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How to begin the business

You consider that business is your elements that your ideas are original that your creative decisions have to bring you stable earnings. You have a readiness to begin, but you do not know with what, actually, to begin. will help to understand.
Как начать свой бизнес You consider that business is your elements that your ideas are original that your creative decisions have to bring you stable earnings. You are ready to work 80 hours per week for yourself instead of 40 business hours on the Chief. You want to earn not simply money, you want to realize the business idea and to earn on it money. You have a readiness to begin, but you do not know with what, actually, to begin. will help to understand.

Whether you are ready to become a businessman?

So, first of all, to understand, whether really your decision to begin the business is good idea, and whether you will be capable to become the good businessman, ask to yourself a question: you would like to have such partner in business, how you? Try to answer this question objectively. In case of an affirmative answer, start business. At a zero step of your business you have to understand for yourself, what it is impossible to hurry that, having rushed as in a whirlpool with the head, on execution of your idea you risk to burn through right at the beginning. Before to begin realization of your idea, conduct market researches, make and several times check the business plan, try to think over as much as possible details in advance.
Try to choose for yourself such occupation to which you are down on. Remember that, beginning business, you should learn much therefore it is important to know an essence of your business at the level of the professional. So you will be able to control all process of work from the beginning until realization of a product.
Remarkably, if you have such knowledge which only just start arriving on arms of businessmen – uniqueness of your kind of activity will help you to take a sure place in the field of the market and to avoid the serious competition of old residents of this business.

We choose a launching site for business

Франчайзинг состоит в том, что вы заключаете договор с известной торговой маркой, по которому фирма-франчайзор предоставляет вам право пользоваться своими технологиями, своим именем, своими лицензиями Now, when you, it is possible to tell, are warned, and are, so armed, think how to start. You have some possible options:
  • To address to programs of support of businessmen. There are state programs of support of small business. Privileges at rent of rooms are provided to the beginning businessmen, upon purchase of office equipment, at the organization of work of business. Recommends to receive particulars on the matter of in local governments because programs of the help to small business carry regional and sometimes even city character.
  • To start the business from scratch. Such option is interfaced to big difficulties. It is quite difficult to advance the business idea in the Russian reality. Be ready to that on it at you a lot of time and means of your capital will leave. Perhaps, you will need to find investors. However, all in your hands, and the success of your enterprise depends entirely on your persistence, persistence and diligence. The set of cases when people achieved success in business, since zero and without the starting capital are known.
  • To get ready business. It is much simpler to buy ready business, than to create it from scratch. Getting business, you get rooms, warehouses, the trained personnel, the existing contracts, generally, ready working system. In your hands to develop business, to eliminate competitors, perhaps, more favorable to sell business.
  • To buy the franchize. Quite convenient way to start on the enterprise arena. The franchizing consists that you sign the contract with a known trademark under which the firm-franchayzor grants you the right to use the technologies, the name, the licenses.

Writing of the business plan

Очень важно составить бизнес-план грамотно и полно The business plan is an economic program of management of your business. It is very important to make the business plan competently and fully. First, it will help you with development of right strategy of business, secondly, will help to systematize possible losses and profits. But the business plan can play also very responsible role when you with it go to bank for receiving the credit for all business. The bank by means of your business plan will be able to estimate a risk share, interest rates on the credit, conditions of issuance of credit.
Also the business plan defines destiny of investments from outside. The competent business plan will interest investors and will raise their funds to your business.
It is worth understanding that not each business idea can become a basis for profitable business. When you had an idea for the business, recommends to take a pencil in hand and to think over the main key moments. What your experience in implementation of the similar project, how fully you vladt information on object of your project, whether there is a license or the certificate, whether there is in your idea something special that does it unique. And also whether your project will sustain the competition what sales market will be, whether the idea, which means will long pay off you have for implementation of idea (the capital, rooms, lands, the equipment, labor, etc.). When you have detailed answers to all these key moments, can safely undertake writing of the business plan.

First expenses on business opening

О расходах на открытие бизнеса стоит задуматься еще при составлении бизнес-плана It is worth reflecting on expenses on opening of business even by drawing up the business plan. These expenses are inevitable therefore, having reflected on them in advance, it is possible to try them to minimize.
You will need funds for registration of the enterprise. If you want to avoid the bureaucratic meat grinder, be ready to that you should pay services of firms who will be engaged in registration of your future enterprise.
You will also need funds for rent of rooms, purchase of the equipment and raw materials, on employment of workers, on advertizing. Of course, each business has the monetary threshold of entry in business, however in your forces to apply a know-how to optimize expenses and to increase the possible income.

Organizational and legal form of your business

The commercial organizations share on:
  • Full association – such form of your business at which participants combine the efforts and the capitals for joint business. Participants can conduct joint business activity, and will bear responsibility not only property of association, but also own. The order of activity of association, the size of deposits and a control system is described in the foundation agreemtn.
  • The general partnership – differs from full in structure of participants – there are full companions and investors. The first bear full responsibility, as well as in full association, and investors do not bear responsibility and risk only the contribution.
  • Open company – limited liability company – the form of association of the capital allowing personal participation in management (meeting of participants or executive body) the participant bears Responsibility only the size of the contribution.
  • Joint-stock companies – a business form at which the authorized capital is divided into a certain number of actions. Participants of society – shareholders – taking shares, create authorized capital of society. Control of joint-stock company is exercised by means of meeting of shareholders.
  • Production cooperatives – merger of both physical, and legal entities for joint conducting the business activity based on their personal labor or other participation.
Любой гражданин имеет право заниматься предпринимательской деятельностью без образования юридического лица с момента регистрации в качестве индивидуального предпринимателя Any citizen has the right to be engaged in business activity without formation of legal entity from the moment of registration as the individual entrepreneur.

Having developed business idea, having made the business plan, having chosen for itself the most suitable form of your business, you carried out a preparatory work. It seems to you that you already halfway to success, but all this were only florets, berries begin now – you should prepare constituent documents, to register the enterprise, to choose system of the taxation, to open bank accounts.
If you were not frightened by the first difficulties, and you with not a smaller heat are torn to conquest of business heights, wishes you good luck and prosperity to your business!
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