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Advantage and harm of muesli

Muesli are considered as one of the most useful to health and a figure of breakfasts. Especially are fond of this product of the woman who keep to diets or practice a healthy lifestyle. We will try to understand this article, whether muesli as speak about them are so useful, and whether there are any negative sides in such food.

As the world learned about muesli

At the beginning of the 19th century one nutritionist from Switzerland, Maksimilian Birkher-Benner, went to mountains with the purpose to find out in what the secret of longevity of locals consists. There it stayed some time, communicating with mountaineers and living on their customs, including eating their food.

Among local people he got acquainted with very elderly shepherd who had fine health thanks to what daily rise to mountains did not make any work for the old man. The doctor went to one of days together with the shepherd on a pasture and during a halt the aged man treated the nutritionist with the lunch. The dish consisted of simple ingredients: the processed grains of wheat, berries, honey and milk. Birkheru-Benner liked taste of this dish, and excellent health, endurance and long life of locals spoke about extraordinary advantage of similar food. The doctor remembered the recipe, and after many years advised it to the patients.

Almost century of muesli later appeared and on our tables, and It should be noted that producers first very responsibly treated quality of the production. Grain crops were processed in such a way which allowed to keep the maximum quantity of useful substances in their structure. As sweetener added only top-quality dried fruits to porridges, and preservatives in a product were absent at all.

In what the advantage of muesli consists understood this question and found out the following:

  1. Whole grains of cereal cultures which make a dish basis, contain so-called slow carbohydrates in the structure. These substances load an organism with a large amount of energy which is enough for long time.
  2. Cellulose with which oats and wheat are rich, perfectly sates an organism and forces us not to feel hungry long. The dietary effect of this product is based on it, after all the full person refuses having a snack and does not consume excess calories.
  3. Muesli with kefir for breakfast – an excellent way of maintenance of the correct microflora of a stomach and intestines. Such dish promotes good digestion.
  4. Oat flakes which very often are a part of traditional muesli, contain a large amount of vitamins of group B. These substances favorably influence nervous system, metabolic processes of an organism, participate in formation of erythrocytes and immune cages.

That the product was the most useful, it has to conform to the following requirements:

  1. To contain as little as possible additional ingredients. Ideal muesli consist of whole grains and one-two types of qualitative dried fruits.
  2. Various sweet additives do a dish more tasty, but do not add to it advantage. Sugar glaze, honey, chocolate or cocoa will turn a dietary product into a usual dessert.
  3. If your purpose is disposal of excess weight, cook muesli with use of low-fat kefir, yogurt, natural juice or waters.
  4. It is also necessary to consider that the use of such dish for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner daily will hardly bring benefit to an organism. For providing the correct metabolism food of the person has to be not only healthy, but also various.

Harm of dietary flakes

Besides advantage, muesli can do also a certain harm to our organism. Let's consider in more detail this question:

  1. As it was told above, the correct dietary dish should not contain excess sweeteners. Sugar, honey and chocolate are rich with fast carbohydrates which have property to be postponed in our body under the guise of extra kilos. The optimum option is muesli with dried fruits. The dried-up apricots, plums and raisin contain in the structure natural sugar – fructose.
  2. Pay attention, whether unusual exotic fruit is a part of a product. Similar ingredients can be harmful for several reasons. First, unfamiliar fruit can provoke allergic reaction. Secondly, such ingredients often process various preservatives which are also unsafe for allergic persons and children.
  3. Buying muesli in shop, attentively read their structure on packing. If the product contains vegetable fats – it can negatively be reflected in work of cardiovascular system.
  4. In spite of the fact that cereal cultures include a large amount of vitamins of group B, in them often very little ascorbic acid. To liquidate this shortcoming, use muesli together with natural juice.
  5. The fried flakes and muesli are not recommended to be eaten with nuts often to the people suffering from problems with a liver.
  6. Check, whether is not present as a part of flakes of preservatives and stabilizers – these substances can negatively be reflected in yours health.
  7. With diabetes it is contraindicated to people to use muesli not only with sugar glaze, but also with dried fruits. For them on sale there are special grades of this product.
  8. The continuous use of flakes instead of other food can also do harm to an organism. Remember that the menu has to be useful and various. The approximate portion of muesli makes 40-50 g of a dry product a day.

Recipes of preparation of a dish

Let's consider some options of preparation of this tasty, nourishing and extremely useful breakfast.

Muesli with kefir.

Such dish very simply prepares: take the necessary quantity of flakes, fill in them with kefir and leave for some time to be drawn. Instead of kefir it is possible to use any other fermented milk product: yogurt, fermented baked milk, curdled milk. It is best of all to take care of a breakfast since evening and to put the filled-in muesli for the night in the refrigerator. The similar food is useful not only thanks to the high content of cellulose, but also thanks to lactic bacteria which normalize work of a digestive tract.

Muesli with milk.

It is the traditional recipe of preparation of flakes. Fill necessary quantity of a product in a pan and fill in it with hot boiled milk. Let's a dish be drawn within several minutes. It is possible to add dried apricots, prunes, raisin, nutlets to porridge or it is a little honey.

Flakes with fruit.

For preparation of such breakfast it is required to you:

  • low-fat yogurt – 150 g;
  • honey – 1 tsp;
  • muesli – 3 tbsps;
  • apple – 1 piece;
  • strawberry – 50 g.

The way of preparation is quite simple:

  1. Fill flakes in a bowl and fill in them with yogurt, add honey.
  2. From apple clear a peel and grate it. Cut strawberry slices.
  3. Add fruit to a dish and mix.

You can choose berries and fruit to the taste.

Muesli on water.

The most dietary option of a breakfast are flakes on water. That to prepare them, take a quantity of a dry product, fill in it with boiled water and squeeze out a little lemon juice there. Put capacity with a dish for night in the refrigerator. To sweeten a breakfast, add to it a small amount of honey.

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