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Treatment of a fungus standing

Today this quite widespread disease. It will difficult respond to treatment and can constantly renew.

There are some kinds of this illness. The fungus of nails is characterized by various manifestations and types of the activator.


  1. There is a nail thickening.
  2. Nails become fragile, fragility increases.
  3. Change of a form of a nail plate.
  4. Lack of healthy gloss of a nail, it simply grows dull.
  5. Color of nails changes coloring for more dark.

Onikholizis is a peeling of the infected nail from a nail bed. Also pain in finger-tips and a slight smell from the infected nail can be a symptom of an illness. Most often nails of feet, in particular 1 and the 5th fingers suffer.

The disease in the absence of treatment can last indefinitely. At the first symptoms of emergence of a fungus it is necessary to address to the doctor immediately.


Fungus of nails microorganisms often cause dermatophytes. Infection most often occurs on nails of toes. A huge number of people carry the closed footwear that promotes an excellent condition for fungus life (warmly, it is dark and damp). And blood circulation on toes is less, than in fingers of hands, immune system it is more difficult to distinguish and kill an infection.

Risks of development of an onikomioz:

  1. The increased sweating.
  2. Intensive loadings on a heat and at high humidity.
  3. Psoriasis.
  4. Close footwear. It interferes with an air flow.
  5. In the pool, a gym, circulation barefoot in public places.
  6. Athlete's foot.
  7. When nails and a foot are injured.
  8. At diabetes the risk sharply increases.


The disease rather unpleasant and often causes morbidity, and sometimes and continuous injury of a nail. Such state can lead to more serious consequences. Complications can arise generally at people with the lowered immunity. Therefore to them follows, as soon as possible to address to the doctor and to begin timely treatment. The fungus of nails of serious complications does not cause in healthy people. Though change of color of a nail and its appearance will be sufficient by all means to begin treatment.


Only the dermatologist can appoint treatment for a fungus of nails.

For oral administration by the most effective means Terbinafin and Itrakolazol is. They quickly help to grow to a healthy nail, to replace the fabric infected on the healthy. The course lasts from 6 to 12 weeks. But sometimes more long. The result of treatment will be swept up only when grows a new healthy nail. It can last about 4 months and more. The disease can develop again.

Such antimicrobic preparations have also minuses. They can cause side effects. They are contraindicated to the people having diseases of a liver and heart failure.

Other means:

  1. Antifungal varnish. It is used at a weak or moderate infection. It is applied on a nail and skin round it only once a day. In a week varnish coats are removed alcohol, and the varnish is again put in the same way. Such method helps to get rid of a fungus within a year.
  2. Ointments not too help to get rid of a fungus completely. Generally they are directed on relief of symptoms. Often ointments combine with oral preparations.
  3. Removal of a nail can be made as a last resort. If the infection causes severe pain. The remote nail grows within a year.
  4. Vinegar. Efficiency of this method of treatment still it is completely not proved. For treatment within 20 minutes it is recommended to keep feet in mix from 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water. Feet after that carefully dry up.

Treatment of a fungus of nails folk remedies:

  1. Strong coffee treats not only an infection, but also kills pains.
  2. The tea mushroom widely is famous in fight against this illness. Put a small slice of a tea mushroom to the infected nail. It is best of all to do it for the night, primotav a mushroom to a nail by means of bandage or a plaster.
  3. Take oil of a chistotel, it can easily be got in a drugstore, impregnate with it a small slice of cotton wool and a primotayta to a sore nail. Fix a plaster, and from above put on a woolen sock. In 20 minutes remove a bandage. The fungus passes in a month after daily treatment.
  4. Euphorbia fill in a grass with three liters of boiled water. Draw 2 hours, having wrapped up in a warm blanket. In the turned-out infusion take feet about 30 minutes. Repeat trays each 2 days.
  5. Pound a peppermint with a tablespoon of table salt. The received mix for 1 hour tie to affected areas.
  6. In a drugstore order 35% salicylic ointment. Smear feet and put on polyethylene pacts everyone, and from above socks. Go till the evening. In the evening procedure should be repeated for the night. To continue treatment week until skin becomes white and will start getting down rags.
  7. Well the tray from soda and salt helps. Put in cool water on a tablespoon of soda and salt. After procedure wash feet clear water.
  8. Sour cream - one more means for fight against a fungus of nails. Smear with it feet for the night, from above put on bags and socks. Wash away under flowing water in the morning.
  9. Propolis is famous for the excellent medicinal properties. Steam out feet in a tray with potassium permanganate. Mix propolis and alcohol 1:1 and tie to the steamed-out nail.
  10. The usual iodine which is stored at each hostess in the first-aid kit can perfectly cope with a fungus of nails. Every day apply an iodine droplet on the affected nails.


That your marigold always pleased you with the beautiful look, did not exfoliate, did not catch such unpleasant an illness as a fungus, recommends to be guided by several rules:

  1. Do not carry too close footwear. It has to be convenient, breathing and should not rub a callosity.
  2. It is necessary to avoid stresses, overcooling, not to overtire, accept vitamins. After all decrease in immunity will directly lead to infection.
  3. It is not necessary to wash constantly hands and feet with disinfectants. After all you do even worse, washing away own microorganisms from skin which struggle with an infection.
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