Strengthening of muscles of hands
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Strengthening of muscles of hands

It is accepted to call girls by "weaker sex". It does not prevent to load on them conducting household chores and education of children at all. Surprisingly, female hands at graceful forms possess the surprising force and endurance. But the nature not of all awarded with force of hands therefore it is necessary to correct a situation. The complex of special exercises will help to strengthen muscles of hands.
During courtings for the girl the guy needs to show romanticism miracles: to lift darling on hands, to help her with performance of a hard physical activity, "to pull up trees" according to the first requirement. For this purpose all the strong hands capable to sustain loading during the long period of time will be necessary.
It is accepted to call girls by "weaker sex". It does not prevent to load on them conducting household chores, purchases in shops and education of children over time at all. Surprisingly, female hands are capable to work wonders! At graceful forms they possess the surprising force and endurance.
The nature not of all awarded with force of hands therefore it is necessary to correct a situation. The complex of special exercises will help to strengthen muscles of hands. At due approach to the matter it is possible to reach much.

Importance of strong hands

If guys by definition know that it is important to keep a physical shape, for young girls this question can be not so significant. Women are more senior already perfectly understand that bags do not come from shop. And housework demands dexterity and the fortress of hands: to transfer that bucket with water, to move pans, to get preservation from the storeroom... Not always the husband happens nearby to help. So strong hands are also important for girls, as well as for guys.
There are many situations where force in hands is necessary:
  • education of children. Newborns, generally fall asleep at mother on hands. And gripes in a stomach or too emotional day sometimes extends process of withdrawal to a dream, here and it is necessary to check the organism for endurance day by day. It is better to strengthen the muscles that it was not necessary to complain of muscle pain then in advance. With growth of the child in joint games the father starts being connected, throwing the kid up or shaking on hands. So it is better for future parents to allocate time for performance of a set of exercises that education of the child did not become for them an excessive burden;
  • purchases in shops. Women can save therefore they assume purchases. Here also it turns out that the husband is very seldom allowed to this process. The woman should choose between strengthening of hands and the admission of the spouse to daily acquisitions of products;
  • unrationed physical activity. Here it is possible to carry trips on giving times a week, the planned campaigns in the wood or mountains, movement of furniture indoors, implementation of repair of the house;
  • evening massage to the partner. For the sake of darling the real man is ready on a lot of things. And if in gratitude massage is promised it... Here only properly to work the man's muscles, remarkable force is required. Want to please it with the skill? Then strengthen hands and comprehend massage elements;
  • work. There are many professions in which among direct duties also that are interfaced to physical activity of hands disappear. For example, office employees can be filled up with red tape. And from time to time it is required to transfer, shift and deliver all these mountains of folders and papers somewhere. It is good when it is possible to transfer for once all documents to destination. And when there is no force, it is necessary to appeal constantly to another or to go most several times.
The list can be listed long above. But the essence from it will change a little. It is necessary to take care of the own life that in any life situation not to lower a hand in literal and figurative sense.

Warm-up at the beginning of training

Very few people will argue that before strong loading it is desirable to warm muscles, to be adjusted on productive training. All exercises of warm-up should be carried out standing directly. Feet can be both are closed together, and a little placed. Usually the start of motion is the share of a breath, and end – of an exhalation.
After each exercise of a hand it is possible to lower down, to weaken for some seconds and slightly to stir up. It prepares muscles for the following tension.
Rises. Begin warm-up with raising of the right hand up aside. Press fingers to each other, palms are open. In the top position it is impossible to touch the head, and in lower – hips. When hands are raised up, the palm has to be turned outside. Then to repeat the left hand. After 10 rises on each hand to make the same, but at the same time two hands.
Exercise 1. Raise the elbows and palms forming a straight line on breast level. Into the account "time - two" should be parted elbows as much as possible far apart with the sharp movements. Then hands are cramped so that one palm was under another. Into the account "three-four" hands become straight and get divorced most far. It is necessary to keep horizontal position of hands during performance of each movement. There is enough 10 repetitions.
Exercise 2. Bend forward, holding a back exactly, having lowered hands down. On a plan a back with feet have to form a right angle. Do exercise "mill": wave hands here and there, at the same time raising them that to the right, to the left. It is enough to make till 10-15 rises in each party.
Exercise 1. In a position "standing directly, feet on width of shoulders" squeeze fingers in a fist (a thumb better to clean in a palm). Start doing roundabouts by hands forward, and after 4 repetitions – back. At this moment the shoulder joint warms up. Then it is necessary to raise hands against the level of shoulders, to bend in elbows and to make roundabouts beam part of a hand. After 4 approaches that in one, into other party it is possible to pass to warm-up of a brush. To repeat all cycle of exercise 2 more times.
Exercise 2. Come back to a launching site of the previous exercise. Try to make roundabouts the right hand forward, and left – back. After the fourth circle replace the direction of each hand. The same, to similarly previous task, repeat on a bend in an elbow and around a brush.

