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The recipe of preparation of jam from a mulberry

The honey and sweet fragrant mulberry is loved by many. But the season of its maturing is very short and to regale on it all the year round, hostesses cook from it compotes, jams. And jam from a mulberry turns out especially tasty.

Advantage of a mulberry

This small berry is simply a well of useful substances. In it there are a lot of vitamins of group B, C, PP. Also there is a lot of carotene, lemon and apple acids. Mulberry value in high content of carbohydrates and salts of iron.

It is necessary to use fresh berries at an anemia, and also in cases when it is necessary to restore a metabolism. Doctors recommend to use berry at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, such as dysbacteriosis, dysentery.

The mulberry and who has a heart disease and who suffers from a miokardiostrafiya is useful. If to use berries daily, the heartache, short wind will decrease, it will be easier to be engaged in vigorous activity.

It is recommended to take jam of a mulberry during catarrhal diseases and for their prevention. Only some spoons of jam with tea, and your organism will receive a useful dose of vitamins and minerals.

Preparation of jam from a mulberry

The mulberry happens different. For preparation of jam it is better to choose large berries of a black mulberry. If you are fans of a white mulberry, it is possible to prepare according to the same recipe and it. It is better to tear berries on a tree which grows far from the road and an industrial zone. Berries need to be washed out, green tails can be not torn off. It is possible to tear hands a mulberry from branches, it is possible to spread a pure film and to trot berries, and then it is obligatory to touch that branches, leaves and insects did not get.

By means of 0,5 l define banks, how many you have mulberries, and fill up it with sugar at the rate on one 0,5 l to bank – 1 glass of sugar. In many recipes recommend to take sugar in proportions 1 to 1, but then jam will turn out too sweet, as a mulberry in itself very sweet.

Accurately mix a spoon sugar with berries not to damage integrity of a mulberry, cover and leave for some hours that berries started up juice. It is desirable to fill up with sugar since evening, and for the morning it is possible to cook jam.

When berries start up juice, well mix them and put on slow fire. Do not depart from jam, the skin will start rising, you will need to collect it a spoon separately. By the way, a skin this incredibly tasty, give it to children or eat.

As soon as jam starts beginning to boil, switch off it. Cover and leave at some o'clock that cooled down. At this time berries will become impregnated with syrup and will become even more tasty.

Again put on slow fire and, periodically stirring slowly, cook jam until it starts getting denser. On this no more than 20 minutes will leave, it is not necessary to overdo jam, uvarivy it, differently it can become candied then. Later, when it will already cool down in banks, it will become a thick.

So far jam on fire, prepare banks. It is very convenient to use 0,5 l and 0,2 l. They need to be washed well with detergent, carefully to rinse and sterilize. It becomes so: on fire put a pan with water and when it begins to boil, lower in turn in boiled water banks and covers. It is possible to use in a different way: from above on a pan deliver a sieve, and on it to bank and melt away the ferry glass. There are also special store adaptations for pasteurization of cans. Anyway you need to execute this procedure to get rid of microbes.

Having switched off jam, at once pour it in banks and roll up covers. Then turn to bank a cover down, check, whether there are no vials of air and put in the same situation on a table, from above cover a blanket. Jam has to cool down slowly long then to be stored in banks.

After banks completely cool down them it is possible to transfer to the cellar for storage, to put on a regiment or in the refrigerator.

Such jam can be stored till 3 years. But usually it is eaten much earlier, one of the first. And all thanks to tremendous aroma and taste.

Secrets of preparation of jam from a mulberry

That shelkovichny jam turned out tasty and fragrant, it is necessary to adhere to some rules of preparation:

  1. Mulberry juice in itself very dense and therefore can be not cooked jam, and to pasteurize. Many hostesses and arrive, saving the time. It is necessary to fill banks with berries with sugar and to pasteurize them at a temperature of 90 °C. 0,5 l - 10 minutes, 1 l – 15 minutes.
  2. Berries in jam have to be whole that to achieve it, it is necessary to mix accurately them in the course of preparation.
  3. White grades of a mulberry very sweet therefore the norm of sugar needs to be reduced twice, differently jam can turn out luscious.
  4. Some hostesses add a lemon or lemon acid if you love jam with sourness to jam, try also this option.
  5. If you have a small family, recommends to close jam in container, small on volume, because jam in open form long is not stored or loses the unusual taste.
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