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Myths about the Russian tires

In this article we literally will dispel myths about the Russian producers of tires and quality of their production. Thereby we want to open eyes on a real situation in the Russian market of automotive industry and to increase opinion on domestic producers of tires.
Мифы о российских шинах In this article we literally will dispel myths about the Russian producers of tires and quality of their production. Thereby we want to open eyes on a real situation in the Russian market of automotive industry and to increase opinion on domestic producers of tires.
Helped us to understand this question and kindly agreed to share the supervision of people which 12 years are engaged in realization of tires (began the simple seller in shop – now the head of the sales department). Therefore considered that will be correct and it is useful to trust in experience of the person who about tires knows firsthand.

Myth the first: the Russian producers of tires have curve hands

Ручной труд на российских заводах в прошлом, заправляют всем компьютеры Many consider that the Russian producers have curve hands therefore by definition of normal tires they cannot make.
Nonsense! The Russian plants at which release modern tires (Amtel, Cordiant) are equipped with the newest technologies. There was I both on YaShZ, and in Kirov, both in Voronezh, and too it was succeeded to visit Nokian and Michelin plant. And so, manual skills are everything in the past, people at these plants – the personnel serving cars, simply watch that the equipment worked correctly. And fill with everything – computers which are hardly capable to be mistaken. Control of the equipment was done by producers, that is Krupp (Germany), Vimiay (Holland). So and here mistakes are excluded, and, therefore, that? Correctly: the myth "curve hands" – it is also the myth!

Myth of the second: in Russia are not able to develop the tire

Fact: technologies of development of tires that at the well-known GoodYear that at Yaroslavl with the Kirov tire plant – in fact identical!!! I know because itself saw – was both in laboratories of America and in laboratories of Russia.
I tell process:
    Технологии разработки шин, что у знаменитого GoodYear, что у Ярославского с Кировским шинным заводом – по сути одинаковые
  1. Computer modeling (some options of a protector of the tire and its profiles are drawn).
  2. Options of behavior of the tire miscalculate various situations (programs).
  3. The best options which are selected as a result of the previous stage are cut manually (the special machine which on a slika cuts protector drawing).
  4. Road tests (type dispersal, braking and other, and is compared, as a rule, to the best serial samples of competitors).
  5. Operational development of the chosen sample (correction of a profile, drawing of a sidewall, etc.).
  6. The tire is put in operation.

Myth the third: the Russian tires are made of raw materials of poor quality

About it it is possible to tell the following...
    Доля натурального каучука в новых российских шинах типа Amtel и Cordiant – точно такая же, как в импортных шинах, колеблется от 10 до 20%
  1. Share of natural rubber in new Russian Amtel and Cordiant tires – just the same as in import tires, fluctuates from 10 to 20%!!!
  2. Artificial rubber. If foreign producers were up to the end honest, to Michelin would confess that they buy a considerable share of artificial rubber in Russia.
  3. That import that the Russian tires are made from polyair or kapron. The exception is made by high-speed tires – they are done of viscose, it is expedient to use this material in tires with a speed index from 240 km/h. Production of tires from viscose in Russia was stopped years so 15 back.

Myth the fourth: foreigners strongly overtake us in technologies

Ярославский шинный завод And here it is easy to argue. For example, we will take widely advertized Bridgestone Dual Layer Tread II technology (technology of two-layer rubber of a protector).
The Yaroslavl Tire Plant of years 5 already uses this technology, and whether they developed it slightly not earlier, than Japanese.
The Voronezh tire plant in general surpassed Japanese and let out the 4th!!! layer protector. In general, recognize – all of us are tried to be cheated. In general nonsense – moisture it will absorb microporous composition of rubber which allegedly absorbs moisture (Bridgestone), and what further?! I think, through 10-15 meters absorption of moisture will stop since a time will be filled with moisture! Generally, for whom we are taken by foreign developers of tires – and it is clear to a hedgehog :)

Myth the fifth: the Russian rubber as the Russian roulette, never you will guess with quality

Российских шин продается в России гораздо больше, чем импорта Full paragraph! The office in which I work, sells half a million Russian tires a year and hundred thousand import. The Russian tires in general is on sale in Russia much more, than import.
And so in percentage terms complaints on Michelin, Continental and Nokian approximately as much, how many and on Amtel, Kordiant and Kama. The only minus of the Russian producers that they sell, but do not utilize the tire which did not pass quality control. But on such tires special marks of type - TH, the Grade 3, DA and other are given. And, naturally, they are given cheap to sellers that those sold these tires - on beds!!! but not for use on transport!!! It is clear to all that occurs further, the part of tires really goes on beds, and the part safely is on sale to ignorant people who will wear then rubber how much in vain.

I hope, now we explained, myths about quality of the Russian tires from where undertake. And the fact of that these myths have under themselves no basis, already has to play a role upon purchase of the next set of tires. Therefore it is possible to choose summer tires of the Russian production and thus also to save, exactly as, choosing winter tires, not to pursue import brands, and to receive quite predskazumy behavior of the car on the slippery road. Whether it is worth overpaying for a name, to solve to you. simply assures you, as among tires of the Russian production it is possible to choose a copy of worthy quality.
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