Main exercises

After the executed warm-up it is possible to start more serious loading. For example, rises can be repeated with dumbbells in hands. Alternative option are special bracelets with weighting, plastic bottles with water. It is better to begin a cycle of occupations with more lightweight, and then to add loading. After a week of training the weight of dumbbells is corrected towards increase. Too zealous diligence at the very beginning of occupations without due preparation can lead to physical injuries that is undesirable for any person.
The principles of work with dumbbells:
  • it is best of all to take two dumbbells in hand at the same time. The distortion in any of the parties is undesirable to a backbone;
  • if dumbbells lie on a floor, to them squat or bend with an equal back;
  • in the right and left hand there has to be an identical weight even if one of hands can lift more.
Exercise 1. Repeat "Rises" from warm-up, but now take the weighting compound chosen by you in each hand (the weight, a dumbbell, a bottle with water).
Exercise 2. Repeat "Circles" from warm-up, but now take the weighting compound chosen by you in each hand. If in warm-up speed, now – correctness of performance was important. Smoother performance studies muscles more strongly.
Exercise 3. Take an equal stick in hand, tie to it a rope on which return end there will be a weighting (the weight, a bottle with sand or water, a pancake from a bar). Extend hands ahead of yourself (horizontally), take a stick. The distance between brushes has to equal to width of shoulders. It is necessary to twist a stick that round it the rope twisted, lifting freight. Watch equal breath, frankness of hands and backs. Work only with brushes. When the weighting compound rises up, it is necessary to lower upside-down it down, in a starting point.
Lower the right hand down and get for a back. Left lift up and get for a back. Around a shovel try to make "lock" of fingers of hands. Your purpose – to try to grasp the basis of a brush of other hand. Some minutes to a postoyta in such situation, feeling tension of muscles. Then replace sequence of hands: the left is got from below backs, and right – from above.
Exercise 1. On a special rug kneel, deliver to a palm slightly more than width of shoulders, develop fingers inside a little. Straighten a back, tighten buttocks, lower shoulders and strain press muscles. The case from the top to knees has to form a diagonal. On a breath fall due to bending of hands down, watch equal position of a back. You need to fall all over, but not a thorax. At return to an initial position (rise up) leave elbows a little bent.
Exercise 2. To repeat the previous task, but with a support on toes, but not knees. Feet, buttocks and a back have to form a straight line. On a breath all over fall down, bending hands in an elbow. If push-up for you habitual occupation, for additional loading it is possible to slow down process of lowering and rise.
Pulling up.
For those who is not able to be brought up, the first three exercises are intended.
Exercise 1. Undertake a horizontal bar the outstretched arms turned by a palm from you. Hang in equal situation (feet and a back straight lines) as it is possible more long. Next time try to turn smoothly the case in one in the beginning, then in other party. Except strengthening of muscles of hands it will improve work of a backbone, will give additional flexibility.
Exercise 2. Hang in the top point of a horizontal bar on hands. The head is slightly above a crossbeam. When understand, what heavy to keep, smoothly fall down, straining muscles of hands. Periodically try to rise slightly upward, and then – again to move down.
Exercise 3. Ask the help of friends. Straining muscles of hands, try to be tightened up. At this time let someone holds your feet and slowly lifts you. When feel that can execute pulling up on a horizontal bar independently – refuse the help from the outside. Let for a start it will be 1-2 pullings up, but made you.
Exercise 4. Day by day increase load of hands. Try to be tightened independently at equal feet, without raskachivaniye and swingings by feet. I pay attention of readers of not the number of approaches, but its workmanship is important for you. It is better to make less rises, but with the correct loading.
Exercise 5. After right performance of pullings up at a grasp by the palms turned from you it is possible to start other capture. Turn palms to yourself and take a crossbeam from a reverse side. Usually so it is easier to be tightened, other groups of muscles are studied. It is recommended to start this exercise only after performance of the previous. Very difficult from this capture to be retrained on therefore it is reserved "finally".


For the end of occupations to bend rather a little forward, to stir up hands and to allow them to relax. If training becomes a habit, it will be possible to add some approaches on 10 times on each exercise. Slower performance will give additional loading.
Let your hands will be strong, and health – strong!
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