organism harmful bacteria, and also intestinal parasites, and viruses from an organism, in particular respiratory system, blood. Garlic is also the means protecting an organism from development of cancer cells. Clears blood. Having eaten only one garlic glove, the human body receives at once about 400 useful substances which clear walls of vessels of "bad" cholesterol, help to get rid even of tubercular, diphtheritic sticks, and also kills helminths.

    To prepare a garlick elixir, it is necessary to take 12 teeth, and to cut everyone on four parts. To fill in cloves with red wine (three glasses). To leave on a window sill, in well lit place that on tincture the sunlight got. Mix has to be drawn half-month. Periodically, it is desirable to shake up and mix accurately each two-three days mix. After the elixir is ready, it filter and pour in capacity from dark glass. Take such medicine for hundred diseases on one teaspoon three times a day for a month. The elixir removes salts, increases activity, strengthens immunity, a cardiac muscle. Treats diseases of female genitals, and also clears a human body of slags.

  4. The basil possesses anti-bactericidal property and with success treats quinsy. To prepare medicine, it is necessary to crush basil leaves (4 tablespoons) and to fill in them with a glass of boiled water, within 15-20 minutes on slow fire mix gets warm, then is cooled and filtered. This solution it is necessary to rinse a throat several times a day.

    At conjunctivitis two spoons of the crushed leaves fill in 500 ml of hot water and insist until until water becomes cool, filter. This solution wash out eyes and use inside on 125 ml several times a day before food.

    From a headache prepare tea from a grass of a melissa, a basil and a sage. All herbs crush and mix, take a teaspoon and fill in with a glass of boiled water. Insist about 20 minutes, after filter and slowly drink with honey. Within half an hour the headache passes. Also such tea can be drunk to get rid of uneasiness and overexcitation.

  5. Blueberry is considered natural aspirin. Berry kills a headache, muscle pain and helps to restore an organism after the postponed chronic disease. Blueberry is used with the purpose to clear urinogenital system of bacteria and to prevent development of an infection.

All natural antibiotics in a varying degree help the person to feel better. Do not forget that before application of any natural antibiotic it is desirable to consult with the attending physician.

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